Style Tips: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius


With Libra strong in a chart a woman is likely to love a face of makeup that is well balanced, that flatters her features and shows her in the best light possible. Makeup can be fun and can do wonders for your look so if you are into it, you can have a good time. Foundation is important and if you are Libra, you most likely use it. The first and most important part of foundation basics is to have a shade that is as close to your skin color as possible. To find one, shop long and take your time to find the best shade. Look for the lightest foundation possible that provides coverage and beware of very heavy foundation that can block the pores and keep your skin from breathing. Someone mentioned Clinique and that is a great company for fair priced foundation in all forms from light to heavier. Match your skin and use a makeup sponge to spread the foundation easily and evenly all over your face without forgetting your neck which shows and can make you look like you are wearing a mask if you forget it.

A concealer is important if you use foundation because the eye tends to darken in the corner and you can block this shading out with the right concealer. Remember to only use concealer in the corner of your eye and blend around the bottom of the eye avoiding the puffy part of the under eye. If you put concealer all over under your eye you will bring focus to the puffiness and possibly draw attention to any small wrinkles you may have there. Use concealer very sparingly and only where you need it being careful not to choose one the is bright because, again, you will draw attention to the very area you are trying to hinde. Lancôme has a great waterproof concealer that is worth the investment because it is lightweight but provides enough coverage and stays on till you take it off. It comes in an easy to use tube and there is enough to last you forever!

Libra looks great with a bit of eye makeup and many Libras like it natural in tones of brown, olive and beige. Remember that when you apply eye makeup it is important to tone down the cheeks because you can come out looking a bit clownish if you have too much make up and color on your face these days. Try skipping the blush or using just a touch to keep your face believable and pretty. For your lips, if our eyes are made up, I would use a gloss that has color or a stain with a gloss over it for a bit more color. If you are older, the lips fade and you need a bit of color there so don’t skip the color on your lips unless you are very young. Lip gloss makes the lips look bigger and that is a bonus. There are so many good glosses that you should find one in your price point easily. For Libra I would suggest a gloss with a hint of pink or red or even burgundy if you are of darker skin tone. Having a bit of color on your lips brings them out and as you are a friendly sort, having your lips accented makes you more accessible to others as you will appear approachable.

When it comes to clothing I like the belt on the waist look for Libra as well but over a pencil skirt or a dress that does not have too much fabric in the skirt. The wide belt look for a Libra is also very hot when it’s worn over a slim pair of pants and a shirt and cardigan Go ahead and belt right over a thin cardigan and you have a pulled together look for work of for day and it should bring you right into 2010! By now, a Libra has a ton of thin belts so you may have to shop for a thicker belt or two to update your look. Try using it over the clothing you already have because a Libra usually has a very good wardrobe already. You can go ahead an belt your vintage dresses as well for they always have a waist that is on the waist and are perfect for this look. If you don’t have the dresses or pants for a wide belt I would be surprised but you can find the clothing for very good prices at about any store because the waist is back in a very big way. Remember that if you wear scarves and they are long you can even belt the bottom of the scarf into the look and look “perfect,” as you love to look. I would suggest searching out vintage looks for a Libra because the vintage dresses are always so ladylike and very Libra. You can find knockoffs of vintage dresses in stores as well so look for big prints and dresses with waists that are a bit tailored through the bust to use with your new big and wide belts.


Less is more these days with makeup so I like the Scorpio look with regard to make up with an eye that is dark but only done with either a dark liner you can smudge or a dark shadow that you can use for an eyeliner that is smudged against the eye lashes. You look great with some eye accent and there are two good ways to bring attention to the eyes. One way is to draw your hair off your face and forehead to bring attention to the eyes in a stark way. This style works wonders for Scorpio because their eyes are so intense that they can make the face if they are exposed well. I’ve seen some great looks on a Scorpio that are hair that is pulled back and off the forehead leaving the eyes exposed intensely and in a most flattering way. If you have hair long enough to pull back this is an idea you might try for a new look. You only have to trust your face and eyes to carry you and you will have a great look that accents what you have naturally. If you go for makeup to accent those Scorpio eyes I would, again, use a smudge charcoal color up against the eyelashes and some mascara, maybe even two coats of mascara or a mascara that adds length. You can shape your eye smudge in any way from round for wide eyes or cat-like for a more intense look.

