Sun Conjunct Saturn In Scorpio – General Instructions For Beginners

From a consultation:

“The Sun transits the zodiac (and the houses in your chart) in a year’ time. Saturn takes 28 years to transit the zodiac so what you have at this moment, is one fleeting influence, and one that will be more sustained. The Sun transiting a house illuminates that house. Saturn slows things down and teaches whatever it is you lack, as far the affairs of the house go.

When you put the two together, these lessons (Saturn) are illuminated (Sun) at this time. Soon, the sun will move on, so it’s your job to scope this out while the lights are turned up…”

Where is does the Sun Saturn conjunction fall in your chart? Can you see your responsibilities at this time? Define them!



Sun Conjunct Saturn In Scorpio – General Instructions For Beginners — 62 Comments

  1. Sun conjunct saturn in scorpio in either the 8th (intimacy, other people’s money, boundaries) or 9th (goals, higher education, career trajectory) house depending on what house system is used.

    9th would make sense since I am pondering returning to school. But 8th…well I am just too close to a situation that’s been going for as long as I can remember that I just don’t know anymore.

  2. 4th. Trying to answer the question: Who is my family? And the accompanying three questions.

    I guess I have a bit of time to figure that one out. The answers are not very obvious.

  3. Second House. I have a responsibility to get back to my work now, and to get my finances on a better footing. I’ve had to negotiate to stay true to my values, rather than succumb to pressure to get things done in a rush. Now I need to deliver

  4. 9th 🙂 There are people I’m supposed to teach while holding myself to my own higher learning and philosophies. I’m to probe both shadow and light in a search for truth (Pluto/Scorpio). I’m to squash anything that looks like self-righteous behavior..and attempt to remain humble in whatever undertaking I’m working on.
    Learning (Saturn) information (Mercury) exchange in an effort to regenerate (Scorpio) a higher level of understanding (9th house) by being both teacher and student.
    LOL. That’s my theory anyway.

  5. It’s in my 10th House in tight with my MC and natal mercury–I’ve a memoir just back from first review to publish, a blog to maintain, and a deal with Chiron (later in the 10th) to allow for more healing.

  6. It has just entered my 12th house. My responsibility is to analyze where I’ve failed, where I’ve succeeded, and let go of anything – dreams, ideas, behaviors, addictions, habits – that no longer serves me. My responsibility is also to figure out what have I been serving unbeknownst to me, is it aligned with my highest purpose?

  7. 8th house. And I got a zing off of it. Don’t know if I’ve made sense of it yet. I was accused by a woman in our circle of “sharing too much”. I’m pretty blunt, up front, direct and don’t feel like I have anything to hide.

    I don’t share things like my sex life, or personal stuff related to relationship, body, etc.

    So it was a stumper. Then I got this bit about boundaries kicking up and I realized that I share too much FOR HER. See if she’d shared what I was sharing she’d feel naked.

    Me, I feel fully clothed and then unseen. 12th house sun, saturn/neptune and pluto playing with most of my chart. There is so much of me that no-one EVERY sees that I don’t think much of the stuff I do put out there.

    So this might be a question for the boards, how much do you share, where is your comfort level, and how much do you not share (not saying anyone is holding back or not) but how much pluto do you have. If someone has layers and layer and layers and the next person has A single layer to their psyche then what is appropriate to be shared in a mutual group of friends?

  8. This is occurring towards the end of my fifth house. I’m learning to express who I am and what I want more creatively. I’m also looking at creative ways to work with my family.

  9. Saturn is deep in a 12th house transit & I still feel sometimes like I have no effing clue what it’s about. I’m sure as hell alone a lot, but as a Plutonian, I already feel I’ve spent my lifetime that way anyways. Even after consultations and reading about it… sometimes I still wonder- what is this all about? I certainly feel like I have no control over it, so I’ve taken that away… that I have no choice but to deal with the slowness & am stuck in the transit until it’s over… but, I can’t assess the rewards of that. Maybe when it’s over or when I’m older I’ll see the benefit.
    What has occurred to me over these past two days is – I feel like a depressed person- totally apathetic, numb, and have no idea what I’m interested in anymore. I’ve experienced serious depression before & this isn’t even as close to as debilitating as that was, but it resembles the apathy & lethargy for sure. I am so tired and disinterested. I am lacking a spark and feel creatively depleted. & it SUCKS

  10. Also, I don’t know how this is related to 9th house or Sun/Saturn, maybe it isn’t. But, I’m being put in touch with lot of older Jupiterian figures. Primarily Sags.

