Sudden, Unexpected Death: Stellium in Aries Square Pluto

The Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus will square Pluto in Capricorn. Clearly, this reads “sudden, unexpected death”.

A heavy sign in an airport in Alabama fell on a 10 year old boy yesterday, killing him. A few days prior, Colorado Department of Corrections Executive Director, Tom Clements answered a knock at his door and shot dead in the chest. A mother in Georgia’s baby son was shot dead in his stroller.

Unfortunately, we’re going to see more stories like this over this next week. There’s not much you can do if your number comes up, but it still makes sense to do what you can.

I have been telling people on the blog and via my newsletter, not so be firing on people with the expectation they’ll not fire back. On the contrary, you can expect to be blown out of the water – I’m not kidding about this.

This happened around here last night. Some gal was messin’ around and she ran right into satori’s Scorpio Mars. Bam! Take down.

She didn’t expect it. She had a lot of money on the table, if you know what I mean. Venus is involved here – you can lose it all.

People bitch when I write things like this, but for Godsakes, this is a wicked combo.

If you do decide to attack someone, you best make sure you’re as smart as you think you are. You might also want to have more than a little pen knife in your hand. That, or you can do like me and find a safe outlet.

I’m reading Grimm’s Grimmest. It’s perfect for a stellium in Aries in the 3rd house.

What are you seeing out there?

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Sudden, Unexpected Death: Stellium in Aries Square Pluto — 46 Comments

  1. I have Pluto in 10th house and Aries stellium in 1st house.
    I am trying to fight a negative perception/image.. Will this help ?

  2. Totally agree Elsa. People are twitchy and trigger happy. I’m walking on egg shells for the next couple of weeks. I have yellow post-it notes on my computer that say, “Reflect first, then respond if important.” If required to defend, I will be smart about it and postpone any response until this crazy grouping moves on.

  3. @genius that’s a fresh start, especially under the new moon.

    @beangirl – I am reading my stories from the “Ben and Elsa book club”. Also reading them aloud to my husband in a 80,000 pound truck. This stuff needs an outlet…period.

    • I just hope my husband is not killed in his truck. This stuff hits my family HARD and I mean, me, him, my son and his. We are all SLAMMED,

  4. I’m in a situation at work where I’m trying to decide whether to hunker down or speak out. The owners are pulling piddly-ass, passive-aggressive shit and I have enough ammo to fire back at ’em, but under the current sky I don’t know if that’s wise. :/

  5. I just finished reading about Hans the Hedgehog and I read my husband the story about the Three Army Surgeons. We both laughed heartily.

    I actually read this stuff when I was a kid. It’s all familiar. I had librarians looking out for me back then. They knew how much I loved to read and gave me the best shit!! 🙂

    These stories are fun to read aloud. They’ve been perfected.

    Ben likes this stuff, and also Aesop’s Fables, which he thinks are similar to my stories.

    I also think kids could benefit from reading stories like these. That there is no shadow or betrayal is such bullshit!

  6. Have you ever read “Women who run with the Wolves?” I recommend the book to every young woman graduating from high school. I think we’ve lost a lot by moving away from the fables and tales. Santos Bonacci in his youtube video “Know thyself” ties the fables to astrology. It’s a good vid.

  7. Whelp, I work in an airport that happens to let “suspicious” people accidentally slip past security sometimes AND they did just establish a new rule that passengers are allowed to bring pocket knives through security with them. Just a tad bit on the alarming side. 4th house is about home and family, right? Yesterday, I put down some boric acid, which isn’t supposed to have an effect on pets, to get rid of some pests. I have a cat that is practically considered my daughter…

  8. Yeah, this energy is super positive to me. It’s terrifically powerful and right up my alley. It’s just that I watch the news and I did see a gal walk into satori’s knife last night.

    Also, in hindsight, the newsletters / posts I referred to in this post might not have been sent/published yet.


  9. This is a good time to be careful. It feels positive to me but at the same time dangerous. I’ve had a couple of close scrapes lately, and I’m going to have to tread very carefully in the next little while here.

    My son has the stellium right on his moon in the 1st house. His moon trines Pluto 27 Scorpio and Jupiter 5 Scorp. in the 9th. I’m thinking sudden death of his emotional self/image and opportunity for expansion and transformation of his view of himself. Fresh start!

    On reading this, I see the energy of the past few days has boosted my risk-taking coefficient, and I figuratively punched a gal right in the nose on Thursday night for have been part of the wicked stepmother contingent who have hurt my son over the years.

    The stellium is trining my Mars, Mercury, Jupiter stellium in Sag. I guess we’re the dynamic duo at the moment. Thank you for very much for this. I’m going to proceed with caution.

  10. I like the idea of using the energy in a positive way rather than freaking the hell out because I’m a Libra. Supposedly Aries and Libra are going to have their lives fall apart next week, to read some astrologers’ takes on this. What am I supposed to do, hide under a rock til April? Umm, no. I have things to do and people to see. 🙂

  11. I hope cool heads prevail.

    On my evening walk to the shops tonight, an angry man attacked the shop keeper for not being able to make him a sandwich. He proceeded to threaten people, grab a worker by the throat and smash things in the shop.

    This was happening whilst i was outside another shop hearing news of a lady across the street having been attacked and raped at 3am this morning in her home by a machete weilding neighbour. Venus?

    All the people around and in the shops, me included, remained very calm and non violent. We did not return fire, nor make more drama. We supported the poor people directly involved and the police were called.

