Stupefied By Your Own Nature? Projection! What If It’s You, Not Them?

stonewallWe all have notions of who we are and who other people should be even if our notion is that we do not have these kinds of notions. I always say that people project their 7th house and I am no exception.

People also project their planets in Libra and planets involved in oppositions in their chart and while I have no oppositions in my chart, I do have Libra and most notably I have Mars in the sign.

Mars likes to fight and of course I am married to a very aggressive man who LOVES to fight. See how this works? It is him not me who likes to break a person’s face with his fist. It’s not me who takes risks and accepts outrageous challenges – that is him while I am a mere girl.

So now he is planning out honeymoon and slowly I realize that we are going to primarily visit the graves of soldiers, battleground where copious amounts of blood has been spilled and may even see the site of the severed arm. Initially I was stunned and fairly outraged as these are not places mere girls go. Aren’t I supposed to go lie on a beach and stay in a cabana on my honeymoon? BOOOOOORING.

The fact is I do want an adventure, I do want unconventional, I do like to visit dead soldiers and I do like to blame on the man and make myself look nice (Libra) for going along with him.

Knowing this is not exactly comfortable but if it does not have anything to do to me, how come I am happily going home with my fiance to announce our engagement, have fights and much strife and visiting dead soldiers (the Vietnam Memorial), 15 years ago? (Astrology And Bigotry / Shadow Side of the Collective series)

So now I am going to see a dead stuffed horse and so forth on my honeymoon and I just want you guys to know it is because my husband is weird (Uranus in 7th) and violent (Mars in Libra) and I am nice, nice, nice and also very normal.

And by the way I am sacrificing (Venus in 7th square Neptune) my happiness for the love of my husband and I get no pay off for this at all – I am just that kind of heavenly being and don’t you forget it or my aggressive husband will kick your ass, πŸ˜‰

Name something you offload on the partner…


Stupefied By Your Own Nature? Projection! What If It’s You, Not Them? — 17 Comments

  1. I can’t even tell which is which. 7th house sun, Mercury, Jupiter and North Node in mutable Gemini with Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo opposing Saturn and Chiron in Pisces. Did I mention the 12th house moon?

    Lucky for me I am married to an Aquarius with Aries moon who likes a challenge and finds my quirks endlessly fascinating. Or maybe that’s me. I am charmed by his quirks 90% of the time, it’s true. I am definitely not a musician and he is definitely not a dog groomer or tarot reader.

    I’m the cook in the family. Except when we were in Ireland he made breakfast and it was just fine.

    I think it’s like an extended game of house. We take turns playing different roles and nobody gets really mad because we were just playing. If something stops working we try it a different way. It would drive most people crazy. Just ask all of our ex’s. πŸ™‚

  2. Cusp of my empty 7th house is @Pisces and natal Uranus is in Libra.
    I’m divorced. Twice!!!
    So I have small collection of ex-husbands.

  3. Oh. Dear. God. Neptune and Neptune alone in the 7th. In Sag. Wow. I am self-righteous and never understand why people fail to meet my expectations. (Pops ibuprofen.) Jupiter trine Neptune..oh, I give and I give and I give! Will no one give back?! Saturn trine Neptune…f*ck it. I’m joining a Buddhist monestary.

    Venus 5th House Libra (Ok! Ok! I admit it…people see me as a good time…ugh.)

    Pluto in 5th/6th Libra (But no one knows the real me! No one, I say!)

    Ummmm…Mars 2nd House Cancer. Oy. Maybe I have yet to really live this one out. I used to be bad with money. I think maybe my son’s father sees me as bad with money. In truth, I have made us a lot of money…in the stock market…oh. I see what you mean…


  4. Commitment issues πŸ˜€
    Thank you Elsa for illuminating that light bulb moment!
    But men don’t usually mind being saddled with that one… so I’m off the hook!

  5. Me too, commitment issues. The off-loading worked really well for over a decade — everyone KNEW it was him, and not me!, that had commitment issues, and that that’s why we never got married. And I was just so in love and accepting, that I would accommodate him for ever and ever. Marriage was never an issue, I never brought it up. We just knew he was the one with commitment issues.

    Then, BOOM. He changed, and asked me to marry him. Everyone had assumed I would if he wanted to (I accommodate, remember)… But I absolutely freaked out. Suddenly no one – including me – knew what to make of me. You mean I’m the one with commitment issues? Hmmmm?????

