Frustration: Retrograde Planets In 2020

planetsVenus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were retrograde when Mercury reversed course on June 18th.

Neptune turned retrograde on the 23rd. This gave us a total of six planets, backing up.  We had something similar in August, 2018.  It caused quite a bit of chaos.

Venus turned direct on June 25th. We now have five planets retrograde.

Mercury will turn direct on July 12th; we’ll be down to four retrograde planets, none of the personal.

Uranus will turn retrograde on August 14th. At that point, Jupiter, Saturn and all the outer planets will be retreating.

Mars will turn retrograde on September 9th.  This will give us six planets retrograde again. 

Jupiter will turn direct on September 13th; we’ll be back to five.

It’s worth noting, retrograde Mars in Aries will be squaring retrograde Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.   That’s going to bring some frustration to all our lives, especially if you have planets in late degrees of Cardinal signs.

Got plans for the summer?


Frustration: Retrograde Planets In 2020 — 29 Comments

  1. I have no planets in the late degrees of any cardinal signs, but I am taking advantage of this time to reflect on how I am living. We all have to shut down gradually, little bit even, and look at what’s important right now. I believe it’s how were living in accordance with nature.

  2. I am frustrated already. A weird mood. So lucky and privileged and simultaneously so bitter and fed up… mostly with myself. Wish I could center myself and that “self” could be of value.

  3. Got plans for the summer?


    It seems like I’ll be enjoying quiet lazy afternoons, getting recharged. Because come Fall, I’ll be turning my life on it’s head to go in uncharted waters at warp speed. Leaving many to think that I’m either foolish or have gone completely mad or maybe both ?

    Summer 2020 will be my quiet before the launch.

  4. Thanks for the heads up!

    Summer plans??
    Get better at gardening, as I garden.
    Maintain my relationships.
    Be with family, especially my son.
    Make some hard plans with others regarding maintaining livelihood with others.

    I have a few late cardinal planets and SUPER early fixed planets.

  5. Looks like I’m going to have to find another place to live in a couple of months–so that’s the first plan.
    My plans are to maintain my container garden. The zucchini likely won’t put out fruit at this point. I’m torn on whether to dig it up or leave it behind.
    I have started to beef up my pantry supply, and will restock my medicine cabinet, maybe invest in some herbal medicine as well. If food shortages get worse, or we get a second wave of Corona (alongside the flu), I want to be ready ahead of time. When I buy groceries or toiletries, I’m picking up a little extra each trip.
    Swimming in the backyard pool is also on the agenda.
    Getting my remaining car and tooth problems fixed, again before fall gets here–that needs to happen.

  6. well if I get accepted to grad school, sounds like a pretty shitty way to start off with Mars Rx and the squares, uff, bummer

  7. I’ve always lived frugally and a minimalist life, by choice (then, amplified by circumstances beyond my control). So living thus is second nature for me. This summer, my plan is to continue socking away every penny I can (which I started last fall) with the goal of replacing my very old and dying car with as good a one as I can.

    Beyond that, no plans. Survive. Go to work, come home. Rinse and repeat. I’ve got lots I need, want and can do at home. When I’m not exhausted from my job, I do what I can to move my various home-centered projects forward, one baby step at a time.

    Hopefully all the retrogrades will serve me, not hinder me. In any case, I will exercise my free will and attempt to use these energies productively. Outcomes are always out of our hands, but efforts are very much IN our hands.

  8. Geez! We just made it through that horrible grand cross a couple of Summers ago. I can’t remember at time since then that life has been even keel and relaxed. Things just have gone absolutely hay wire since then and continues! When will we all get a break? It almost feels like the energy is out to undo us all.

  9. Fall 2018 was HORRIBLE!
    It was a no-end tail of frustrations upun frustrations. New job, hit a brick wall, my health spiraled down, my relationships ditto (my progressed moon was ticking all the cardinal squares off one by one before entering Aquarius, which is my natal Ascendant).

    Now at least my progressed Moon is out and about, not triggering too much sh*t that would hit the fan. Or maybe if it does – at least the sh*t will be visible this time LOL.

    This Fall will see leaders make a fool of themselves, but myself have planned on going low without too many plans, thanks to Venus and Mercury taking turns being P.I.T.As

  10. Yes, Mars will joyfully grind back and forth over my Ascendant while Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter square it. Can’t wait. Talk about a lesson in PATIENCE….