A Scorpio’s eyes are intense anyway so you only need a bit of color there to bring others in to your reality with makeup. Try making the rest of your lid the same color as your face and you can do this by using an bit of cover up or foundation on your lid to bring it to the color of the rest of your face. Finish with the dark smudging of charcoal and you have penetrating eyes!

Be careful with the use of blush if you are Scorpio and going for that look for a stark cheek sets off the eyes and draw attention away from the rest of the face and brings the focus to your eyes. Cheek color works for some but for a Scorpio that likes a bit of mystery in their look, I’d avoid a blush or use a tanning product all over the face if you need color on your face at all.

Your lips are important with this look so you might try a lipstick that is lightweight but with some color, like a red that is sheer or a burgundy if you have darker skin, one that applies in a sheer way but leaves color deposited on the lips. If is a good look for you to play up the eyes and the lips for it is sexy and plays up the sexiest parts of your face.

If you are Scorpio and haven’t tried a dark eye, now is the time for there is a way you can wear one that works because there are so many ways to darken the eye area. I like false eye lashes on a Scorp if they are worn alone with a bit of mascara and I like heavy mascara without a liner on a Scorp as well. If your skin tone is even, including the lid area, and you apply a heavy mascara you will bring up your eyes and look made up without much work. This look of just black mascara works for Scorpio as well because the starkness of this look is very intense and right in line for the intensity of their reality. Still, it is important to find a look for the lips that balance your eyes and one that has color because a clear gloss is just too plain to support dark eyes.

There are lipsticks such as Lipstick Queen that are sheer but apply color that is lovely and intense so it pays to shop the new lip ideas because they are likely to have the sheer color look you need. It is a fairly new look to apply stain and some gloss so using new product works even if you stay in a low price point while you shop for lip product. Most makeup lines have updated their formulas to apply more sheer color so it won’t be hard to find.

Lastly, if you can pull off this look without applying foundation it will look younger and more fresh, and you can use just a bit of concealer where you need it and skip your foundation completely. This face without foundation looks best with the new primers on your skin to make your face and pores look even, so try a primer instead of foundation to see if you can pull it all off. With bare skin and dark eyes it is a deep look but still approachable and lovely for a Scorpio!

As for clothing, I love the new oversized razorback T.’s with slim pants for a Scorpio! You can wear these new bare-looking T.’s with or without a tank underneath for coverage and look very sexy. Pairing the oversized tank with a razorback and a tighter pant looks best when you are a Scorp and happy with your sexuality. If you can wear the new razorbacks with nothing underneath but a bra it looks even sexier. To find these new tanks is not hard at all because they are literally the new look in tanks. How you wear them is the trick and you want to keep the rest of your look close to the body. Don’t be afraid to try skinny jeans if you are a bit heavier than you’d like because the tank will even you out. They are long and some are tunic length that cover what you want to cover and expose what you want to expose. Try finding a longer razorback and wearing it over jeans with lycra that fit close to the leg and you have a look even if you aren’t a size 1! Hips can be a problem for women and if you are one of these you can still wear pants that are skinny in the leg so long as the waist fits. Just wear a longer T. to cover what you want to cover and wear the razorback to show some skin on top. This whole look of “skinny,” again, can be worn by those that are not “skinny,” and if you are Scorpio, shop the charcoal and black colors for pieces to complete it. If you are a dress-wearing Scorpio, try this new look with a slim skirt or even a leather skirt, if you wear leather. Razor T.’s with dark photos on them work for you as do those with skeletons on them and the like!


Sagittarius looks great in the new, almost bare makeup and a do-it-yourself tan. You can invest in having someone spray on your tan in a salon or do it yourself with the huge amounts of tanning products you spray or rub on yourself. Remember that with a tan, even a slight one, you look healthier and if you have darker skin naturally, you can apply a bronzer with some shimmer to play up your natural skin color and add something healthy to your look just the same! I’ve seen some great looks on women who have darker skin when they use just a bronzer so long as it has a bit of glow about it and brings some color to your face. Eyes look best for Sag these days with just mascara on them and with the lid made to match the skin color on the face. You need not apply any shadow for this healthy look; you just need to play up the eye in the slightest of ways. I would suggest only one coat of mascara for the Sagittarius because your natural look is always wild enough on its own.

