Sun Opposite Pluto – Projecting Your Shadow

I grew up with two people who have their Sun opposing Pluto. My mother, Sun in Aquarius opposing Pluto in Leo and my sister, Sun in Pisces opposing Pluto in Virgo. Both of them project their shadow, almost constantly.

If you have your Sun opposing Pluto, this may enrage you. I don’t care. This post is meant to educate.  

If you have this aspect, it’s nearly impossible to avoid projecting.  Just think about what I am saying. The Sun is a creative child. Pluto is a dark force. People like to see themselves as warm, shiny, artistic- the Sun!  In order to do this, someone in the environment has to carry the Pluto end of the bargain.

This is common story. Just think of the glittering celebrity and the person they step on, making their way to the stage.

I’ve said it before, but not recently. If you are cast as the Pluto figure in one of these scenarios, it is the other person who is illuminated (Sun / light). Standing in their shadow, you can see them, warts and all.

Here’s another gal worth checking out. What a piece of work she was…

Pluto Opposing The Sun And Moon In Pisces: Ethereal Goddess With A Shadow

The Sun will oppose Pluto on July 14th, 2019. Watch for these couplings, over the next week or so.

The shiny person, dumping on the other… the other, who usually knows what to do with manure!



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  1. My mom had Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Venus in Leo which opposed my Aquarian Sun and Mercury. She must have had an intensely vibrant inner world (whether she was aware of it or not) because there was nothing but a mute hermit on the outside. One that subtly would not allow me to explore anything I was into likely because it was a threat to her need to shine. Maybe?

    • That is the exact meaning of sun opposite pluto. No one on the outside. My husband to a tee. Sun Aquarius 15 degrees opposite 15 leo. Hard to believe he’s a human. Especially as sun in Aqua is in detriment. Projecting pluto all the time relentlessly. Thankyou and Elsa for your posts. xxx

  2. I don’t have the Sun Pluto opposition, but I’ve projected both sides of my Neptune (1st house) Mercury (7th) opposition at times – usually very brief times, because they’re both Mars-ruled. Maybe because of the houses involved, the contradiction is most often obvious to all, or if not, I admit to it. (Hanging out with Virgo-type people – AC, Mercury, or Moon – helps there.) Yes, projection is a real thing, even after we’ve recognized our tendencies, and strived to mitigate them.

    Thanks for the timely, useful heads up, and the recent one about the danger of domestic violence, this coming weekend. 🙂

  3. I don’t understand this post, its seems to have been written in a haste? Whats the point of this post? ALL PLANETS and signs have a “shadow” and darker sides to them! This is not a pluto/scorpio thing only!

    I have Pluto scorpio in 3rd house oppo my taurus sun and mercury. And a 8th house stellium with pluto inconj my venus.

    I’m not at good terms with my siblings for ex. Its all or nothing for me when it comes to them. I either hate them or love them, its very complicated, or my inner world is.

    And when in love I can get very passive aggressive if I get hurt and if I can’t “talk it out”. But I wouldn’t physically hurt an other person.

    • Pluto is opposing the Sun at this time. It made me think of this phenomena. If you don’t like this post, there are more than 10,000 other posts to choose from, on this blog alone. Never mind, an entire internet!! 🙂

      My post stands. Sorry, but I’ve watched this for 40 years. I’m quite sure I know what I’m talking about…though I will concede, I am a poor writer!

      • I’m very sorry for my tone! I really didn’t understand the point behind the post, but after reading it once more I got it :p

        The example with the “celebrity and the person they step on, making their way to the stage” is spot on I think!

        No I really like your astrology site! Very insightful! I’m just not use to this kind of short articles/posts but I get its the style of this site, so I’m sorry for my unconstructive criticism.

        • No problem! You just made history by being the first person in more than 16 years of blogging, to come out and apologize like this. THANK YOU! 🙂

          • Oh my gosh! Really!? How could it be?! I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this 😮

            I really hope you don’t meat all to many people with too bad of a tone on your site?

            Oh well, as a virgo asc and a pluto 3rd house (dunno for sure if they have a role), I have the need of apologizing when I say something bad. And with a mars and moon in gemini I I don’t always stop and think before saying/writing something :p

      • Don’t worry. Those of us who have been ruined by a sun opposite Pluto know what you are talking about. If there was an astrological jailhouse, they would be in it.

  4. I have Pluto conjunct Mercury in my chart and the nodal axis just hit both placements (and points between). I just went through a very dark period, a real purge of relationships and long-held antagonisms. I’m starting to feel freer and empowered but still aching. The weird thing is, I follow my transits but didn’t consciously realize the impact. Pluto can be truly subterranean for me. All my life I’ve struggled with depression and negativity, I only recently became aware of the Pluto/Mercury factor! Which seems so strange but it takes a lot of awareness sometimes to understand Pluto. Psychological work can help come to terms with your own shadow and projections but I don’t come across many who do this except writers, artists, and healers who plumb the depths.

