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Teletubbie SunI was at the salon last night till after midnight. We finished her hair and just kept on talking. She’s in a stable, long term relationship with a kind man she likes and respects. He’s 30 and she’s 25, so we talked about stages in life and in particular the effects and ramifications of the Saturn return. She confessed to me that she was concerned because she’d looked up their Sun-sign compatibility online and was upset to find that is was “poor.” She’s a Cancer and he’s a Gemini.

I explained that there’s far more to compatibility than Sun to Sun aspects. Clearly from her description of the relationship there has to be good compatibility in their chart comparison. Sun interaspects or comparison by sign merely describe the differences in ego-self and there’s so much more to any relationship. In fact, the relationship of a sign to the following sign in aspect, 30 degrees, a semi-sextile, is actually a mildly beneficial one. If you go through the zodiac in order you can see that the traits of each sign follow sequentially. Each sign builds upon its predecessor, creating the opportunity for understanding.

Sun signs in square put the ego in different “seasons.” This can present an ego challenge, but challenge faced with respect and love can result in individuals who push each other to fulfilling their best selves. In quincunx the sun signs find alternating compatibility and challenge, three steps forward, two steps back.

Many times I’ve heard people say, “[this particular sign] is no good for me!” What is usually the case when that happens is that they’ve had a particularly vitriolic ego clash with one person of that sign and have developed an aversion to the sign based on that relationship. Of course it may be that certain combinations of planets set off an issue in one’s own chart which presents more challenge than one wishes to take on. That’s valid too, but it’s a “your mileage may vary” sort of situation, something particular to the individual rather than a “one size fits all” rule.

Have you had a good relationship with an individual with an “incompatible” Sun sign? How about a difficult match with a Sun sign that is considered compatible?


Sun Sign Compatibility — 15 Comments

  1. Wow, Satori! I’ve never had it explained quite so simply. Thanks for shedding some light on astrology 101 for those of us who have only picked up bits and pieces here and there…

  2. Well I haven’t had a romantic relationship but I will comment on my friendships since its still quite the same, except for intimacy. So I am a gemini and I have had the most fun with Sages depending if they like my humor but I find them completely unreliable in friendships it must have been life circumstances that drifted us apart. I get along with Virgos the most mentally wise. They seem to understand me the most and can push my buttons the most. But I like it 😀 I find that Scorpio sun signs are compatible with me but they think I’m this bubbly wubbly naive girl that needs advice like all the time! haha. But I love them for their loyalty. I think Aquarian friends and good and kindly but you never know what to expect fro them. I do not have a least favorite, I just wish I could meet more Pisceans since I have alot of Neptune influence in my chart. They don’t find me enchanting enough haha. The weird thing is I am too mental too (gemini signs- very airy chart) to probably be alluring to them, really who knows.

  3. I’m a Pisces Sun but I’ve only ever dated one Cancerian in my life and, although it was brief, he still owes me $100 35+ years later.
    I’ve only been involved with Scorpios relatively recently… I am now thinking I need to avoid them if at all possible and, yes, I do realise that’s a huge generalisation. Unfortunately, Scorpio rules my 7th house and Neptune is in there! The love of my life or an axe murderer? I have NO idea 😀
    Pre-marriage my serious relationships were with Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. They worked well at the time but didn’t last long. My best female friend is Gemini.
    My ex husband is a fellow Piscean and we got along well for 20+ years… in fact, we still do.
    My ex-live-in partner is a Virgo and we mostly got along well but I couldn’t handle the way he made me feel less than worthy even when he didn’t mean to.
    I can’t think of a Sun sign that I would be completely compatible with because my own chart is full of crazy aspects that aren’t compatible with each other – lol. EG Aquarius Venus, Capricorn Moon… how the heck do I deal with liking one but being satisfied by the other??

  4. I was thinking about semi-sextiles last night, and almost asked. I hit it off with a Taurus, but felt that his sun/moon and mars/saturn wasn’t ‘seeing’ my Moon/Venus/South Node that was semi-sextile both – until my Mars in Pisces kicked it off somehow (it was ‘seen’ by those planets, and was in his 7th house).

    I know more than one successful inconjunct relationship – mainly between Taureans and Sagittarians.

  5. as a mega cap I should be compatible ewith virgos but I find us to always be clashing no matter what. Their relations to me always seem fated in a bit of a nehative way. I feel at ease with them but they seem to bring me bad karma of sorts…i wonder if it’s cause they fall in my 8th house. Also they DO square my sun and moon ruling planets in sag. Hmmm alot to chew on after this mental diareah…however you spell that..

  6. I don’t even bother with Sun sign to Sun sign compatibility anymore. I have had equally good relationships with a Cancer, Sag, and Aqua.

  7. I had a Sun square Sun relationship – it was love/hate. My Sun conjunct Sun relationship was very boring. The one I’m in now is a Sun sextile Sun.

  8. Sign compatibility is fun if you’re not really involved with a person – because, ultimately, if you are involved and are looking up your partner’s sun sign for insight you can’t be getting along very well. Or at least that’s my experience.

    My parents were Cancer-Gemini, they aren’t together anymore but they lasted 18 years and they split due to their large age gap and getting to a point where us kids were out of home, Mum was still young, Dad was on a different wavelength.

  9. I don’t place a ton of stock in sun sign to sun sign compatibility, only because I know there’s a lot more to it than that.

    But what I’ve discovered about myself is interesting – I’m an Aquarius, but I usually seem to get along really well with Scorpios. Even though our sun signs are square, I still have a lot of Scorpios and Scorpio-flavored people around me. Probably because I have an 8th House sun and Pluto & Mars are pretty strong in my chart. We “get” each other.

    But I’ve also discovered that I don’t get along really well with Geminis & Libras, which is weird since those signs are trine to mine. I think it’s because I already have a lot of air in my chart, and any additional air added to the mix just gets to be too much! It’s not that we clash, they just wear me out, and I can only take them in small doses!

  10. i’m married to someone whose sun squares mine exactly.
    and we make a very effective pair. not, perhaps, serene. but that wasn’t what i wanted anyway. lots of growth.

  11. I’ve sometimes worried that the differences between my sweetie’s Aquarian makeup and my Scorpio personality would eventually spell disaster. I didn’t appreciate astrology until well after we married and I do think that we’re mismatched in a lot of ways. But we’ve been married for 13 years so far and it surprises me how many things we actually agree on, seeing how we look at life from completely different directions. We do seem to get along in a weird sort of way but I sometimes wonder for how long…

  12. I have always been magnetically drawn to Leos and some of my most intense unforgettable love affairs have been with Leos…. I’m a Taurus with Scorpio moon and the only thing I have in Leo is Uranus.
    Go figure!

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