The Basics Of Sun Sign Astrology

SpockOnce you begin looking at individual horoscopes Sun Sign Astrology tends to lose its draw. It does have some validity though; it’s just not very individually relevant, at least not predictably so. However, if you were born with your Sun at 15 degrees of any sign, the rising in the same sign at zero degrees, you’re in luck. Sun Sign Astrology was written for you.

Sun Sign Astrology uses the Whole House System where each house cusp is at zero degrees of the sign. In Sun Sign Astrology forecasting each sign is evaluated with that Sun sign as the first house cusp, the ascendent. As an example, using Aries, the ingress of Uranus into Aries is a major influence as it is a shocking energy moving from Aries’ 12th to Aries’ first house. A Sun Sign Astrologer might note gravity in relationships as a long-term influence as Saturn in Libra is in Aries’ solar 7th house. However, most SSA forecasts are likely to target planets that are quicker moving, personal planets, particularly the Moon but also Mercury, Venus, Mars and sometimes Jupiter.

There are two elements to forecasting here, house position of transiting planets, as mentioned above, and the relationship of transiting planets to the first house Sun. It tracks angular relationships to the Sun by sign, squares, trines, sextiles, oppositions, conjunctions. Again using Aries, today the Moon is at mid Leo so within the span of the day the Moon will at least loosely trine an Aries’ Sun. Would it not be likely that most Aries will feel vibrantly alive today? That’s how you make general Sun Sign forecasts.

Now, if you have an early degree rising of any sign (reading for your rising sign) you have a pretty good shot at accurate forecasts, but only when they’re using transits by house. The same is true of mid-degree Suns, but only if they’re predicting by aspect.

Do you follow Sun sign forecasts? If so, who are your favorites?


The Basics Of Sun Sign Astrology — 11 Comments

  1. Yes. I love Free Will by Rob Brezny, He’s very creative. I also like Sally Brompton. I even read the crappy ones in free papers. I read every single paper I can find in my city, so yes I read the horoscopes too, even if it doesn’t sink in.

  2. I don’t read the dailies, but daily I do read here, the Aquarius papers, and M. Lutin. I like monthlies, I swill read Valkyrieastrology or maybe Susan Miller even then I read for both Pisces and Aries, since my Pisces rising is late degree. That puts the outer planets in the correct houses for my chart. I also look at for my moon and astrotheme but not daily. Those sites help me with transiting aspects.

  3. :). Actually I do have the sun at fifteen and rising at 0.

    I read Michael Lutin every day. Sometimes he’s SPOT ON and scary and sometimes…nothing. Once a week or so I’ll go to Horoscope Junkie and read a bunch of updated ones. I read Susan Miller and I really appreciate her effort but over the years it seems she’s somehow too general or too surface-y.

  4. Astro Barry. I receive his updates on articles and weekly forecasts. Anne Ortelee is another one (when I remember to visit her site), and I’ve been reading Julie Demboski’s partial forecasts as well.

  5. I read many of the above, and I have a squeeee-ish place in my heart for Michael Lutin, but I think my very favorite is AstroBarry. he just hits me as “just right” in all the Goldilockish ways.

  6. Thank you satori:)
    Astrobarry is great too. I find he is always bang on, especially if you’re reading your rising sign.I love the way that with a reasonable understanding you can match the astrology too and learn from his very sraight forward interpreations. But Johnathan Cainer always hits the spot just by reading your sun and it can be spooky!I like the mystery and philosophy in his narrative. It gets right into your psyche ..but aways positive. still cant quite figure out his secret ..but hes cool man.

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