Sun, Venus, Pluto Conjunct In Capricorn – January 9, 2018

Lookie here!  Isn’t that pretty? That’s something, isn’t it?

I came across this, working on the 2017-18 Holiday Guide.  If you have Cardinal planets at or near, 19 degrees – wow!

Mars in Scorpio sextiles this conjunction. He’s also at 19 degrees, if you can believe that.  I have this picture in my mind of a very deep well, being drilled.

I’ll tell you right now, I’m going to make bank on this somehow.




Sun, Venus, Pluto Conjunct In Capricorn – January 9, 2018 — 76 Comments

    • My experience outer planets transits need to be within a couple degrees to feel effects,unless near an angle.
      My lunar return for Jan. 9 has Saturn conjunct Descendant, Neptune conjunct MC
      And Pluto,Sun, Venus stellium in 7th.
      I have a pending legal action but fortunately Pluto transits sextile natal mercury at 19 pisces. Jupiter, Mars sex Pluto Transiting. Hopefully drag out to March when transitting Pluto trines natal Jupiyer

  1. I have Neptune at 21 degrees Libra, as part of a Libra stellium Pluto has been squaring for a long time, but with my 20 degree Pisces moon this may sweeten the deal.

    • “A very deep well, being drilled”. I ruminate this a few days now: somtimes with a giggle, and sometimes worried. I really don’t know if I like this at all! I am not scared, I’ve been through a lot in my life. I think I don’t like the “drilled”.

  2. It will conjunct my Capricorn Stellium–Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury–and sextile my Moon-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio. My birthday is 3 days later, as well….

  3. I don’t know how to make bank on this. I rather expect it to be a kind of relief, when transit Pluto’s conjunction with my natal North Node will finally be separative. I’m not happy that this means an applicative square to my natal Uranus because Uranus seems always to hold a lesson for me.

  4. My moon is at 18 degrees 37 Capricorn. At the same time as this is happening, Saturn is at 2 degrees Cap, approaching my sun at 5 degrees.
    To add to the joy, my son’s birthday is January 8th and he has a 6 planet stellium in Capricorn in his 8th house between 14 and 22 degrees. His life has been in turmoil for years. I’ve been living with Pluto energy for years now … what’s a few more.

  5. Will be 2degrees short of my DSC, also opposing my 26degree merc/sn. Absolutely I’ll be doing my best to make this work for me.

  6. Wow, my Sun-Venus-Jupiter-mercury conjunction in Scorpio will be sextiled by this stellium in the 12th house.

    Endings like crazy? Or getting rid of old baggage? Sometimes it’s same-same…
    Damn. This is hawt! And potent. Pluto here is a big ball, but combined with the other in the gang, we’re in for a serious ride. It could go either way – up or down. When Pluto is involved there will have to be a death somehow before something can be extracted and put to good use.

  7. Mars (ruler of my Sun, Mercury and MC) at 19 Capricorn in 6th house. Venus at 24 Taurus in 10th house. Transiting Jupiter and Mars sailing through my 4th, having just passed over my Moon. This looks very promising. Can hardly wait.

  8. conjunct my natal mars (3 degree orb) and exact sextile to my natal jupiter in 4th house..

    Jupiter is the ruler of my first house, pluto is ruler of 11th house but it makes the sextile from my 2nd house.. expansion in income through associations ehhh

  9. In the 11th house opposite Mercury in the 5th and sextile natal Scorpio Jupiter in the 9th. 135′ from Virgo Pluto on the Desc. Hmmm.

  10. Hi over there,

    Often the moon is the “trigger” to set “things” in motion…
    On the 11th the moon enhances the configuration by making also a conjunction on the MC with Jupiter en Mars on the MC… and the Sun, Venus and Pluto just a few degrees from the Ascendant here in Hasselt, Belgium at 08.25 AM local time !
    Maybe a few hours later I will know what “all this” was all about…

  11. The Cap stuff happens in my natal 8th house, squaring my Mercury and Dark Moon Lilith (Waldemath moon) at 17 Libra. It’s making me think about debriding a wound. Hurts while the doc is doing it, but it’ll heal up better from a good cleaning. Circumstances have conspired to have me spend a bit of obligatory time with my chaotic stepdaughter and her kids over the holidays, so I’m thinking it’s connected. She’s a stripper, so there’s the 8th house component of it, I guess. Ugh.

    • Waldemath moon? Never noticed anybody else reporting anything about the Waldemath moon. Did you ever notice any effects of the Waldemath moon?

      • Hard to tell, since it’s right with my Mercury. Just thought I’d mention it and see if anyone had thoughts about it.

  12. This will be in my 1st house with Ascendant less than 5 Degrees away. Could be a big deal and I sure want to take advantage of this much focused energy. Do not know how right now…?

  13. This is going to conj my sun and mercury in the 4th house. My son’s 1st bday is also on the 10th!! I’m worried about some family drama around this time as I plan on having a big party for him and I’m not inviting my mother or anyone she associates brother..

    • Pluto on mercury, will bring intensity.
      Normally venus,sun, mercury would be socially pleasant.I feel your interactions will be more intense whether good or bad. Tell your mother-in-law not to come. 🙂

  14. That stellium is in exact trine with my natal moon that conjuncts my natal saturn in the seventh house. It also trines my venus (3 deg orb). And the Jupiter-Mars conjunct exactly my ASC., wow is this some kind of lottery??? Please comment!!!

  15. Can you inform me on what time on 09-01-2018 the Venus-Sun conjunction is and on what time the Pluto-Sun conjunction. Are they on the same time or is Venus first with Pluto second on that day?