    • Ooooh Diane….I can SO relate….I have the same situation/aspects & some days I just say “these !@#$% planets are simply going to be on my case until I die:):):) & If I live until they leave, will I still care??:):):)

  11. Tr Jupiter, Tr Saturn and Tr Pluto RX will quincunx my Natal Venus conjunct Saturn, L7 and L3 and L4 respectively. It’s been doing this for awhile so things appear and disappear in those areas of my life with equal speed.

    Tr Uranus on my DC echoes this. It’s a good thing I’ve had plenty of practise in the Uranian side of life. It’s the second strongest planet in my chart, after the Sun.

    Summer plans? It’s winter here in Oz so my summer won’t be until December. But if you mean winter plans, I guess it will be improving my sewing (I’ve set myself goals and things I’d like to be proficient in while creating only what I need), figuring out what those other functions on Astro are (Ebertin charts etc, wherever is the function to calculate progressed midpoints?), doing a general kon mari to my belongings and relationships…Guess it fits the general RX vibe?

  12. Judging by the above information, it seems that the retrograde period is a negative phase, which is aimed at destroying our lives. However, I believe that this is not entirely true. The fact is that you can use this period to your advantage if you know how to act in a particular situation. When celestial bodies move in the opposite direction, you need to move with them. Think about some past situations that you would like to change, select the appropriate planet in retrograde light, and correct what you consider to be broken.

  13. I just got done watching 13th on Netflix. So painful. I have been consumed with myself and all the hardship I think I have and now my eyes are being forced open to direct my attention to humanity and all the atrocities going on. I work so hard to be comfortable – It’s time to take this retrograde period to be really uncomfortable.

  14. 18th june is my birthday…
    So mercury is retrograde on my Solar return? Didnt spot that jet.
    As 1985 Twins life has been though on me and heatlh and mental clairity last decade..

    • Happy birthday on the 18th! Having 5 planets RX in your SR will simply mean a year of “revision” ahead; it will be the same for many others, only a question on what those RX are and what they rule. Of course their general symbolism will also apply.

      I see a year in which we get to correct whole sections of our lives to be terrible only if your life has been going smoothly thus far. If it hasn’t, this will give you the chance to go back and rewrite the ending to that phase better.

      The reason I say all this is because my birthday falls on July the 8th and I too will have 5RX planets in my SR. I am at midlife and can assure you that 2018 was a very tough year for me. Be that as it may, I’ve grown a lot through being steam-rolled by the outer planets.

      • It really really started with saturn on my stellum moon-sun-(ceres)-mars-merc
        in 2003.
        It felt like I died.
        Since then my whole life has been different.
        Then pluto oppossed them in 2005.
        With retrograde. It took forever.

        I had not made any life regretting decisions with saturn conjunct, but with the pluto it seemed all too much.
        I slipped into illness, as if life was drained out of me. It hurt. So much. And nothing happend that explained.
        I got visions or dreams and then I found out they were memories. Of death. My twin died very early in pregnancy and I had this whole emotional blueprint carrying with me.
        But of course I wasnt going to find out just jet because it took years of pluto opposing my stellum which ended in 2015. Saturn squared them also in 2010.
        The real pressure was off when the pluto-sun connection was gone but mars and mercury ware not easy either. The saturn return end of 2013 was nothing compared to.
        It helped me finally shape my life.

        My god when I remember these years from this astrological perspective, this deep spiritual plane, it was unhumanly heavy to experience.
        So much pain.
        My whole life wrecked.
        Unable to really learn, work, connect, live, love.
        It definitly felt like I was connected to the energy of pluto and the first purging was good but it kept going and going.
        And I started to feel the pain of “all my former lives” and that made me able to connect to all the pain that is even possible.
        And who are you going to tell? Who is going to understand.

        I completely burdened my human ‘normal life’ side with this.

        Now I wish I didnt connect so deeply, but I don’t think I had a choice here. It happend in a very deeply subcouncious level.

        I am physically still recovering. Which also means energy and concentration.

        I’m nothing like the happy mentally fast inventive gemini I used to be.

        It just sounds like you are completely crazy.
        To reassure you, I have now a 9-5 job and this is so steady even the pandemic does not effect it. Thanks Saturn.
        I have a relationship with a man who grounds me and we connect spiritually deeply at the same time.

        Telling this inspires me to maybe ‘talk to pluto’ see if I missed something to help me get past this.

        I have an appartement but I want a house, energy andto be able to get a kid.

        The 2018 one helped me to grow in my communication skills, but it is after the former experiences cut them off. Made me a anxious stutterer and mentally slow.

        So this Rx will give me an opportunity to rewrite the rewritten

        • Thanks for sharing! Saturn conjunct personal planet is bound to be a very sobering experience. Pluto compels you to purge everything and anything you have festering inside. You will feel emotional “labour pain” as it causes you to dig deep, deeper than you’ve ever gone, to heal the wound.