    I’ve also been scared by family members who all have very close Venus/Pluto aspects. Actually they all act like entitled plutocrats even though they’re ass-broke most of time (and yes I have this shadow too even though my Venus/Pluto is “only” a sextile).

    This recent dark passage also brought to light a buried skill that I am starting to work with professionally. A deep Mercury/Pluto-style talent that I’ve sometimes been afraid of because it’s so fierce but I’m starting to realize it’s value.

      • See now you got some of us wonder about what if Pluto is opp another point. Example I immidietly n wanted to interpret my daughter’s pluto opp moon. Other sites had a long explaining. But I’m guess moon=emotion, mother. So

  5. Sun/Pluto opposition is a challenging aspect and so is Mars/Pluto opposition. But in my opinion Moon/Pluto hard aspects and Venus/Pluto hard aspects can be much more detrimental, especially in a woman’s chart.

    • i have taurus moon square pluto in leo (first house) with my pluto opposisite my north node and with mars in scorpio fourth house square my leo rising

  6. Hey! There was an Aquarian guy at work, some years ago, who had a Sun-Pluto opposition. Guess what. His Pluto conjoined my moon-Uranus! I won’t go into the business, but everyone could see he had ‘a problem’ with me no one else had. The more I owned my Uranus, the less these people feature in my world.

  7. If you don’t own Uranus, someone else will hand it to you, right?

    I have Uranus close to ascendant and often get put in the outcast position. The more I “let my freak flag fly” the less it happens. Not easy for me since I’m a low-key personality but more in my creative work.

    And with Pluto I find some of more drastic or merciless experiences abate if I’m more focused on self-empowerment and vigilance.

  8. Dear Elsa,

    thanks for the insight. I do have my 8th house sun at aries 7, opposing Pluto at libra 5 in my 2nd house. I’m trying to figure out what projecting shadow means in case of these houses, but I can’t get a grasp of it. Could you please help me understand more precisely?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  9. I Love this my grandmother’s name was Elsa and she was an aquarius opposite Pluto 💕 Everytime I come across this site it makes me think of her . ❣️

  10. Pisces Sun Opposition Pluto in Virgo sibling has channeled her Piscean compassion into Virgoan service in dealing with diseases as a professional medic. These diseases in 3rd world countries can result in total devastation (Pluto).

    That is a really positive way of dealing with the shadow.

  11. Within how much of a stretch does this opppsition applies?- As in orb? I have this aspect with a bit of a wide orb. Can definetly see my venus opposition because it’s very close. It’s so easy to see it though! The minute I realised this thing, a guy appeared and told me how scary I was to him and my hypnotising eyes. (They’re very dead- dull eyes by the way, but I was dealing with some things and it also got externalized.) Awesome feedback @Anna above for noticing the impact of venus/pluto & moon/pluto.

  12. I am relatively new to reading this site. I love the newsletter. So real, creative language and metaphors that help me understand. Okay, with that out of the way here goes: My sister, 5 years my senior, whom I hate, truly, (she would have smothered me in my crib given the chance) and she hates me as well has Mercury, Sun, North node, Jupiter, Moon and Mars ALL CONJUNCT in Pisces, 4th house. Moon is 4 degrees degrees Aries, Mar 5 degrees Aries. Her Pluto is in 17 Leo in the 9th. It’s not exactly opposed her Sun but it sounds so familiar what you have described. Would this post apply to her in our ‘relationship’?

  13. Yes but def goes both ways in my experience, as I have this with Pluto conjunct my AsC in Scorpio. I was always the family witch. I’m not denying projecting also, but the roles switch and it has lessened with age and awareness. But people without a doubt project off of the undertow I bring to the experience. It’s not an easy aspect to say the least

      • Thanks. Id definitely read something that you wrote on this aspect. Theres stuff out there, but its not very applicable to the everyday person, and doesnt resonate with my experience.

  14. I do the opposite – Pluto is in my first, Sun (also Venus and Mars) in my 7th. Other people are shiny and I’m the manure:)

  15. Hmmm got to find some time to pull some natal charts
    I think I feel shaded at times and sunny sometimes. lost my phone🥺so my pics
    Of charts gone, bet it’s hiding , been working a lot; in my sales
    I try to stay without question makes quicker sale but leads me to have many questions inside, you are a font of learning thanx for being
    Receptive to draw this info and feelings to paper
    I love how and what you write

  16. I don’t have Sun opposite Pluto but I have Venus in Aries opposite Pluto and Saturn and I feel hemmed in, in my romantic relationships. I have this tendency to give away my power to my partner and get really angry (aries) at them when they use that power. This is completely unconscious. But I know it’s a pattern that will probably never change.