  11. !0th. Amazing, me an art student asked to open an art exhibition of well known painters this week! Reputation? A career in art coming up? Never made a speech in my life but put it out there to the Divine and the words came through.One man said “I didn’t listen to the words I listened to your calming voice”. This is a special time for me.


    I’m eating cheese dip and wine for dinner tonight after this week. -_-‘

  13. *mudlikesubstance* people say I’m remote. I find it hard to get personal. Aquarius rising perhaps, but secretive Pluto opposes the Ascendant, squares my Mercury in secretive Taurus, out of sign Pluto inconjuncts Mars in Aquarius in 2nd house, & there’s an out of sign sextile from Pluto to Venus in Taurus. I’m a fly on the wall with justified trust issues. Feel a lot of caring for fellow man and Mother Earth, though. An Alien.

  14. In the 2nd – Funds are restricted and some money owed to me has been taking effort to collect. I’m preping for Monday’s storm with the full moon’s uncertainty. I’m unafraid, and realize that what’s important are my resources, talents and self-worth; however have to admit that some of my “stucknesss” is getting illuminated here.

  15. 5th house….the way my love affairs have been throughout my 20s is short and sweet. This time I think the one I just started unexpectedly is about to sustain itself. I’ve committed to staying put for a while.

  16. Saturn is conjoining the Sun in the 8th in my case. It’s revealing all the little weaknesses I have to work on and all the little fears I have to overcome in order to succeed in this life.
    Sun Conjunct Saturn means business, and it looks like I am one step towards a dream come true!

  17. 9th, trining asc. Responsibility is to continue to build my confidence in myself and faith that this will seed how I want to be in the world. That will set the foundation for what I want to study towards in the new few years.

  18. Pearl: Saturn is getting through the tail end of my 12H too and I feel the EXACT same way: I feel alone and awkward, I feel confused beyond confused, I feel emotionally volatile, I don’t care and I care too much. Just a ball of contradictions. I feel drawn to discern where my inconsistencies are and to undo them once and for all (if that is possible).

    I feel like my NN is calling to me: shine! shine! Don’t be afraid of the sun! Saturn is about to move out of my 12th onto my ASC soon. I have had subconscious visions of being trapped in a dark room alone and sharkes scoping out the deeps of the ocean. I feel both migh tbe metaphors of my mind and I am both terrified and fascinated at the possibility of a deep revelation. Here I wait…

  19. I have been SO tired lately that it has me wondering if the universe is just saying – you need to REST… & treat my mind-body-spirit the same way I would as if I were sick… You have to let yourself heal & can’t do things to over push when sick. and the other times… well, keep on working cause you’re almost to the finish line. I am looking forward to the ASC crossing, although I know my 12th house duties are not finished until after the retrogrades. i think later i’ll be grateful that most of this happened while i was finishing my degree anyway… that it was probably best to have this retreat period when I was committed to my studies & was engaged in higher education during this process. Best wishes to you while we both finish out this ride

  20. by the way THM-

    I feel like I go back and forth back and forth ALL the time, too. It’s SO bizarre. One minute, I’m annoyed, anxiety-ridden, frustrated, lonely as hell… and the next I’m cooled down, but I feel foggy & confused … it’s a weird swing of emotions… but, I think that is the reactiveness of the frustrations

  21. I am finding that when Saturn illuminates the house it is transiting, yes, that is where the concentration of your thoughts are. Not every day, but a theme that does thread through. It is when Saturn’s transit is at the very end of that house is when all is clearer as in “oh, that what it was really all about, not what I thought it was”. (Especially, in the days it is moving onto the next sign) Then, it really makes total sense in what was learned.

  22. It’s rolling through the final stages of my 5th house and will be exactly conjunct in a couple of days. I am being shown focus and value in my creative output… discipline my work, focus for a single project at a time, and learn the value of where I direct the creative energy.