          I have had Tr Pluto oppose N Sun N Jupiter for close to 2 years. Tr Saturn also opposed them at some point. I get the frustration. I get the pain. But I think that if you learn something and try to make sense of it, the excruciation lessens with time.

          I too have a stellium; Tr Pluto will conjunct my IC then start to oppose it 5 years from now. I know it’s going to be a tough phase as I loose loved ones.

          But you know what? When that happens I’m going to give myself hugs (from the inside) and pats on the back and take the wins when and where I find them. I hope you do the same. ?

          • Thank you Estella, that is so sweet!

            Yes it brought me many things as well. Just very slowly moving and going things.

            If I would give an image to it, the “what dreams may come” feeling envelopes part of it. To hell and back.

            I’m the main character but im probably looking at myself from the perspective when I started the journey.

            I wonder, was it necassary to go this deep? No. Many people deal with grief within a year.
            But I choose this to experience.
            Im sort of just know this.
            Like before I was born I was like, oh that is cool and can learn me so much about human life, let’s do it.
            But once I got really in it, really engulfed in the proces I was gasping for air.
            I always felt like I knew it was going to happen. Not really, but when it happened there was no surprise. Only “ah off course”.
            Weird stuff

            I didnt realize the opposition lasted so long.
            But that is 10 years 2005-2015.
            Man, I was 20 back then…

            Is your stellum also with sun/moon?

            If I was going to do something different: support.
            I didnt have much.
            I found a great spiritual therapist that helped.
            But I should have had help to keep building my life.
            Im still learning about emotions.
            This is a should emotions and that is not helpful 😉
            It is similar to fairness falacy thoughts.
            Its not fair it happened to me..
            Thought distortions.
            I downloaded Wysa. An app to talk to.
            It helps reframe thoughts. And thought me this haha.

            Are you worried about the opposition in 5y?

            • I don’t believe we know where our subconscious wants to take us so you shouldn’t blame yourself. ? We come into this world with definite lessons and a “lesson plan”, and in our charts that is reflected by the harsh aspects between and to the outer planets so it is what it is.

              I have Mercury close to my MC, followed by Moon, Venus and Saturn in my stellium. I experienced Tr Pluto opposite my Sun and Jupiter in Cancer around 2018. At one point I did have Tr Pluto and Tr Saturn opposing Sun and Jupiter. It was tough only in so far as I refused to accept that I had no choice in what was happening. The moment I put my ego (Sun) aside and changed the narrative (Jupiter) about my children (in Cancer) was the moment I went from darkness to light. The moment I accepted what was happening the load became easier to bear. You know it’s much easier writing it down than living through

              Do I fear it opposing first my MC (I have very even angles btw as I was born near the equator) and then all the planets in my stellium over a 10 – 15 year period? Whether I fear it or not it is going to happen. I’m using astrology as a tool to help prepare me mentally to meet the challenges.

              It’s like having someone cram for an exam with you beforehand; you are being shown some of the questions that will come out. You evaluate how much of each subject matter you know and what needs work. You revise, sharpen your pencils, make sure your calculator is working, go home and guzzle every vitamin under the sun, force yourself into bed at 8pm.

              Most people I meet here are very empathetic but out in the real world, many get off on hearing of your failings. Something to be wary of out there. ??

              I have a few advantages going in this battle: 1) age 2) experience Its like you now: you are not the same person you were at 20. You have so many new skills and tools to help you to cope. If you were to meet the same circumstances in the future, you would fare much better. ?

              Pluto RX in Libra in the 12th is my chart ruler so death and rebirth is not exactly a new topic for me. Tr Pluto conjuncted my AC when I was 8 and after that Uranus RX which rules my IC. What happened in those years?

              My paternal grandmother wanted to annihilate my immediate family with witchcraft. My mother was always ill, as was I and she said I resemble my paternal grandmother. One of my half sisters tried to suicide (she was 14) and every day there was either chaos and commotion or violence at home.

              Fast forward many years and many challenges and I’m still around. Pluto gets easier with time. Stay well. ?

              • I can feel your strenght and your pluto and saturn experience
                Your right out in the real world talking about this is not really happening.

                As you are writing it down I can feel the depth of your soul, and your ego, representing you as you are here today, human experiences integrated with soul knowledge not an inflated image.

