Sun Opposite Pluto – Projecting Your Shadow

I grew up with two people who have their Sun opposing Pluto. My mother, Sun in Aquarius opposing Pluto in Leo and my sister, Sun in Pisces opposing Pluto in Virgo. Both of them project their shadow, almost constantly.

If you have your Sun opposing Pluto, this may enrage you. I don’t care. This post is meant to educate.  

If you have this aspect, it’s nearly impossible to avoid projecting.  Just think about what I am saying. The Sun is a creative child. Pluto is a dark force. People like to see themselves as warm, shiny, artistic- the Sun!  In order to do this, someone in the environment has to carry the Pluto end of the bargain.

This is common story. Just think of the glittering celebrity and the person they step on, making their way to the stage.

I’ve said it before, but not recently. If you are cast as the Pluto figure in one of these scenarios, it is the other person who is illuminated (Sun / light). Standing in their shadow, you can see them, warts and all.

Here’s another gal worth checking out. What a piece of work she was…

Pluto Opposing The Sun And Moon In Pisces: Ethereal Goddess With A Shadow

The Sun will oppose Pluto on July 10th, 2017. Watch for these couplings, this week.  The shiny person, dumping on the other, who usually knows what to do with manure.

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Sun Opposite Pluto – Projecting Your Shadow — 20 Comments

  1. My mom had Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Venus in Leo which opposed my Aquarian Sun and Mercury. She must have had an intensely vibrant inner world (whether she was aware of it or not) because there was nothing but a mute hermit on the outside. One that subtly would not allow me to explore anything I was into likely because it was a threat to her need to shine. Maybe?

  2. I don’t have the Sun Pluto opposition, but I’ve projected both sides of my Neptune (1st house) Mercury (7th) opposition at times – usually very brief times, because they’re both Mars-ruled. Maybe because of the houses involved, the contradiction is most often obvious to all, or if not, I admit to it. (Hanging out with Virgo-type people – AC, Mercury, or Moon – helps there.) Yes, projection is a real thing, even after we’ve recognized our tendencies, and strived to mitigate them.

    Thanks for the timely, useful heads up, and the recent one about the danger of domestic violence, this coming weekend. 🙂

  3. I don’t understand this post, its seems to have been written in a haste? Whats the point of this post? ALL PLANETS and signs have a “shadow” and darker sides to them! This is not a pluto/scorpio thing only!

    I have Pluto scorpio in 3rd house oppo my taurus sun and mercury. And a 8th house stellium with pluto inconj my venus.

    I’m not at good terms with my siblings for ex. Its all or nothing for me when it comes to them. I either hate them or love them, its very complicated, or my inner world is.

    And when in love I can get very passive aggressive if I get hurt and if I can’t “talk it out”. But I wouldn’t physically hurt an other person.

    • Pluto is opposing the Sun at this time. It made me think of this phenomena. If you don’t like this post, there are more than 10,000 other posts to choose from, on this blog alone. Never mind, an entire internet!! 🙂

      My post stands. Sorry, but I’ve watched this for 40 years. I’m quite sure I know what I’m talking about…though I will concede, I am a poor writer!

      • I’m very sorry for my tone! I really didn’t understand the point behind the post, but after reading it once more I got it :p

        The example with the “celebrity and the person they step on, making their way to the stage” is spot on I think!

        No I really like your astrology site! Very insightful! I’m just not use to this kind of short articles/posts but I get its the style of this site, so I’m sorry for my unconstructive criticism.

        • No problem! You just made history by being the first person in more than 16 years of blogging, to come out and apologize like this. THANK YOU! 🙂

          • Oh my gosh! Really!? How could it be?! I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this 😮

            I really hope you don’t meat all to many people with too bad of a tone on your site?

            Oh well, as a virgo asc and a pluto 3rd house (dunno for sure if they have a role), I have the need of apologizing when I say something bad. And with a mars and moon in gemini I I don’t always stop and think before saying/writing something :p

  4. I have Pluto conjunct Mercury in my chart and the nodal axis just hit both placements (and points between). I just went through a very dark period, a real purge of relationships and long-held antagonisms. I’m starting to feel freer and empowered but still aching. The weird thing is, I follow my transits but didn’t consciously realize the impact. Pluto can be truly subterranean for me. All my life I’ve struggled with depression and negativity, I only recently became aware of the Pluto/Mercury factor! Which seems so strange but it takes a lot of awareness sometimes to understand Pluto. Psychological work can help come to terms with your own shadow and projections but I don’t come across many who do this except writers, artists, and healers who plumb the depths.

    I’ve also been scared by family members who all have very close Venus/Pluto aspects. Actually they all act like entitled plutocrats even though they’re ass-broke most of time (and yes I have this shadow too even though my Venus/Pluto is “only” a sextile).

    This recent dark passage also brought to light a buried skill that I am starting to work with professionally. A deep Mercury/Pluto-style talent that I’ve sometimes been afraid of because it’s so fierce but I’m starting to realize it’s value.

      • See now you got some of us wonder about what if Pluto is opp another point. Example I immidietly n wanted to interpret my daughter’s pluto opp moon. Other sites had a long explaining. But I’m guess moon=emotion, mother. So

  5. Sun/Pluto opposition is a challenging aspect and so is Mars/Pluto opposition. But in my opinion Moon/Pluto hard aspects and Venus/Pluto hard aspects can be much more detrimental, especially in a woman’s chart.

  6. Hey! There was an Aquarian guy at work, some years ago, who had a Sun-Pluto opposition. Guess what. His Pluto conjoined my moon-Uranus! I won’t go into the business, but everyone could see he had ‘a problem’ with me no one else had. The more I owned my Uranus, the less these people feature in my world.

  7. If you don’t own Uranus, someone else will hand it to you, right?

    I have Uranus close to ascendant and often get put in the outcast position. The more I “let my freak flag fly” the less it happens. Not easy for me since I’m a low-key personality but more in my creative work.

    And with Pluto I find some of more drastic or merciless experiences abate if I’m more focused on self-empowerment and vigilance.

  8. Dear Elsa,

    thanks for the insight. I do have my 8th house sun at aries 7, opposing Pluto at libra 5 in my 2nd house. I’m trying to figure out what projecting shadow means in case of these houses, but I can’t get a grasp of it. Could you please help me understand more precisely?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

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