  6. Ha ha, good topic. I have Libra rising and I am very easy to live with, polite, and accomodating. I just happen to be with a man who is an aggressive ex-soldier who is always starting fights and acting fiery. Or it could be that I have Aries on my 7th house cusp and project my 7th house Mars onto him… I just realized that I totally project my ambivalence about having children onto him also.

  7. I have neptune and south node conjunct my descendant (opposite ascendant) from the 6th house but I agree with LCDS. People fail to meet my expectations but I wonder if it means I deceive people… Most of my personal planets (in the 10th house) square my neptune so I don’t know what to make of this.. Too much expectations and too much disappointments!! Maybe I project the image of the ideal girl and then boom!!! reality strikes and without doing it on purpose I deceive… I must always warn to avoid this!! Wonder about the south node conjunct descendant though..

  8. ROFL – Neptune 7th in sag. He forgets me and I give and give. Which is true. He has ADHD and DOES forget me (remembers in his holding it tight cancer moon heart tho) but I drift off too in to my 12th house sun. Oh, right, that’s me too. It’s a miracle we hold together with all that drifting righteousness. πŸ˜€

    Le Ciel du Scorpion: our mars, pluto and neptune are all about the same house/sign. πŸ˜€ I’m sure it plays way differently tho with the aspects each carries.

  9. Like Deglet Libra rising, with Aries Mars on the 7th cusp. No literal soldiers in my life tho, nor actual Aries Suns but nearly all ex’s had a strong Mars.

    Libra rising charts are extra upside down re. projection!

    I do cultivate a harmonious status quo and am always surprised when they point out how pushy I can really be. Me??? Hey they’re the combative ones. If they do catch me in the midst of the act I will be totally embarrassed because I was absolutely unaware of it… or if I was aware of it I thought it was fair game.

  10. Oh, thanks for the refresh. I remembered the 7th, but forgot about Libra being a spur to projection.

    If Libra planets are involved in projection as well as the 7th house, I may be seeing some people as sterner, wiser, wittier, more lovely, and more powerful than they really are. Hmm.

  11. A soldier friend on fb said that legend has it, sometimes late at night you can hear that arm snapping it’s fingers. πŸ˜‰

  12. Me: sun, Pluto, merc in Leo, 7th house, opposing moon in Aqua. Me: “You never listen to me or remember anything I ask you to do, you just don’t CARE about me AT ALL!” And then I proceed to do exactly the same to him πŸ˜‰ Just one of countless examples, sigh.

  13. Hey, Elsa.

    I made that trip to the battlefield with my husband who was a big civil war buff at the time. We went in the heat of summer when the humidity was so high it looked like fog on the ground. I dreaded going, but despite the humidity, I’m glad we went. Don’t be at all surprised if you pick up some vibes there. The place is loaded with them.

  14. I’ve got an empty Cap 7th (or Aqua moon there if you do equal houses), but a stellium of Mars-Venus-Pluto in Libra.

    I don’t project my anger or aggressiveness, I own that outright. I wouldn’t know what projected Venus would look like.
    Projected Pluto? Hrm… well, I give my power away freely at times, so I don’t know if that’s a projection or not. In my relationship with That Motherfucker, it would piss me off intensely that others would treat him as “the authority” in our relationship, but I was pretty vocal about that and no one I pointed it out to was able to deny it. So, I dunno? Gonna have to think on this one.

  15. i’ve more fun getting them to be the pluto though i’m starting to think it’s my turn.

    and, uhm. you’re the crazy crackpot, not me… i’m stable… and rational… and have mercury.uranus…. so. maybe not.

  16. “I don’t project my anger or aggressiveness, I own that outright.”

    Me too. In fact, I’ve had to go through serious anger management training in my life. Maybe that’s because my Libra Mars and Pluto square – the first barely – my Capricorn Moon ? If anything, I’ve been projecting the cause of my agressiveness elsewhere. I realized how distructive my behaviour was in my early 20’s (with Jupiter on my Taurus Chiron, as I just realized). I was in a relationship with a fellow Libra Sun, who also happens to have a 7th house stellium. It probably doesn’t work for everybody, but for me being close to someone whose projection issues were as evident as mine, was an eyeopener. I’ve been working on it since, I’m far from healed, but try.

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