Sun & Mercury In Virgo Opposing Neptune In Pisces – Mind Tricks

mind tricksWith the sun and Mercury in Virgo opposing Neptune, you just don’t know.

Thinking is cloudy right now. Information is vague or it’s being concealed or misconstrued…you name it.

If you are sure of something right now,  you’re probably deluding yourself.  Imagination does not equal fact!

Some people are comfortable not knowing.  It drives others insane,

Hopefully, you’re in the first group!

How are you seeing this energy manifest in your life?


Sun & Mercury In Virgo Opposing Neptune In Pisces – Mind Tricks — 22 Comments

  1. i’m comfortable not knowing right now – filter out the crap. & tune into what’s worthwhile. it’s a balancing act these days, haha!
    love the new site, by the way!

  2. I acknowledge that even when I plan things out, there are unexpected things that I won’t know beforehand that will happen. All right, I’ll embrace the unknown at this point in time. With some of the transitions going on in my professional life, I know I won’t know all of the details. I still have an eye on the bigger picture and the goal I am seeking though.
    Another expression of the Sun and Mercury opposite Neptune transit: being inspired to write fanfiction, watching movies (excited about Indiana Jones), and the prospect of going on a boating assignment tomorrow.

  3. I just had someone talk to me about the issues I have with my dead mother.


    chad, I don’t even want to think about your situation.

    Here is a shocker. The site seems to be coming together under this aspect.

    Thank you, God!

    • Uh, Elsa, they are telling you what your issues are?? Really? 😀

      I mean I did have some issues with my mother that I dealt with and sometimes am still reminded of after her death. But really, no one else could possibly get that at the level I deal with it. Too funny.

      And about the site . . . neptune is on your midheaven? Not that I’m sayin that’s what it is. Just entertainin myself.

      • Same here. Sometimes, I wake up and wonder how I got through life so far. When I notice that I forgot to do something important wandering through my haze, I end up on a guilt trip waiting to be beheaded (must be a past life thing), and start to ponder why I am more confused than most other people seem to be. But maybe I am only imagining that … but I clearly lack knowledge on how to navigate reality, hence, I am convinced that we are not in control of anything; we are just kidding ourselves.

  4. “If you are sure of something right now, you’re probably deluding yourself. Imagination does not equal fact!”

    I hope not, lol!
    I’m sure I’m delusional to a degree, but I’m more sure than ever. The universe it doing strange things and giving me a lot of coincidental signs. I’m reading the signs and interpreting them as information from the ethereal. Last week was very significant.

    Everything seems so clear…. Well, the important things seem clear. Saturn lessons… messages from the universe…. Desire to right wrongs/mistakes, and be a little crazy by acting on faith.

    It’s almost a Saturn square from decisions from ~7 years ago and a lot of the same issues, situations, same blocks, and etc. have cropped up. I was in a car accident ~7 years ago while under Mercury-Neptune opposition and have not had one again until last week when the universe sent me a car accident when Sun exactly entered Virgo. It’s even the same city…..

  5. Indeed, today I felt more in touch with reality than ever. Mercury in the 12th so this time the outside astro has tuned into mine. I have compulsively planted a seed into something that may change my entire lifecourse. Normally I observe the results of Neptune mirocolousity. So, although dubious, I think it will be also the case of now.

  6. Strangely, I am experiencing more clarity and decisiveness than usual today. I am usually weighing things in my head a thousand times, and then decide to act.

  7. The Virgo/Pisces opp usually works great for me. *This one* makes no exception. Virgo/Pisces axis happens to be that of my Lunar Nodes, so whenever an opposition involving those two signs takes form, I regularly benefit from a great deal of mental clarity and a relevant potential for evolution.

  8. I feel like having a long conversation about the difference between clouds and fog. 12th house Gemini Mercury being squared by t-Neptune 🙂

  9. Everything was okay today, besides a still missing ferret. Maybe she will turn up because right now I am sure she is not alive anymore… And what hurts more than anything is that she died alone.: (

  10. Honestly did not feel this aspect today, out of all the other outrageous aspects today. Then again, for me usually these aspects hit a few days before they present in the heavens. And this very cloudiness of this aspect did hit me last Thurs/Frid which culminated to dealing with what I am dealing with now due to this aspect happening now. Certainly can see some world events also happening tail end of last week into the weekend representing this aspect going on now. Seriously feel like these aspects are strongest right before they hit exact. ugh

  11. Oh dreams. Lots of dreams with people from the past in different light. Transiting Jupiter in 8th. Unlearning and relearning. Mercury in virgo makes the messages obviously discernible?

  12. somehow feeling confident about my decesion. reading this post yesterday, I was thinking why?? I’m allways the most unbalanced thinking person. Why feeling confident even in this planet condition?

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