Sun Conjunct Mars Sextile Jupiter – Tyrant!

King_of_heartsI mentioned someone playing the Queen in today’s newsletter. I thought a person might flow around Her!

But then I noticed the Sun conjunct Mars, supported by Jupiter.  Sounds like an inflated ego, tyrant to me!

Did you meet this today?

Did you act this way yourself?



Sun Conjunct Mars Sextile Jupiter – Tyrant! — 8 Comments

  1. We got a self-inflated bad Queen aka Tyrant (Scorpio-MC) in the office who likes to put others down to make herself feel better. Also, acts as if she is entitled to everything and manipulates to get what she wants which is not going to happen. Not with me, Leo Sun (11th)/Mars(10th)/Mercury(10th) oh and Cancer Venus-MC. A true Queen uses her power for good and takes good care of her kingdom. Two Queens cannot share one throne unfortunately.

  2. My dad left my mom when I was 11 for a woman who has Virgo Sun conjunct Mars with Jupiter sextile Sun.

    This woman was so proud to be named after a famous member of royalty who was rumored to have uttered the phrase, “Let them eat cake.”

    She was horrible, completely self absorbed and regarded me with utter disdain. I remember stealing her shoes of all things, because they were sexy and stylish and my mother never wore those type of shoes. They fit me and I thought they were pretty. She found them, took them back and pitched a fit to my father when he came home. The rest of our visits were always as miserable, I was never allowed to speak or visit with my father alone, even on the phone. She wore the pants despite being a housewife and my father being the breadwinner.

    Years later after discovering astrology, I was not surprised in the least to find this aspect in her chart. That along with Pluto conjunct Mars in my father’s chart spoke volumes.

  3. I’m not sure its fair to say that mars is forever bad. People with this planet strong do strive for honesty – to the point of being brutal about it. Maybe Oscar Wilde had a strong mars when he wrote the truth is rarely kind. But anyway. Myself I am fighting the bank yet again. Money was taken from my account. The bank is doing nothing about it. On may the 23rd I called about 17 times. They say that I am not letting them do anything about it. But I say as soon as they are told thats there chance to do something about it. What I have found is that whether you answer the so-called security questions or not, or whether you pass the so-called security questions or not, they will not do anything about it. There is quite a bit of manipulation by the bank. You see telling them about fraud is not the same as telling them what you would like done about it. I had one the other day saying that I had not told them what to do. My reply was that I do not work for the bank, have not been in this situation before, and the bank should already know what to do without it being spelt out. And still nothing has been done.

  4. All week so far. The group leader, who is a truly a leader, . . . this company must have great leadership training because their leadership staff rocks . . . anyway she’s on vacation. This guy in our group seems to think he has been annointed king (ie not a leader, a boss type). He is just annoying as he tries to exert his superiority. Someone commented, if he’s so great, what’s he doing here with us? Love those objective people.

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