    The positive of this.. the community is behaving mature and responsibly and supportive.

  12. Another thing came to mind.

    Years ago, I posted a video. People got insanely pissed, but I think these things should be seen and considered.

    The video was taken by a dash cam in a police car. The cops are chasing two teenagers who stole a car or truck or whatever it was.

    The truck is speeding (moderately) down rural road, the cops in pursuit…the turn on the new roads, blah, blah, for 45 seconds that the video lasts, and then the car runs a red light, just as an 18 wheel truck comes out from behind the trees – into the intersection, going regular speed (about 40 mph).

    The truck broadsides the two teens. The vehicle is completely demolished – clearly the kids were killed.

    This is what I am talking about when I say, “Don’t be stupid” and “Sudden death”.

  13. Ahh. Thanks for explaining Elsa. Yes, actually as i watched the man and his friend who had just smashed up the shop, fly across the road in their car swooshing down a corner, that’s the very thing i thought of. A car accident out of no where. Karma. I explained that to the people standing with me. Saying, let’s stay calm. Not to worry. Look at how they drive. They’re likely to be wiped out in a car accident behaving so irresponsibly. They aren’t being mindful. mmm.. I wonder what happened to those guys tonight? Have to check the papers in the morning.

    I hope no one else gets hurt.

  14. Important to stay mindful – duly noted. Maybe others have not experienced sudden death (I have)-so heads up are always appreciated.

    I have put that book on my reading list. Thanks for the introduction to it.

  15. I appreciate your blog. It is a safe place to talk about all this. Before the internet, it was hard to find places to discuss this when it needed to be discussed. Shadow stuff. I was going to give you examples of those I knew who had died suddenly – but then thought that I would respect the dead and leave them in peace. Just konw I appreciate the mindful warning, and will keep my head up.

    • There are things you can do nothing about – like a sign in the airport falling on you. But there are other things you can control, like not stealing a car and running through red lights!

      Now that is death/death. But there are other ways you can meet your (not literal) demise. And if you’re not interested in having this experience, then this is not the best time to get in someone’s face – wave red flags in front of bulls and such.

      See, I think this is common sense. Other people think other things, I’m sure.


    This sequestration thing is causing about 250 air traffic control towers to be closed. I just rolled off a contract with the FAA (they are a good group of people over there) – but this whole thing is in alignment with your sudden endings theme.

    If it was me, I probably would not be flying out of any airports that did not have controllers at the helms. In some of the smaller regional airports – this can happen.

    The cuts start April 2 I believe.


    • The other thing about this is someone hung that sign in the airport. And it they did anything at all that was chicken shit or below standard, they are now responsible for the boy’s death.
      Keep this in mind when you get in your car, yanno?

  17. Should I go out? I take the bus and I have Aries in the 3rd house natally and Pluto in Scorpio in the 10th house natally? Capricorn is natally my 12th house. Feel like I want to stay home and shit but what if my drunk dad blows up on me 🙁
    I do not know how to interpret to see where the threat lies. I would like to equip myself I am not scared just cautious cause I get sudden stuff sometimes. And for those who are misinterpreting Elsa’s good deed here she is helping not hurting anyone this is information people.

  18. What you reveal of yourself in words here is all that others who don’t know you personally have to go on. Revealingly interesting reactionary sparks mirroring the astro set up…poor Heyfa!

  19. I can confirm that everything is fine between me and Elsa.

    As for the upcoming transits, I think ploughing through and exercising are the best things to do. I’m more comfortable with Aries energy (clarity, directness, frankness, vitality…) than Pisces energy, but I’m also starting to see the downsides of Aries with the Aries stellium transit (headaches, impatience, impulsivity…). ^^”’

    Concerning the effects of sequestration, Saturn Rx comes to mind. Hopefully things will improve when Saturn turns direct.

  20. Boric acid should be vacuumed up after overnight and pets should not be exposed overmuch- gets in their lungs and can be licked off their feet. Just dust the carpets with it once a week and vacuum up in the AM and you’ll never see another flea…

  21. The kid has sun exact on his Aries moon today; Merc. closing in. He has hit a WALL. He thew a bath mat at my head today. Completely out of character. I’m really glad it wasn’t a blunt object.

    He’s sleeping it off. Aspergers teenager faced with loneliness and a huge history project that’s complex and ill-conceived, and nobody to work on project with (his choice based on past frustrations.) He’s mad at me for trying to help and can’t do it alone.

    What a week, and there are going to be how many more like this? I’d really like to go into avoidance mode, and it doesn’t look like that is going to be possible. It’s easy to beat up on myself and expect things from him that he’s just not going to be able to do. It’s so hard to keep that in mind. I’m conditioned to set the expectation and push. I’m going to crawl off to bed and pray for strength and self control.

  22. Layin low. When I go “into town” there are many tales of injustice. The powers that be are fighting among themselves and against each other and the citizenry is getting embroiled in it. I don’t know, I just don’t know. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s a gemini village in a libra town in a gemini state? I am focussing on sniffin out the change that is seeping up through the cracks. And spending energy doin spring cleanin. The melt is a comin. Fresh greens. Yaaay!!

  23. I got hit by a car today. Obviously I didn’t die because I’m writing this, but isn’t it funny I got into my first accident ever under a sky like this.

  24. ….hi . thank you! pluto is getting ready to square hit our composite sun venus mars stellium in aries- and also conjunct our composite moon.uranus conjunct the stellium.
    sudden death to our relationship?…..
    how sould i prepare for this?…..

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