Sun In Leo To Be Challenged In 2017-18

The Sun was conjunct Mars in Leo throughout the entire Leo season. This means this conjunction shows up in the Solar return of any Leo. It’s pretty interesting.

I’ve looked at a lot of solar returns for Leos, already. I see the Sun and Mars conjunct the ascendant. This person is going to get there first and be seen!  

The Sun Mars conjunction in the 8th? A person may be subconsciously driven by their ego. But they may also be extremely creative and/or cunning which can be quite good and delicious!

I am seeing this manifest all around me. If you know a Leo expect them to be quite fired up; ready to fight, for good or ill.

Mars may represent anger but in reality is raw male energy. It’s the hero that rushes in while others cower.

Have you see Leo’s acting overtly? Not backing down?

It reminds me of an old Army song my husband likes to sing” “When you was a-slackin’, I was attackin’!”

If you are a Leo, check out your Solar Return Report here.  See how this might play for you personally.

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Sun In Leo To Be Challenged In 2017-18 — 9 Comments

  1. Omw I work with the most narcissistic Leo person I have ever encountered, with a Cancerian moon and a Scorpio North Node….talk about manipulative….AND her Mars is conjunct her South Node in Taurus….a selfish person who would really like to pretend she is all about other people and wants to intensely bond at your expense…..can you tell I have a moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio(her Mars SN conjunction is conjunct my Sun) and how irritating this is to me? I want to shove her under a bus!!sorry if this offends anyone….Sadly I think she also has a Saturn Uranus square or something like that going on as well…

  2. Leo people people can be lovely. Unfortunately Full of fun. Generous. Chilike enthusiasm.I only have Leo North Node. I think one of the things my Leo may have to grapple with this year is not getting too carried away with what Im doing.

  3. My husband and I are Capricorns. We each have adult LEO children. He, a daughter, who sounds like the clone of Fixed Cross’s co-worker. Me, a son who sounds like James Cameron. Sadly they are being challenged for sure. Most of it is of their own doing. My Leo Step daughter, age 54, is so upset that she has 4 grandchildren that take away from her. She won’t speak to her kids any more, let along those pesky little kids who take away her attention. Everyone pays too much attention to the children. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would have thought this was drama from the old Dallas TV series. She has Mars 00 Leo and Sun 29 Cancer in the 12th. Uranus in the 9th which rules grandkids and Saturn and Pluto in the 5th house of her own kids. And my son who is brilliant and made a big mark in the Tech world just can’t even seem to get his personal life under control. He moved, is getting a divorce, has his older child living with him. Somehow, he has not managed to get his oldest son registered for high school and guess what? The last school option is today. All the other schools started last week or two weeks ago. He just can’t seem to GET reality, or that there are deadlines or rules. His Mars is 17 Leo and sun and north node 24 Leo are in 4th house. Jupiter in Libra in 5th suggests to me that is why he was successful in having his own son live with him. But their living conditions are stressful right now and the school issue is a bit of a challenge. He thought he could buy his way in to a private school for his son. But they had regulations of timing and the day before school started was not an option. Needless to say, both of these Leo’s keep us up at night with worry and frustration.

  4. Hi Elsa!
    I have a little girl LEO(4) and in this year SR, she has Aries AS (same as natal), sun and mars in Leo and Moon in Scorpio at 0° in his eight house. We are fighting al the time, hahahaha 🙂
    Luckily I got rid of a Leo boss, I was close …

  5. Challenging times for Sun in Leo (I’m 8th house Sun) is right.

    I was extremely depressed for several months this year. My stepdad died days after my birthday. My finances are in the gutter, and I’m trying my hardest to save up to get an apartment and a used car. My mother is tearing this family apart with her theatrics and two-faced Gemini nature.

    I need a break big time.

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