What If My Sun Is In One Sign But I Have A Stellium In Another Sign?

“My mom is a Taurus but all of the rest of her planets appear in Aquarius. Does this make her “more Aquarius then Taurus?”

Not really. You could say that, many astrologers do, but if you do you should understand exactly what you’re saying. This would be like taking a telephone poll and tying ribbons all over and then concluding it was a ribbon not a telephone pole!
The Sun sign is the Sun sign no matter what. To be vitally alive and shine in this world a person must express the energy of their Sun.

I don’t care if there are 5 planets in Scorpio or Gemini or whatever. This is not going to dim the SUN. Even if your Sun is in a dark place, you are to light that dark place with your solar energy.

Theoretically, you could have a bunch of planets in some inverted sign in an inverted house but if your Sun is in Leo in the 10th house, you are going to shine as an authority figure. So if this were the case, would you be considered an inverted person? No. You would be a shiny authority figure with some secrets or some other complexity.

Never discount the Sun in a person’s chart and while you’re at it don’t let people discount yours either. To deny the Sun’s energy = massive dysfunction.

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