Sun & Mercury In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces – Hoax

civil defense sirenWe’re going to be dealing with the sun and mercury in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. It’s going to be a giant pain in the ass!

I’m sorry! I got to ranting. The letter will be too long so I’m coming on here to continue… you want to look out for this!  This whole post will be an example over inflated (Sagittarius), unfocused (Neptune) rambling (Mercury).  It’s an example!

Sagittarius is a blunt sign. It’s not a PC sign, generally speaking. People are going to show their ass next week. Or perhaps the veil lifts and their ass is shown for them?

This is a VERY BIG DEAL.  Expect everyone to point at everyone and call them a hoax! It’s funny in stupid way.

You’re a hoax, no you’re the hoax, no he’s the hoax!
I don’t know if this is a hoax, but that over there is a hoax for sure!  And FAKE! It’s all fake.

I’m serious, people. We’re walking into insanity. If you think you can’t be tricked, you’re already tricked! I will link this in my letter… between the two pieces, I’ll hope to be understood!

It’s like a siren blaring in the fog, all around the world.

Can you see this happening in your world?


Sun & Mercury In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces – Hoax — 64 Comments

  1. I’m seeing insanity in the forum these days. It’s actually a little upsetting to read utterly delusional posts by people who otherwise seem really kind. I’ll just stick to reading the blog posts and stay out of there for the time being!

        • We are in a scary age enabled by ye olde interwebs to bring out the worst in humanity- it’s a truly frightening time.
          & time for humans collectively to combat it- we’ve the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at zero Aquarius on the solstice – kaboom!!!
          Wheat & chaff time.
          Ie- time for common sense & reality
          I’m deeply disturbed that not even literal death can wake some people up from their delusions
          Be one thing if only they died for their beliefs- but that’s not how Covid works
          I keep thinking of all these gatherings or things like the Sturgis rally: how many died who had nothing to do with those functions??!
          And yet the belligerent selfish folk go on their merry way & even when they die- they still deny its real!!!!’
          That’s psychosis.

          • I be the weirdo you see on her bi-weekly run outside her property lines. Face mask, face shield, and rubber gloves. No one has been in my house but me since late March. I do it that way because of the hospital overloads and the stressed health care workers and also because I can’t afford a million dollar hospital bill. I might as well be dead then.

            • So I did a local tour. I parked outside the local service station and watched people go in, watched them through the window maskless, without social distancing. I drove by the packed bars. Do I know that a good share of the population here is not taking precautions? Or is what I saw a fallacy? I should not believe what I am seeing? Is that the message? Now I hear the stats on TV of the spiking cases and deaths. I should not believe that this is the result of no precautions? I think that it the trend, don’t believe what you see, don’t believe what you hear, unless Simon Says so. I think that is a fitting question, who is the Simon that Says, and why is that Simon listened to.

              • There are now people on their death beds in the hospitals claiming that this is all a hoax! While struggling to fucking breathe!! WTF.

                Maybe if the same people who are making the rules (governors, mayors, etc.) weren’t publicly defying them, people would listen to them, maybe. People forget that these authority figures can afford the best VIP care and medicines. Unlike us peons, a trip to the ICU won’t break them. Of course not, we’re the ones who will pay their bills in taxes.

              • Did you call the cops on them? The health department? Did you try to get their businesses closed down and try to shame them with a struggle session? Because China would be proud.

    • That’s a good question with more than one answer… that will change depending on the speck of time, and the individual, of course. This stuff is MUTABLE.

      With Neptune, somehow you have to go on faith. Belief, that if there is something you need to know, it will be shown to you. Divine timing?

      But in my letter, I was thinking / writing (Mercury) about the fog of thinking, specifically people imagine what other people are thinking. This has been happening to me a lot, which is why it’s on my mind.

      It’s about sweeping generalizations. If you think or like one thing then you think and like these other things. There is no discernment!

      But there also IS discernment. I am literally studying “discernment” at this time. So that’s another angle right there. Higher education – spiritual realms. So your mediation idea seems on point to me. But this is so pervasive.

      Someone told me I was brainwashed (cliché) so I asked for details. The details given were um… not very detailed.

      A person’s perspective can shift very readily right now. It’s like standing in fog, pointing at people saying they are standing in fog!