  23. At the end of my 12th, too, and sextile natal saturn (and transiting Pluto!)

    I feel for the other twelfth housers up there. I felt like that a lot; knew I needed to work on what was in those blind spots, and figured out that I couldn’t do it without a mirror (other people). I also had several teachers who taught me, among other things, to meditate, to look at my history differently, and even that “it doesn’t matter” is the best mantra sometimes. It has been difficult but revelatory. Keep the faith! Lessons can come very fast, and sometimes you can learn them fast, too.

    I opened up some, and given the pace of experiences lately, I see I’ve moved forward (I’m grateful) and also know that the hard work isn’t over. I do feel like I have earned my first belt in using energy more consciously, and I’m ready to use what’s left of the sunlight on this 12th house Saturn to open myself up to letting myself see what’s under there, and above, and within and behind. I am still resistant sometimes, but more likely than ever in my life to remember my place in the gulf stream.

  24. 9th a time for change of career(I am thinking about this a lot and want what is authentic as I shall be living with my choice for a long time, my plan last time round was social work which I have enjoyed to the full now its time to dream again), higher learning, allowing the truth to be revealed, trusting the path and shedding old skins, ties and behaviours so I can fly.

  25. Entering my 2nd. About to conjunct Scorp Moon and opp natal Saturn. I can handle intense scorpionic energies and emotions and “time alone to contemplate and go within”. I’m just sick of it! I’ve been alone most of my life and what I really want is a family! But i just recently went thru a breakup–yet another man who doesn’t treat me right! So of course, I stuck up for myself and ended it. But I am SO tired of doing this! It is like the same damn pattern of not getting my needs met or being appreciated in love just keeps repeating no matter HOW much work I do on myself. What is my responsibility? I guess not to cave in and accept less than I deserve? Still? By the time this pattern gets healed I will be too old to have children! Guess I’m feeling the Scorpio bitterness…

  26. First return in 3rd house,
    My new job as a housekeeper in patient rooms at the hospital: I get to communicate with people that are dying, have had accidents, are fighting fatal infections. Having had their physiological problems as the sole focus of most doctors and nurses their clarity and complexity of feeling seems to become intensified; the quality of the content has been superb.
    I have always wanted to persue an academic career: teaching english: encouraging people to be critical and questioning, creative and logical. THis saturn in 3rd house influence seems to support this aspiration of mine.
    Thanks Elsa!

  27. Great post. So interesting. I have Saturn in Scropio natally in the 9th (or 10th using the equal house system). Both are pretty relevant to whats going on in my life right now…

    9th: Career/Work/Area of expertise – total redirection. Higher learning, maybe going back to school. Jupitarian theme: wanting to move towards something “meaningful”, humanitarian, sustaining for my inner beliefs/passions. Now making goals and trying to conquer the fear of actually attaining them!

    10th: Getting over the fear of “what people think” of who I am or what Im doing. Want to start a business. Revealing myself to the world/public/close friends alike as to who I really am/becoming. Again, career overtones here: “What am I wanting to do with my time, with my life?” Refer to the 9th house here….for inspiration & direction.

    Seems like these two houses sorta work together.

    Also, on a Solar chart note: Im a Libra Sun, so Saturn’s just left my 1st (applause) and enetering my 2nd. So in a broad sense, I guess my second house is running this thread: what do I value? What are the resources (talent/experience/skill) you possess, and what other ones do you need to acquire (Saturn in 9th) in order to succeed at your life’s work (10th)?

  28. Oh yes–almost forgot. Im also in the midst of my Saturn return. Me and old man Saturn are basically like best friends these days.

    …*high fives then secret handshakes with ol’ Father time*

  29. This one was good enough to make my first comment! Aquarius sun, Sag moon, Taurus rising… Just reaching the end of sixth house, conjunct my natal Uranus.

    Was hospitalized from a complication from gall bladder surgery sixteen years ago, twice, May and again a week and a half ago. Lost 45 lbs since May and became a certified group exercise instructor this past weekend and have seemed to find foods that agree with my digestive system finally.

    Decided during the last health crisis that i missed my sons father, who i ended things with 6 1/2 years ago and never thought I’d develop feelings for again. I’ve never been married, and being uninsured and having health issues, I’m wishing i had taken a different path. I’ve asked him if we could try again, as adults this time.. Tho not expecting much of an answer til the new moon/merc retro and/or Scorpio/Taurus eclipse in my 7th house later this month!

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