Shes In Love With A Stubborn Man

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Hi Elsa,

I am in love with a Libra man. We always fight and he is very stubborn!!! How can I get things on track??? I am heartbroken since I am so in love with him. Please help me!

Sparring Lover

Dear Lover,

I am always suspicious when I hear someone call someone else “stubborn”. Are you sure he’s stubborn? Maybe he just doesn’t want to do what you stubbornly tell him to. And maybe this is why you fight as well, hmm?

Look, I am not trying to be mean. But you cannot control him. You do not get things on track. You get yourself on track!

You say you love him? If this is so, I’d suggest you look hard at your role in things and then take a much softer approach. Otherwise, I don’t have to tell you where your relationship is headed, because you already know.

Good luck.


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