      Also, the people who are so sure they know what’s happening… they might, but I doubt it. I mean this for ALL of us. I can see what I can see, you can see something different.

      But really everyone is spun around, trying to pin the tail on the donkey. Have you ever played that game? The donkey is covered in pin holes. No one walks up there and actually pins the tail, exactly where it goes provided they aren’t peaking / cheating. In this case, that’s impossible.

      I mean, unless some divine source informs a person, we’re all just guessing and hoping; praying maybe, if you’re so inclined.

      • “Pin the tail on the donkey” is not a competitive game. There’s no winner or loser, it’s just sheer fun. Child psychologists have used it for years to study development: how a child reacts to the game.

        And older people, least when I was a teenager, used it as a drinking game – take a shot for missing the pin. That means we all get drunk. 🙂

  2. I think this is already happening, it seems like it’s been happening for several years 😉

    Elsa, I just gotta say one thing though – I’ve been following your site for years and this article is one of the most perfect examples of why! You write astrology like nobody else and you just tell it like it is! No fluff, you just shoot straight. It’s the best!

  3. Separate wheat from chaff! Threshing (pounding) and Winnowing (separating)

    I’ve been studying discernment too!! Can’t complain on all the readily and available material out there to facilitate this learning!
    In terms of our Neptune/Trickster SMOKE & MIRRORS media…it really kicked it up a notch when the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013- Smith-Mundt Act was changed where the Government use of propaganda against the American people became LEGAL in the “interests of national security”.

    MODUS OPERANDI- whatever direction is being pushed, I go the opposite direction and branch off to form a new path…especially if it there is psychological manipulation aka-guilt ridden coercion attached to it ‘for the good of all’.

    “When everybody is on the same page, it might be the result of an organized campaign.” Sharyl Attisson

    • Hazel, that is just wrong. The amendment to the Smith-Mundt Act has nothing to do with making State propaganda against the US people legal in the US. The Smith-Mundt Act was a fire-wall against US media intended for foreign audiences eg Voice of America and Radio Free Europe being re-broadcast in the USA itself.

      The amendment was brought in because the Act stopped local US media from re-broadcasting information which was available to foreign countries and useful in the US itself – eg a programme rebutting Islamist terrorism in Somalia, which a local Minneapolis station wanted to broadcast because there were issues with US Somalis in their city who were being recruited over the internet by Somali terrorists.

      • Thank you!….it’s all good…I wish you well in your continued research…just bypass the fact checkers 😉

        Just a REMINDER for ALL of US. However insane it gets, we have beating hearts capable of immense compassion, we have souls that can go deep and spirits that can soar ~ feel it, breath it and connect with it…..maintain a level of compassion for ALL to keep YOU sane admits all the insanity. GROUND… go deep in the warm cavity of the oak tree and lean back against its roots on the cool earthen black soil.

        We are all in this together regardless!! xoxo

  4. So you mean the answering machine message I got about the $18,000 federal grant I received is not real? All I have to do is call them and give them my bank account number so they can deposit the money.

    This all sounds normal to me. It’s been going on a very long time now. I thought it was all dying down and then I heard it through the doctor’s office wall last nite. A resurgence. I for one, am declaring next week No Pants Week. Just let it all hang out.

    If I wasn’t so darn busy with this job, I could be soaking in all this lying. Eat sleep work. Repeat.

    • This is a great example of another manifestation of this. I got a particularly slimy phishing deal regardless my unpaid taxes, which are paid.

      I feel sorry for people who will be defrauded.

      • I had another one through the job this week. Some company said one of the customers wanted to pay by credit card and how could she set that up. She had the name of the company wrong and when I asked her how I could verify she was legit and that I would need to forward her request up the line, she said ‘Well, I hope you have a better day mam’ all snotty snot snot and hung up. I researched the company she said she was with and all the employee reviews said it was a great place to work, but further research showed the company (telemarketing) is closed.

  5. This reminds be of some funny tik tok thing- two people going crazy about vote fraud:
    one starts chanting ‘stop the vote’ –
    while the other chants ‘count the vote’ lol then they start arguing & each accuses the other of being ‘fake news’
    Truth is reality no matter what you believe.
    Be wary of beliefs.