    • Acually, I used to get angry but I stopped getting angry and have resigned which is basically me just suppressing my Venus and using my Pisces.

  17. I have my Leo sun conjunct Pluto in the 11th. I enjoy detective work of all kinds. I can’t watch tv or a game or a horse race, b/c I could ruin the outcome sometimes for others, if present. I get a real charge out of the detecting, and enjoy testing myself when alone on cold subjects, including tv. And, yes, people can be very transparent to me. I have learned to be patient, and not “Steal their Thunder” by knowing their secrets in advance.(I keep it to myself,which is tough, being a fire sign.) Pluto is a very strong force in my life, but not dark. I’ve been a spiritual mentor for almost 30 years. I created my career to suit my style to make it flow naturally, just like a “regular person” in a “regular job”. After a near-death experience, I had a dream about the Pluto symbol and couldn’t figure out why…The dream just said “The verdict is:(Pluto symbol)”. I began my career after that, exploring the spiritual and transforming aspects to raise my energetics. What a trip it is to have Pluto conjunct sun!

  18. Ouch, the opposition. I have the square. You have to own your own stuff big time, all of your own personal crap, but also be in tune to the collective’s stuff. Find a way to make peace w/ it. You can’t live a sunny TV commercial life or it bites you bad. I have it in 6th, went into healthcare, dealing w/ a lot of it there. I think I should be grateful it had an intense outlet…

    • I love this insight. Yes own your stuff. I have been going through a “dark period” blaming someone for it but I guess it’s fight to own my stuff. I didn’t realize…but that’s maturity.

  19. I did not quite understand what is being said in this post..
    Anyways, I have Pluto In scorpio opposite my Sun in Taurus. My sun is opposite every person I meet from my generation so… Whatever….

    I don’t get along with authority or pluto-suns or scorpio suns. I don’t get along with dominant people, period.

    • I’m both plutonic and martian, I clash badly with people who gets against me or what I am saying. I hate power struggles.

      I get also get frustrated with people who are too mild and meek and can’t stand up for themselves, aka libras, pisceans etc.

      I get along with fire and air energy the most since I have fire venus and air moon.

  20. Well, this caught my eye, because my mother’s (Cancer) solar return will be exactly opposite Pluto during the upcoming eclipse.
    And yes, she is an extremely covert narcissist. Saint, martyr and victim in public, and a nasty piece of work behind closed doors.
    I would assume this will affect the next year?
    I’ll have my guard up, for sure.

  21. If the point of this post is to genuinely educate people on the sun opposite Pluto aspect, it is missing a lot. This aspect is not a curse, no aspect is, it depends upon how spiritually evolved the person is. Not everyone wants to be seen as “warm, shiny and artistic” either, we’re all wired differently. Projection has much to do with how much spiritual work the individual has put in to this aspect. It is generally more difficult to work with when one is young. The key to this aspect is learning how to accept and integrate one’s shadow side into the rest of their personality. Work with Pluto, not against it. “No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless it’s roots reach down to hell.” -Carl Jung

  22. This resonates with my story. A lot of my childhood friends had sun/pluto in hard aspect. I contribute that to the fact that I had a mother with sun square pluto and I was used to that energy, I guess. Recently, I had a sun opposite pluto person (aries) that I have known for ages projecting her shadow. She has always done it, but this time it was almost funny as she made a hard and cold exit from my life, accusing me of being hard and cold to her. It looks like I have learned the lesson with sun opposite pluto as these people start to leave my life…

  23. This aspect often creates stubborn and decisive people. However, they also tend to tell others what to do and they try to persuade them about the need to change their behaviour. People with this aspect may encounter death or other profound changes in their surroundings more often then usual. They have a tendency to influence others through effective manipulation at subconscious level. At first these people seem kind but in reality they are manipulating and controlling. However, they are often unaware of it.

