Sun, Venus, Pluto Conjunct In Capricorn – January 9, 2018

Lookie here!  Isn’t that pretty? That’s something, isn’t it?

I came across this, working on the 2017-18 Holiday Guide.  If you have Cardinal planets at or near, 19 degrees – wow!

Mars in Scorpio sextiles this conjunction. He’s also at 19 degrees, if you can believe that.  I have this picture in my mind of a very deep well, being drilled.

I’ll tell you right now, I’m going to make bank on this somehow.



Sun, Venus, Pluto Conjunct In Capricorn – January 9, 2018 — 76 Comments

  1. It was almost directly on my ascendant 18°19
    Could really need a new start and rise from the depths, now that Pluto is finally over my asc. for good, also in Venus related matters..
    Also Venus was on the far side of the so , so the energies from Pluto came through Venus and then through the sun to us. Interesting..

    Did anybody else consider that the conjunction was also almost exact on the point of the Uranus / Neptune conjunction of 1993?!
    I wonder what it’ll do to those born in that year..

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