  6. Just locking and loading, like the lovely laundry machine. Back on my mission to get sh** done for this country & the people in service who are in it, even if I have no idea what heck is going on “at the top”. At least we can talk to the foot soldiers who are running the communities. But go ahead call me crazy, not using the public restroom for a while, folks, if that’s okay ?? Alright gotta go

    • I’m not using public restrooms either, unless it’s a dire emergency! Can’t remember the last time I used one. Maybe March?

      • This made me laugh. I have to remember to eat something salty before I hit the road to do errands. I am rural and do a 20-30 mile radius for supplies. Mainly cuz the locals don’t think they don’t need no stinkin masks.

        How many times do I just get thru errand one and have to pee. And those electric hand dryers just circulate all the bathroom air. Covid particles shaking it up and all around. Home I go.

  7. Yep! The day of the lunar eclipse, 11/30th, my husband was sent home early due to something hidden. The manager was on the phone with the head manager and watching cameras and then came out to tell everyone to stop, clean and go home. She did not tell them why the nightshift was being stopped.

    When my husband came home, he told me that it was Covid-19. He knew that was the only reason that would have happened. So, it came out that a co-worker who worked mid-shift had close family members with the virus and she came to work. So, the managers gave people in contact with that worker three days off, while she is off for two weeks.

    So, they did not tell the workers how long they were exposed to the virus and now, there is a chance that they’ve all been infected and brought it to their families. My husband went back to work the next day.

    We don’t go around anyone anyway, but time will tell what will happen. But it is not good when a company gives you false information at the outset and then only when you demand them explain what happened, they tell you.

    • Yeah, the gov here wanted businesses to reveal Covid manifestations, but he got nixed on that. Most of the people that I have talked with that are quarantined because of exposure to a positive person, say the covid positive person contacted it at work. It is really hard when those paychecks are needed for survival. I don’t know the answer. I don’t get around much but every conversation I have, Covid is part of it, who do you know, what did they experience, etc. It’s the only way to get information, we have to figure it out for ourselves. I only know one long hauler so far. And only know people who have associates that have died. I don’t want that next step of knowing someone who is taken by Covid. And I am keeping an eye on the vaccine thing. Testimonials by the test subjects as to what they experienced after the first shot and the second shot. Does not sound real pleasant the second shot symptoms, but that means it is working I guess.

      • My husband went back to work Wednesday because he had Tuesday off and they told him they could not use the word Covid and they had to say maintenance was coming in. I don’t know how long that girl worked knowing her family had the virus, either. I am on that fringe that gripes about the lockdowns but I won’t take any chances, either. We live in a very small town and there are times when people can’t get supplies because everyone has rushed in and bought them out. I just wish that companies would just be upfront and honest about this and let their workers know the truth.

  8. On Tuesday the Virgo Moon’s hunger for discriminating insight enters the configuration.
    This connects to Jupiter’s balsamic approach to Saturn in the last degree of Capricorn – and Uranus in Taurus linking up with the Black Moon.
    Our information has been polluted and corrupted by the misuse of ideals. An Earthly reckoning is at hand.

  9. Haha the comments section here perfectly illustrates what Elsa’s post just described: so many so sure they “know” what’s what! 🙂

    • Ya think? How do you make decisions? It has to be based on something. And when it comes to the pandemic, everybody makes their decisions. Calculate the risks and take your chances.

      • The challenge is to make the best decisions you can, while also not falling into the trap of thinking “this set of facts I believe right now are good for all time.” Times like these require a bit of mental fluidity, a bit of humility, and a willingness to see where we might be wrong. Most people don’t do that. Most people quickly decide what they believe, often based on emotion, and then dig in. “Everyone must wear a mask or it’s murder” is a good example.

        • Thanks for that perspective. Going to continue wearing my mask for a long time though. Talked to too many skilled nursing facility employees to know that it makes a difference..

