Summer Sun In Leo! Shiny, Shiny, Shiny!

Sun“Here comes the Sun; here comes the Sun, and I say, it’s all right.”
–The Beatles

The Sun is in its own sign in Leo. Ego is in the sign of ego, shiny and creative, life affirming and warm. The term “ego” sometimes gets a bad rap but a strong, healthy ego is the backbone or heart (Leo) of a strong, healthy personality. The transiting Sun illuminates everything it touches. They say there’s nothing new under the Sun, but sometimes it brings things to light in new perspective.

The extra shiny Sun in Leo hits your chart in the same place every year, by house and by aspect. For me that’s the 12th house, a house where a planet’s effects can seem hidden for some. I find the Sun is the most comfortable planet I ever have in my 12th. It warms up my dark, hidey places and I don’t have my usual reaction to a planet transiting there, one of “get it out, get it out, get it out!” In fact, for me it’s often a time of yearly renewal of an attitude of connectedness to the universe. That is also a function of the 12th house and Neptune, as well as relating to my Neptune (Pisces Sun).

At some point during its stay in Leo the sun will aspect your own Sun. This brings extra creative focus and illumination to your ego, no matter where your Sun is. It’s a great time to focus on who you are, revel in it.

Where does the transiting Leo Sun hit your chart? Where is your own Sun?


Summer Sun In Leo! Shiny, Shiny, Shiny! — 28 Comments

  1. Leo is sitting on top of my natal Pluto in the 7th House; with my Scorpio Sun stellium in the 10th the lights are turned up with the opposition; the dark spots of relationships are getting ‘some sun.’

    Just talked with an old pal, and she had talk about other old pals who are no longer part of my current world. There are health issues being dealt with in many of our old-pal worlds. I appreciate your perspective on Leo’s shine and ‘ego’ in the best of ways. There’s room to send good cheer, even though time has passed and our paths don’t cross. There’s the gracious and generous Leo-nature. Thanks for this Satori.

  2. 1st house sun in leo. I can feel my ego inflating and pulling me to center stage. I constantly fight it because I can’t seem to be in the limelight and be nice at the same time.

  3. Leo on 12th house… also like transiting sun over here, where i have my Vesta and Saturn.
    My Natal Sun in on 11th @ Cancer.

  4. It is sitting in my 9th house. I want to go on a really nice vacation but I am stuck right now. It is also squaring my 12th house sun.

  5. I’ve got a pretty freaky set of transits today with the Leo Sun :
    – T-Sun (and more loosely, Venus) conjunct my Pluto in H11, setting off my sextiles to Moon and Neptune and my Moon/Pluto square
    – T-Pluto still conjunct my Merc/Ceres,
    – T-Mars exactly conjunct my NN so loosely opposing said Merc/Ceres;
    – and T-Moon (and more loosely Saturn) conjunct my Neptune

    It’s raining and I ain’t going anywhere!

  6. Leo is speared by my DC and is right now the sun is in my 6th sextiling my Mars in the 8th. It[s moving in on sextiling my natal Uranus and Libra sun in the 8th.

  7. t Sun in Leo is the 9th house for me, and at some point, it conjuncts my NN in Leo in 9th. I usually get very restless at this time. I want to be “elsewhere,” to experience something totally new and exciting. I start browsing for foreign study or work programs and imagine just going away for an entire year to somewhere as far away from home as possible. I start reading something different, and want to just break off from my routine. I want to meet new people, and find something new to believe in. A new goal to achieve. It’s a fun time.

  8. The Leo Sun is lighting up my 10th house. I’ve been sitting on pins and needles waiting for feedback on a new creative project. The board met last night, so I expect to hear their response today! If it’s good, my Ego will definitely feel the lift, as well as my career! 😉 I’m gonna sport some big hair today!

  9. Leo Sun @2d, 11th house Placidus, 12th house Equal — conjunct Venus, either way. Add that to my Water Trine, and you’ve got a pretty floppy kitty; but my hip-length, red mane kinda clinches it for me… I’m sayin’ that peeps see the Leo comin’, savvy ? : )

  10. What I wrote almost a year ago is so today. Lighting up the relationships (Leo in the 7th H)with a sunny ego seemed to happen inspite of an old habit of holding back. I was at a neighborhood block party last night and out there, DANCING with friends, meeting new friends. Yikes, not too late to shine.

  11. IKR, Mokihana! I forgot about this post, but MikkiG commented today! it’s fun to see this!

    and happy, shiny birthday, Natalia! 😀 yaaaaaaaay!

  12. Happy birthday Natalia!:)

    Sun in Leo transits my 8th House, and squares my 5th House Sun. I love Leo, super energizing energy. Shiny indeed!

  13. Satori, a great way to look at it! Leo is mostly 12th house for me in Leo too. And I’ve definitely had some quality time with myself while it’s there.

  14. The Sun is transiting my 4th house with natal Uranus at 3° and Pluto at 29°. There is currently talk of the possibility of me having a ‘friend of a friend’ on bail living at my house while he awaits trial. Weird (Uranus) situations aren’t unusual at my place (4th house) 😀

  15. Von ,I agree unexpected events happen that could be positive
    or negative when the transiting sun goes over your natal uranus.
    Sometimes it’s just people you run into that you haven’t seen in years.

  16. Leo sun is in my 1st house. When it reaches late leo, it moves into my second house. At the very end of leo, it’ll sextile my own sun,

  17. Happy Bday Natalia!

    Leo covers 8th house and carries my Vertex. During this time my job shifts from typical therapy sessions to an all day special needs summer camp! Even though I’m exhausted, I’m happy and manage to still have my own fun. Big groups of friends is the theme for me and I love being in the middle of them! 😉

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