Subconscious: Your Experience With Planets in the 8th House

wyrdling writes on Serial Killer Afterthoughts:

“Hmm. I try to see what I’m doing with the 8th house stuff. Otherwise it bites me.

I’m really touchy about the 8th house. I hear/read all these Bad Things and I don’t think I’m a Bad People.”

wyrdling – I rely on my 8th house. I rely on my subconscious and trust I know what I am doing even when I don’t know what I am doing! Sometimes I don’t find out exactly what I did until years after the fact. I have no choice but to operate this way.

It means I live with full knowledge that what I believe is motivating me is just one of the things motivating me. I’m aware I am moved by  forces beneath my level of consciousness and there is nothing I can do about it. It is called going you’re your gut!

I routinely go with my gut and find out what my gut was up to sometimes years or even decades later when I happen to trip over the knowledge which is almost always alarming. But I like living this way. I have never been bored in my life.

Got planets in the 8th? Tell us.


Subconscious: Your Experience With Planets in the 8th House — 21 Comments

  1. I have Uranus there. I never give it much thought because it doesn’t have many aspects with other points, I don’t feel it’s influence much. I am generally very intuitive and I’ve had my share of premonitory dreams. I’ve always been interested in the so-called esoteric things.

  2. Moon conj Pluto & Uranus in the 8th…I’m *very* comfortable w/8th house stuff & tend to draw Scorps or those w/Scorp tendencies 🙂 and if it weren’t for trusting my gut, I’m pretty certain I’d be dead by now…

  3. OMG, I live in the 8th house! I have my Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto there. I also have Pluto tightly conjuncting my Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus.

    I know no other way of life. Good thing, ’cause I’ve been hit by Pluto transits since 2002, and they continue. Pluto is just leaving my 12th house (thank goodness, it’s been a long 6 years) and crossing my Ascendant. Transiting Saturn entered my 8th house last year.

    My whole natal chart is geared for tremendous growth and transformation in this lifetime. Hope I don’t fuck it up.

  4. which is to say, i should trust myself more often, eh?
    my gut’s never wrong, i just have a hard time hearing it at points….

    sun (opposite north node) venus (opposite pluto) chiron

  5. venus. and chiron. i notice you use equal house, which would put venus at the last degree of my 7th. i haven’t had any long term transits to my venus in a while in order to experiment with that.

  6. I have a packed 8th house I have my sun, venus, pluto, saturn and mercury. If it wasnt for my 8th house I wouldnt be here today and I wouldnt have been half as strong as I needed to be.

    I try to be very aware (aware as can be) that my house planets can work subconciously and that this isnt used for the wrong reasons. Although I believe my 8th house gives me great instinctive insight and gut feelings which I follow most of time and help me ( even if im not quite aware how til later in time)It also gives me great strength and will power to survive

    I have literally died twice and been brought back to life. I faced death yet again this year but then again everyday we’re all dying (just really really slowly 😉 ).

    I do have quite vivid dreams in many which I die and not nicely and occasionly I’ll have a premontion now then. I trust my gut feelings alot. If I didnt I’d probably be going against my nature and end up in a worse position. I have faith in my 8th house ( but maybe thats because my Jupiter is in Scorpio).

  7. sun-mercury-venus in the 8th:

    everyday, i am living and dying simultaneously (and so is everything/everyone around me).

    that’s how i’d sum up my life as a twenty-one year old, thus far…

  8. My Sun in Sag is there (8 H). Deeper than the average Sag? Experienced lots of deaths and survived ok as Sag Sun is square Pluto conjunct Uranus. Also survived Pluto through my 8th (conjunct Sun square Pluto). Now in my mid 40’s I am strong and happy.

  9. Sun, Merc, and Venus in Aries, all in the 8th house. It can be dark, but that’s ok… Two of my best friends are Scorps. I spend a lot of time in my own head, but that means I’m very self-aware.

    I think the 8th house makes me stronger… I’ve gotten through a hell of a lot, with a lot less permanent damage than I should have.