          There’s just a lot of heartbreak that is too much… yeah, it’s bad news, I hate the masks too—but this is from my current experience talking to folks dealing with death directly… From what I learned, it’s true it doesn’t just take a mask, it takes everything together, which might be not what y’all want to hear. Sorry guys ? – I’m done now, back to helping get sh** done until the fog clears… Double Scorpio – Cappy Moon out

      • Exactly. When we quiet ourselves a bit, we can sense that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy, so to speak. That realization in itself can be difficult for some people – it can be frightening to find out we might be wrong… easier to dig in, become combative, etc. But no matter how many times we stamp our feet, it doesn’t “make it so.”

        “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain

  10. The schools,what a hoax that they are educators they are federal money
    Suck hards they label our kids harass our families damage the critical family dynamic
    If kids miss 6 days of school per semester they are now ineligible
    To receive funding, those greedy
    <#2!!? Start harassing parents at work, hideous Hoax stop signing
    Those IEP’s they will suck the spirit out of your child aka “ the school bus driver “ps your child is perfect the system is flawed

  11. Russell Brand has a podcast called “Black Friday In a Pandemic! Is This a Joke?!?”

    Best example, IMO, of the confusion we’re dealing with right now. Cognitive dissonance on a collective scale.

      • Yep. I love the way he lightheartedly tips over our culture’s scared cows.

        “Mmm, this deal seems too good to be true. The deal I’m being offered is: Ignore all the evidence that this is a time where change is necessary, and buy this coffeemaker, for five quid.”

        Bingo! Lol

  12. I am finally getting this. Whew!! It’s not that I shouldn’t be making any decisions based on what I know to be true for me. The experience in my world is being talked down to. It’s the attitude of knowing everything that I am getting. I am experiencing a very weird dichotomy on this point. The very same people who are talking down to me are also expecting me to resolve their issues for them. My number one challenge is not going into victim mode. Keep my eye on the prize. I’m on countdown to the end of the month. Number two challenge, is not getting caught up in the yearning for the freedom from this dichotomous situation, and focussing on the future I blasting forward into. I am on a mission. My whole astrological journey points to one thing, surprised as I was to discover it. To stand up for myself. I did that many years ago, and I was punished severely, in the most heinous of ways. It’s been a long crawl back. I try to temper it, but when I received a Thanksgiving card depicting a slice of pumpkin pie with it’s teeth bared with a cartoon bubble that says ‘you want a piece of me?’ That says it all. Onward. Forward.

    And the confusion, that is why I am working on a Saturday nite, to do the research to resolve the issues others should be resolving, but just cannot reach. It’s work. Follow the facts and get the answers.

  13. Elsa, I don’t understand how this week will be different from all gaslighting that’s been going throughout the year, from the beginning of the pandemic through post-election. (“Expect everyone to point at everyone and call them a hoax!”) How could it possibly get worse? Or do you mean hoaxes will be on a more personal level. (Someone impersonating Dept of Motor Vehicles has been texting, seeking personal information around here.)

    • I mention this now for the reasons cited in the first graph of the post. The sun and Mercury in Sadge are squaring the Neptune in Pisces… over the next week.

      But yes, it has been going on. And if you have planets in the mutable signs (being transited by Neptune), you may be completely immersed… for years at this point.

      I hope this clarifies, lol. 🙂

      • Thank you, Elsa, it does, and I do have Venus and Saturn in mutable signs. I’m just trying to be grounded, with 3 planets in Capricorn, though I know that soon we’ll be dealing with air…

  14. This is one heck of a week to have a dental appointment, but the pain after a week, is telling me it’s no illusion. It takes a lot for me to prepare to go into any medical office, even without covid. I’m scheduled for a Wednes morning appoint to have the dentist examine a throbbing tooth, and x-rays (discernment) before he makes a decision about extraction or repair. That means a second appointment, sometime. We are 90 minutes away from this office, and Sun and Mercury in Sadge are conjunct my natal Venus and Jupiter; the two of three Mutable signs in my chart. OMGoodnes. Expansive delusion? With Neptune squaring from the cusp of my 3rd House (communicating).
    Lots of praying is going on. That’s the one thing I’m sure of.

  15. You don’t need to apologize about being late on your schedule!!! I love getting your emails. I read them through and bounce to your website too. I feel like I’d love to have a cold or hot drink with you anytime and have a friendly discussion. I don’t normally DO that!!!

    The gifts you give us are wonderful. Your insight is most often true and enables me to picture the astrological weather. Thank you!

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