Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – First Saturn Square

Dina asked on the Saturn Return… Culmination video:

“What was it like for Vidroid at 8?”

Dina, that is a great question and I decided to answer though people may flip. Vidroid went to school to find himself “partnered” with authority figures. Keep in mind, he has his Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the Venus signs.

Further, Venus is on the MC so there is an authority figure thing going and I am not kidding you… his teachers treated him as a peer and a partner and all I have to say is we found out he is the kind of kid who could easily wind up dating his teacher in high school. (8th house Sun, Saturn)

Now I am pretty sure this will not manifest because I will make the whole situation conscious to him (and have already started this) but long story short, he had to beat off his teachers with a stick.

How’s that for being made to grow up and defend your person hood? Defend (Saturn) your right to be a child (Sun).

I actually had to go to the school and tell one of his teachers that he was 8 years old. I wish I was kidding but no.



Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – First Saturn Square — 6 Comments

  1. Oh Jennifer, like I said I wish I was kidding. No malice was intended, both women were oblivious and in one case (before I caught on) this extended BEYOND the school year – that is one of his teachers took him out during the summer.

    ::shakes head::

    They just liked him, maaaan. I had to get the other to move Vid’s desk away from her own.

    ::coughs:: She had taken possession.

    I wrote about this when it was happening. My son put up with it as long as he could but eventually became (literally) suicidal.

    The teacher (who loved him) burst into tears when she found out. I didn’t feel too good myself.

    Astrology, maaan. It’s something else. he’s got energy and people (adults) like it. Kids (unfortunately) are largely intimidated and you see the Sun Saturn..

  2. Wow. I’m so sorry. I can see he has a pull to him. I know a tiny boy [exact] Sun-Saturn (age 3) and a grown boy Sun-Saturn (age 33) and I think this energy is interesting. But it must be so hard for a young kid to handle.

  3. Sun/Saturn conj in 9H. By the time of my first Saturn square, my family moved overseas and I was the one who picked up the foreign language quicker than everyone else. So at 8 years old, on behalf of my parents, I was writing those letters my parents were supposed to write to my school, or to book hotels for our holidays, with all the proper “business letter” protocols, when I was 8-9.

    So I was pushed into adulthood much earlier than expected and my parents were not as thoughtful as you were, Elsa. Later, they tried to control me (me! the ever Aquarian!) because they probably thought they lacked parental control over their own child they leaned so much on. I wasn’t allowed many many things.

    Of course, this kind of knowledge (like writing “proper” letters) were so helpful to me when I started to work, and I had to work, because I wanted to go out of my house as soon as. Ah well, such is life.

  4. Wow. That’s wild. So heavy for him.

    My almost 4 year old daughter has Sun Saturn in 9th. She knows herself so well already. Inwardly so mature. I wonder what will be for her. . .

  5. Heather M.,

    I guess it all depends on the aspects that the Sun/Saturn conjunction is getting. Mine is totally afflicted with no easing aspect, so that was tough. But I can relate to the “knowing oneself” bit, in hindsight. Best wishes for your daughter!

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