                I was not at all prepared.
                I was not really aware it would take 15y.
                I was the person who could go to the classes, flip through a book or notes and easily fill out the test.
                So I never learned to prepare for anything. My parents never learned me you could pack for a trip the day before, or make a list so you wont forget your towels or toothbrush.
                I was send to a summercamp at age nine without a sleeping mat. I thing I had to pack my own clothes.
                When I said it when I got back, my mom said something that made me feel responsible.

                But somehow this interdepended (I know I was a kid I should have been able to depend on her for security, not she on me for emotional security)
                stopped me from doing anything different the next time.
                This had to do with neptune I think.
                I was completely under her spell.
                I still have an issue with expressing anger and I get scared when someone does.
                It did liberale me from this horrible emotional bond with my mother.
                All very subtle but it’s still not right. There was no yelling or phisical violence.

                These are still themes to think about for me, bringing the darkness into light, and death and rebirth.
                I think I feel in still waiting for rebirth to complete!

                You helped me realize that. Thanks

                So for you it’s sun-jupiter……. …. Mc-merc-moon-venus-saturn.

                So pluto energy will
                be on all your angles at almost the same time but this time from Mc.

                How you describe preparation for a test shows you know what you are doing 🙂
                I still have a sense of cheating when I think of such torrow preparation. Weird.

                And I do what my mom did.
                Talk about what someone tells you and immeadiatly reflect it to some personal experience.
                Before I always did the opposite. I told nothing.

                Ok back to your stellium.
                MC is supposed to be the outside, work etc
                So that could mean you start to experience the energy of pluto like that.?

                How is a transit to your stellum?
                My sun and moon are stuck together so I I guess I have not a good idea how a transit to only the moon is.

                I would think that pluto moon is very meaning full, deep, personal.
                You do have the experience of the transit to your sun from before so yes that should definitly help you.
                And it sounds like the weird experiences you had as a kid were not repeated in 2018.

                Thank you for sharing your pluto story.
                Im really glad I got to talk to you about this for a bit.

            • @ Jules

              You’re welcome. ? I couldn’t add any more replies to our original thread so I had to click on an earlier one from you.

              The rebirth happens when you make peace with the death/destruction taking place in whichever area of your life. The personal planet, where it is located and which house it rules will show you what must die to make way for the new. While you reap what you sow with Saturn, with Pluto, death of a facet of life is pretty much the norm and non-negotiable.

              Before Tr Pluto and Tr Saturn opposed my N Sun and N Jupiter, I had Tr Pluto in 3rd square my N Pluto in 12th. I stopped talking to my mother for 2 years as she first threatened suicide, then had her healthy gall bladder removed. She arm-twisted my father into selling the house he promised me 18 years prior and giving a chunk to my brother to buy a house. My relatives all sided with her and ganged up on me.

              Of course I was hurt…but the hurt turned to rage and then an acceptance (acceptance is the key!) that they didn’t have my back. I decided that though I will always have some level of fondness for them (sentimental Natal Cancer Sun), they were superfluous to my existence (Square Natal Pluto). In typical Pluto fashion, I cut them off.

              It took me another year to be able to speak civilly to my mother. My father eventually told me what became of the house and warned me not to overreact. He said he would do his best to be fair to me. I coolly told him that I’m perfectly capable of meeting my own needs. And I am!

              So what will happen when Tr Pluto gets to my IC? One of my parents will die. When it opposes my Mercury, I might well go back to writing. Or maybe go back to school. In this day and age anything is possible. ?

              When it opposes my Moon, another parent will die. I might have to do something about my house. Might go into menopause then. My eldest child (now 15) might leave home. When it opposes my Venus and Saturn, my marriage itself my change.

              But before Tr Pluto does any of this, I have Tr Saturn on my IC square Tr Uranus on my DC next year. P Venus is approaching N Pluto with an orb of 2 degrees.

              Then the Uranus opposition in my 1st vs 7th.

              I will step up to the challenge. There is no other way. This is life.

              We keep learning as we progress through our charts so don’t count yourself out of the race yet! When you know better, you do better! ?

  15. No plans yet, just to keep working on personally moving forward once all the personal planets are moving forwards. Internally moving (inner planets forward) while externally dealing (outer planets reversing).

    When Mars is squaring Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto from Aries, it will also be squaring my Cancer ASC, Mercury, Mars & SN mash-up. I’ve been looking at the late degrees of Libra, which are empty for me, in my 4th house and how I can embrace that energy to stabilize what comes up.

  16. I wonder if this will herald a second wave of stay-at-home orders for many places in the US? I was just reading an article on NPR about how North Caroline was one of the first states to start reopening and now they are dealing with the most cases they’ve had. The governor is thinking about reinstating their stay-at-home orders now.

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