Your hair should have a “mane” way about it even if you keep it on the shorter side. If you have shorter hair, try growing out your top layers so they have some swing into your eyes and on the side. A “boy cut” looks great on active Sagittarius and gives you the option of using product to add texture or leaving it clean and natural so it swings. I love the natural texture of hair on Sagittarius because they look so active and healthy in it. Keep the product low in your hair or just use an oil like Chi to keep your hair in good shape and glowing and skip the texture all together. If you have long hair try some texture by using a spray product that you apply when your hair is damp so it sticks and let it dry how it will to give you a natural but finished look. If your hair looks great without product, spare yourself the effort. For again, I love a Sag with natural hair texture as it looks so “now” and active, and they are active in mind if not body.

If you wear your hair in a ponytail these days remember to fasten it just one or two inches above the nap of the neck to give it some swing but to avoid the “cheerleader” look that a high ponytail can have. Fastening it just a couple inches above the nape still gives you action from your hair but keeps you in fashion and showing some class. Use a plain rubber band on your hair or a barrette that is embellished but avoid the use of scrunchies because they are “over” so far as fashion is concerned.

For your lips, glittery lip gloss is made for you for you can apply it quickly and with little effort and it shows off your lips when you talk, and you love to talk! Even if you are the “shy” Sagittarius,” you will look healthy and natural with a lip gloss that is thick enough to stay on the lips and that has a bit of glitter to it. MAC has many lip products like the gloss that is very thick or try a new company like one of my favorites, Lipstick Queen. Remember to use the brighter colors when you choose lip gloss because it gives the face life and brings you “up” and not dark and intense. Sagittarius should look open and easy, and to get that look you don’t want too heavy of lipstick and too heavy makeup.

Blush should be used but in small amounts and try a creme blush that you can wear on your bare skin or skin with primer on it. You look great with just a touch of makeup and good skin so think about your skincare program so you can wear your own skin and honestly show off your great looks in a healthy and natural way but with a bit of interest and action! You need the look of some sort of hair movement and your make up should “move” too which it will if you go for bright colors that go on like a wash instead of heavy-handed. Stay with the sheer and keep things as “you” as possible for your best look.

A Sagittarius looks best with movement in clothing and I like them in the new baggy pant with a small T. on top for everyday wear. You can find the new baggy pant in jeans, or in any fabric you want and set them off by belting them and wearing them with a small top of some sort. The top can be any sort of top so long as it is small and sleeveless or cut to the waist so your pant shows itself off. With this look a Sag can go anywhere and look dressed and have freedom of movement, which they love! Shop for tops once you’ve found two or three pairs of pants that suit and can be belted or have waists that come up to your waist and show a bunchy waistline. You can have as many tops as you want to change up your look with just a few pairs of pants. There are tops that are buttoned that are cut at the waist and T.’s that have small sleeves and are cut to the body that will look great with this pant. You can tuck in a top and cinch it all together with a belt and look great so long as you cinch at the waist.

It is time to give up some of the yoga pants for real pants and they are out there in every store. These pants look best when the waist is seen or accented so keep that in mind as you build a wardrobe of tops in all shapes! For a shoe, now it is best to keep a sandal that is roman in style on your feet but avoid flip flops for they look not so pulled together with this new look, and they can make you walk in a sloppy way and Sagittarius are often noticed for the way they walk. You can buy shoes that are good for your feet that have style now because of all the new shoes available for the baby boomers who demand style and shoes that are good for your back. If you go out at night you can wear a tall heel with this look and you can pare down your top to get a sexier look for evening. If you’ve not tried a new pant, now is the time for they are all over all the stores and coming into style for fall as well.



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  1. I would have worn something like the second picture in my 20’s but not so much now. The third outfit is cute, too, and how comfy those pants look!
    (Venus in Libra, but I also have Mercury/Jupiter in Sag, and like comfy clothing)

  2. Annalisa, I wait for that with bated breath. Love your posts and your shared history with Elsa. You gals have some awesome genetic expression going on. 🙂

  3. I had to laugh at the yoga pant comment…that’s all I’ve worn since school has been out. I did by some baggy cargos, which has been my summer uniform, and I love them. Would have never tried them on without a suggestion from you! Thanks! And I will wait anxiously for the tips for those of us over 40.

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