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elsa bartenderA gal emailed be today, asking for the rest of my true story, The Blond.  I wrote this story, as a serial, around 2004. People were very curious about how this man got so rich. I decided to satisfy their curiosity.

The problem is, he had singular career. He innovated and in the age of the Internet, it would be easy to identify him. I don’t think he’d like this story all that much… though he might!  Because I don’t think he forgot me, either.

I intended to post this story as-is.  But when I got to the part where I discussed his business, I wondered if I should edit.  At that point, Libra kicked in and I’ve not been able to decide, since.  But then this gal prompted me so I posted the rest of the story with the two paragraphs redacted.

This story is funny and as quirky as they come. It’s also real and raw and honest.

I used to write how I did not think people really changed.  I say this because I haven’t really changed. Swearing, plotting, storytelling, whatever.

One detail, the other man I mention is this story is my current husband. Yeah.  It all fits together because all these stories are true.

Here you go:

The Blond


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