    Is what astro-seek says…Spot on as well…but not the end of the story…

    Decisive is right,friends say i act like some dictator sometimes.
    Also the other two i know with Pluto opposite Sun,when we get into arguments it is a desaster…so i try to avoid it…but actually they are worth it,since i know they pull out my every demon to beat it up and then it feels like i have been transformed,yes,everytime we talk i get stronger or weaker depending on the subject but it is always transforming. Sadly we all 3 like to be loners so it is not that often we engage,even we know many people,but also some people can not be around us too much…??? It is ok,since i have the feeling i give myself away too much…

  24. Loved this post Elsa. Thankyou. On the day that I just thought I’d type it in google. Got the best explanation for my dilemma in life . Married to the exact opposition. Always makes you feel in the wrong and uses you. Ps. If you watch Pluto meet the Sun signs conjunct, it definitely empowers them in a bad way I think generally and keeps doing that. So most of one side of the zodiac only gets the opposition. Love from 21 Cancer. 5 oppositions and 1 Saturn. Thats the last big outward planet opposition in my life and thank goodness for that! 1980’s to now. Kate Bush, running up that hill. And landing at the bottom everytime. Sissyphus indeed. This subject needs a big class online. 4 February 2022. Saturn on 15 degrees Aquarius. Is that your mother??? Opposite Leo 15 Plutos. Lots of love xxxxx

  25. Well, it’s nice to also read comments from the persons who have the aspect. As in opposed to just comments like, I know so and so and they were horrible but they thought they were great. If I remember correctly, this aspect was depicted like ‘As sun, you will have to come to terms that you’re not the shine/light/goddess you think you are. Converseley, as your pluto, you’ll have to come to terms that you’re not a monster.’
    But as for manipulating, don’t let me start on all types of ways everybody does it, through or pleasantry, through obviously showing it but still doing it, through deflecting, generalisation and pointing it, like me right now probably trying to make myself feeling better because I have the aspect and it’s getting activated again. I mean, pick your course but I’ve seen people manipulating through all kinds of means with or without pluto. This type of aspect (pluto oppositions) is truly one that can make someone polarizing to others.

  26. It’s hilarious that only the Sun opposite Pluto people don’t seem to “get” this post. Anyone from the outside looking in can see the atrocities that they commit and yet they appear to play dumb. They will always act like victims and then praise themselves when they’ve decided to change, but there’s always something new that they’re discovering, kind of like a child learning how to behave. They will cause all sorts of drama because they can’t handle the silence of people at peace. I know a sun opposite Pluto and I’ll spit on her grave. She’s a terrible person.

    • Wow. Bitter much? Pretty sure you have stuff in your chart that makes you imperfect. Granted ee may project but you’re nor perfect either and sure you’ve got stuff to work on. Hate us or love us. Who gives a crap. I can tell toy I do put of my way to avoid drama but have been in the center of it. But think what you want so what.

    • Interesting I’ve had people react this way to me but now I see this is how they felt. I never knew but I guess I’m blind to my shadow.

    • I can’t say but having this aspect myself I don’t know if it makes you a terrible person or a emotionally immature person evolving. Sorry this happened to you.

  27. This is interesting but seems a bit biased and lacking astro backing. I have this aspect and could have projected in my mouth but as I age I am more aware of my shadow. It’s best to take into account someone’s spiritual growth who has this aspect bc some won’t project at a certain point. I’m sure you’ll probably get defensive as someone disagrees with you. That seems to be a tone here. To be fair, Sun pluto aspects can have people projecting on them as well. I know people have projected their insecurities and toxicities on me. Thankfully this is ONE aspect in someone’s birth chart and other aspects can neutralize this so everyone with this aspect dosen’t have it. It would be ridiculous to assume such.

    • Exactly!’

      Every sign has a positive and negative to it, that is also true for every aspect ,,, whether defined in classical astrology as negative or positive. As was said previously….the spiritual evolvement of the native need be taken into consideration. Also the weight of the aspect in the chart. The sun opposite pluto can see two sides to the story and two sides to themselves….oppositions can pull the native apart or they can be a great awareness…a great investigator….of self and to HELP others. Interesting so many here have attracted people with the negative sun pluto opposition…..what are you not owning? Any good astrologer knows that there is no good or bad sign or aspect intrinically….it depends on awareness. Stop the hate. You are supposed to help not hate.

  28. I have this aspect also… I am not prone to projecting though and everyone that knows me will tell you that is a defining characteristic of mine: lack of projection. However, I have done a TON of shadow work from a very young age. Staring with Jungian psychology in my early 20s. How Plutonian, lol. However, I will say this… I suffered terribly with feeling imprisoned by others’ projections onto me for YEARS. I could see exactly how they were boxing me, but felt completely unable to do anything about it. Much tears and anger and powerlessness. (Sun in Pisces). Now, I have integrated my shadow to a profound degree and self evaluate every thought and feeling on a constant basis, I have become very assertive about not allowing others to project on me. I anticipate and pounce – identify and voice their projections from word go, not allowing them to develop their story into anything that can affect me. This has been so liberating for me and I wish it for all with Sun-Pluto opposition.

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