  16. In my 5th, lots of trines and sextiles, mostly to outer planets. Mars in 3rd, easy aspects to Merc, Mars and outer. In my case probably not earth shattering but easy is easy, I’ll take it. 🙂

  17. This conjunction is taking place directly on my 18 cap ascendant, squaring my 21 lib mars (10th), trine my 18/20 vir (9th) pluto/uranus, sextile my 21sco (11th) Neptune, opposite my 21can (7th) mercury and squaring my 20ari (4th) BML!!!Help!
    Does anyone have an ideas on that???! :-0

    • Hi,
      For me, transits are trends.Pluto.Asc sq
      Mars, and Merc; I would be very careful driving, walking thru bad neighborhoods,
      Using knives.etc.

      Many years ago travelling in Peru I had a very strong transit Pluto-Mars.And stayed in my hotel. Coming out of the shower,my feet came from under me,and I fell,fortunately my head was tucked on my chest and didnt hit floor.

      I like to thinks of transits as a weather forecast.I would choose a day with venus-mercury,or venus-moon aspects for a social occasiom; Mercury-Saturn would be better for serious mental work, like balancing your check book.Some astologer said the stars-impel not compel.

    • Hi Carol,
      You are born with a Natal chart. Like someone took a picture of the planets when you were born.
      But the planets are moving,
      Transporting different houses. Maybe Jupiter, is transiting your eighth house. Partners money, inheritance, corporations.
      You might benefit from New credits cards, your spouses
      Income has increased, etc.
      Transits of Mercury,venus,mars,very quick. Jupiter goes thru a sign in a year. Outer planets go direct and retrograde for longer period of time. You can buy a transit guide from Elsa.

  18. Itll square my sun mc in libra (sun 17 degrees/mc 15 degrees libra) from my first house. Im sure itll impact me. Any thoughts would be great?. Im not the greatest at interpreting transirs for my own chart.

  19. Hi,
    I think you will feel some plutonic energy. But since the orb is two degrees and transit is separating.sun represents authority and men, maybe not a day to ask the boss for a raise or week off with pay.

  20. You don’t have to double your life insurance yet. 🙂
    But if forewarned you can be prepared. If the Six foot six biker cuts in front of you at Starbucks-let him go ahead during this transit. Maybe you will have to fight when you are overcharged at a restaurant or your 10 percent raise was put thru at two. You have to be more
    Forceful than normal.
    Bon Courage.

    • Ha!
      Should also point out that Uranus is opposing my ascendant as well.
      Been drinking lots of herbal tea and debating on whether or not to compliment said six foot six biker on his cute little butt.

      • Uranus ascendant aspects
        Can be physical accidents
        But don’t have to be. I think if you compliment said biker on his posterior, and he challenges you. Just say you were complimenting his girlfriend and hope you have a good aspect of Jupiter transiting for protection. Lol

  21. Elsa,
    I wanted to help the woman with questions on astrocartography. I couldn’t access. You can give her my email. I also spent time in Australia.

    James in California Desert

    • It USed to be you could buy a “astrocartography” chart.
      You mailed a money order with Twenty dollars and all your location lines, even.e.g.,venus-asc, Mars-ic, would be plotted If you were born in Colorado, Jupiter third, but if you were born say in Paris,
      Jupiter or Venus would have been on your descendant, theoretically more abondant love. Sometimes lines have an influence, if your moon-
      Ice line goes thru Louisiana, you might have a
      Penchant for Cajun food, bringers. It came with a little booklet. Jim Lewis is dead now.

  22. Conjunct my descendant! Relationship wise , I’m afraid that I’m in the middle of being dumped for a younger model…not easy.

    • Melissa,
      Sorry you are going through tough times. Pluto transporting your descendant is going to make partnerships,associations challenging. Pluto was discovered in the thirties rules atomic bombs, underworld and crime. If you can maintain your self-esteem ,believe you are a good person, which u are, don’t withdraw but go out
      Meet new people, you will find someone better, who wants you.

      • Thanks for your advice! Funny that the man I was seeing is Plutonian, secretive and involved in investigating organised crime. Today the Sun, Venus and Pluto are happily conjunct my descendant at 19 Capricorn. I’m going to try and see him today to get closure. If not, I’ll survive, and try not to lose faith totally.

        • Sounds like a detective…sometimes we are attracted to people or are in a relationship with people that are not good for us. I don’t know your age but there are lots of fish in the ocean.There is not just one person for you.
          Have Elsa do a synastry chart for you,
          Help you find you a good man.If he doesn’t want you-Dump the chump and go bowling…:)

  23. So far, it’s a grind. Personally it feels restrictive and like more work (the drudgery kind not the “building up to better” kind) is on the horizon. I consider myself an ethical and responsible person in my dealings with people. I paddle my own canoe, and reality has beaten out any expectation of the breaks that other people seem to get so easily. I thought in time people sort of get what they deserve- I don’t see things falling out that way. Surviving is not thriving.

  24. My MC is 19 degree’s Capricorn. My job is repetitive & unfulfilling – working in local government with kinda dull people (who consider astrology to be ‘flaky’). Only virtue is the security and benefits like holiday & sick pay. Have been self employed for most of my working life. Amongst these people it is exhausting pretending to be normal 🙂

  25. It was almost directly on my ascendant 18°19
    Could really need a new start and rise from the depths, now that Pluto is finally over my asc. for good, also in Venus related matters..
    Also Venus was on the far side of the so , so the energies from Pluto came through Venus and then through the sun to us. Interesting..

    Did anybody else consider that the conjunction was also almost exact on the point of the Uranus / Neptune conjunction of 1993?!
    I wonder what it’ll do to those born in that year..

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