  10. Pluto in scorpio in the 8th, conjunct Saturn. i think my midheavens in scorpio or sagg also. lots of oppositions with my taurus sun, moon, and mercury

  11. I have a libra rising with pluto in scorpio(retrograde) in the 1st with it and saturn in scorpio in the second I have moon in taurus and venus in taurus in the 8th as well…….then my sun in gemini mercury and mars conjunct in cancer in the 9th…..and a lucky jupiter aquarius in the 5th……..yeah life has been intense

  12. I am a gemini with 8th house in gemini.

    I have the sun, mars, mercury and chiron in the 8th house.

    I have a scorpio ascendant (ruler of 8th house).

    basically lots of gemini and scorpio influences.

    As far as preoccupation with occult matters and life after death, healing etc I would say these influences are spot on with me.

  13. “I routinely go with my gut and find out what my gut was up to sometimes years or even decades later when I happen to trip over the knowledge which is almost always alarming. ”

    Wow! This hit it right in the head–my moon is in the 8th. You know what’s crazy? I’ve met other ppl- mostly online- with moon in the 8th, and it’s just amazing how dominant a placement it is. the 8th house seems to trump other houses in terms of importance for some reason. I mean, you could meet a gemini with an air moon in the 8th, and somehow they operate like a scorpio moon and seem even more sensitive than they are. Or get attracted to watery types to understand this stuff. I like having it, but i’ve just begun to understand the impact- and like you said above, sometimes you don’t know why you’re driven a certain way- i’ve pretty much come to accept that i have deeper reasons for everything. Yes, it certainly is more fun!

  14. lol- i just looked at the picture. It’s so spot on also- i should carry it around for when people don’t get me and say “this is how I think, okay?”

  15. I’m a Scorpio with Venus, Uranus, and Pluto in my Virgo 8th house. I’m very squeamish around electrical materials: sockets, wire and some appliances. I have a tendency to get shocked to short out circuitry and I have moments during giving card readings when I am clairaudient and pick up fragments of messages from those who are connected to my client. Crazy Eights!

  16. Oh how I still love reading your posts elsa’s even when they’re dated. I think they are even better perhaps as it’s great to see your growth from self-analysis . It makes me feel not so weird that I have that trait too.
    My 8th house starts in aquarius but only has planet Jupiter in Pisces BUT its loaded with asteroids !!! (Vertex&liliths Aqua & Ceres Juno lilith Pisces) And these are the only things in the whole top of my chart (well besides chiron 10th/ S.node 12th).
    I have long suspected these asteroids are doing more in my 8th than I or astrologers who dont believe in the power of asteroids think. I would love to hear your philosophy on the asteroids Elsa 😉

  17. “I rely on my 8th house. I rely on my subconscious and trust I know what I am doing even when I don’t know what I am doing!”

    Timely reminder for me. Right now, I have no (conscious) idea what I’m doing or what to do. But I have Sun-NN-Mars-Merc (my core stellium) in 8H and like you, have always trusted my subconscious. I need to keep trusting it. Period. Simple.

    Pluto is also currently halfway through my 12H so I am blindly transforming my beliefs.

    “Sometimes I don’t find out exactly what I did until years after the fact.”

    That has happened to me too. I think I’m on the verge of yet another such “hindsight is 20/20” moment. I had a major revelation last night. MAJOR. It’s the third such “Big Discovery” in the last few weeks. Bam! Bam! Bam! I’m still reeling. Not in a bad way. But definitely in a “change how I see things” way.

  18. I have a huge 1st house stellium. I’ve learned that no matter how conscious I am, there will always be unconscious things in me. No one is 100% conscious, otherwise, we’d be consciously analyzing every speck of dust.

  19. Jupiter 23′ and Neptune 4′ in Scorpio in the 8th. I love to research dark & occult subjects and dig deep into my psychology ( and others’) but sometimes what I find is too much and my Neptune denies or turns away from this. Be careful what you are asking for seems appropriate here.

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