Suffering In A Constant State Of Heightened Sensitivity

Dear Elsa,

I just can’t stop my mind from thinking too much. It’s like some days I want to do this, and other days I want to do that. Most people need a good rest after a long day but I need to stay quiet and alone. It’s like the world is a war zone to me and I go there every morning hoping to come back alive in the evening.

When I am out there, I am like this person waiting to burst but can’t. Everything I see and everything I hear bothers me. I don’t know why but everything has to be cool and smooth for me. Due to that my life, career and relationships are going nowhere and I am a laughing stock for everyone.

I also think and I haven’t still been able to be the man. I tried everything and started reading horoscopes too along with learning about my star sign. Most of the things matched me inside, but personally I am like totally lost. So, do you think I will ever be able to come out of this and start to do what is really important for me like everyone does? Do you think I will ever be able to face the reality of the world, without being bothered so much?

Please help ,
At War

Dear War,

With your Sun, Venus and Mars on Pisces, you are a highly sensitized person – and with all that square Neptune, I would have to say you are over-sensitized. So is this going to just up and stop one day? I don’t think so. You are always going to absorb the world around you. You are always going to need a good amount of downtime to try to recover from it and you are always going to pine for escape. That said, I don’t think you have to live this way. Disabled, that is.

Because that’s what this sounds like. It sounds as if your sensitivity is so high it’s disabling to you and this is something that can be readily addressed with medication. Think about it.

What if you’re turned up to ten and you could wind the dial down to seven or eight? Might this change your life? I think it would. And I am not meaning to say there is something wrong with being sensitive because this is not how I see this.

I see this as a medical condition. Like diabetes. Or hemophilia. Some people are born with conditions like this which can be addressed with medication. And they’re fine and long as they have the medication that compensates or adjusts the condition they were born with and I think you fall into this classification.

And I don’t mean drug yourself into a stupor or change your personality. I can tell by your mail, your personality is fine. But if you can find a way to turn the volume down just a hair, it might make a difference and allow you to have a much better life – so I’d look into it.

Good luck.


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Suffering In A Constant State Of Heightened Sensitivity — 11 Comments

  1. You could also try “grounding” and various meditation exercises of a similar nature. I’ve known really environmentally sensitive ppl that swear by it. Also, recognizing the need to learn to manage being in crowds or being bombarded by too much media might be a good idea. I know a lot of strong Neptune ppl who have difficulty with large, anonymous crowds like being on public transit during rush hour, or who are really affected by violent imagery. Again, grounding could help.

    With practice, I’m willing to bet meditation, or any sort of energy work could help alleviate the feeling of bursting. If you enjoy it, something like yoga or karate – any kind of physical system that engages the mind and your breathing – is good for your health and will help you build mental focus and discipline.

  2. I think one of the things I really like about you, Elsa, is that you are more than willing to suggest therapy or medication to help your readers, instead of, I dunno, pulling a Tom Cruise. 🙂 It’s very soothing.

  3. Dear at war. I understand your situation, I am oversensitive too, may be because a challenged moon, or may be some planet in piscis. I accepted that, simply I accepted it. Just the moment I accepted it I am a more happy person.
    I found a activity that takes me out of mi fire path (a path that damaged my health) that is swimming, May be because my 5th house is there in piscis.
    When I am swimming I can forget my worries I can stop thinking I simply am one in unity with the liquid element and the whole universe

  4. I have a Pisces Ascendant Square Neptune and I have much of the same feelings. I am overly sensitive and just get overloaded. I’ve come to learn to try and avoid what gets me down the most, but sometimes it’s just everyday life and there is no avoiding it. You just got to do your best and if you know something works for you, just do it. I still have a really hard time most days, the littlest thing can just cripple me, but I take it one thing at a time.

  5. just to add two cents worth…it isn’t coincidence that “at war”chose this moniker (or maybe not). Nepal has seen its fair share of civil war, food shortages,and change in governance etc over the last decade or more, so yeah a war zone is a fitting description.

    i can only “imagine” what living & surviving in an environment like that can do to your senses. in addition, if you are sensitive to begin with,… well the post speaks for its self.

    at war, i take the previous responses here as well meaning and intended to give you ideas and support. knowing that peace will have to be found within your self even when things around you may not be all that peaceful feels more than challenging to me. i don’t know how the mental health services are in your part of the world, but i am hoping that you are able over time to gather a support system around you; people or places that give you the energy to hold yourself up when everything around you seems to be pulling you down.

    all the best

  6. I have a moon/mercury conjunction in the 12th house, opposing Neptune in Capricorn, and I can empathize with this situation very much. I’ve learned its necessary to listen to myself when I get freaked out, and try to limit my exposure to such situations. I’m also definitely in the same camp with the people recommending grounding/meditation techniques. And get some form of portable music player with headphones, especially if you’re stuck on transit for anything length of time. Helps immesurably as a filter.

  7. Last night I had a conversation about what it really means to ‘pull together’ as humans. I mean, some people can concern themselves with the grand vision (like: Peace On Earth); some people want to concern themselves with the process (like: Breaking Trail).
    Personally, I have flashes of the vision and then I get so tired I need a nap. I am over-sensitive. But I am finally learning to let go of my nervousness. For one, I do not want to be alone in this world.
    The music aspect is interesting to me. I have a friend who gave up portable music devices entirely as it made him feel isolated.

  8. And I agree with Violet: Nepal itself has been in HUGE upheaval in the last year especially and I hope this person is able to get the love they need.

    Here’s some love for you, my Nepali friend! xx

  9. Comfort to you, at war.

    I can relate to this Piscean/Neptunian stuff. I have moon, mars and south node in pisces, and my moon and mars are square Neptune. I have struggled with anxiety and depression (phobias/panic attacks, etc) all of my life.

    That being said…there are many things you can do to turn this emotional/sensitive energy into a positive thing, to transmute it. If you are like most piscean folks I know you have some gift in the arts (music, art, writing, dance) and that is one way –to turn the energy into an artform and make money off of it! Why not! Also, giving service and helping/healing others is also good, but all of these things require a balancing effort of meditation and energy clearing (like others in the comments suggested).

    Above all, have confidence in yourself and believe that you have been GIFTED with this sensitivity, and that’s it is not merely a thorn in your side and it isn’t an accident or a means of torturing you, but a way of seeing the world. Finding your unique purpose and way of expression in the world will help focus those energies.

    Also…it’s good that you asked for help and grounding. Never be afraid to reach out if you feel overwhelmed.

    I’m rooting for you!

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