Stellium In Taurus: May 15th-20th, 2019: Get What You Pay For

Taurus leftonThe Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus will be in Taurus, May 15th through the 20th.  This is going to be quirky.

Taurus is Venus-ruled. It bodes well that Venus is in her home sign.

Generally speaking, Venus in Taurus appreciates beauty that’s meant to last.  It understands, you get what you pay for.

This holds in relationship as well.  Taurus wants the real deal.

stellium in Taurus 2019It’s the conjunction to Uranus that throws a wrench in the deal, however I don’t think it will be a negative. A planet in it’s own sign, remains a planet in it’s own sign. This is especially true if we’re talking about Taurus, which is known for it’s profound stubbornness.

The Venus Uranus conjunction on Taurus is more likely to manifest as love at first sight“.

A person may also break free from some partnership that oppresses them.

I’ve had both experiences and I can tell you these things are positive.

If your birthday falls between May 15th-20th, this stellium will show up in your solar return. Get your Solar Return Report for details.

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Stellium In Taurus: May 15th-20th, 2019: Get What You Pay For — 27 Comments

  1. Wow! I am curious with my Taurus stelllium about possible manifestations?.
    Venus and Uranus will square my natal Marss and oppose natal Uranus.
    I have already had 2 car accidents in April…

  2. Uranus will conjunct my natal Venus in Taurus at 4 degrees. Is it true that it actually takes the exact conjunction to the degree to feel anything with uranus?

  3. Interesting! In my Natal 7th House.

    So maybe this Stellium will bring to the forefront one on one (N.7th) communication (Mercury) with a man (Sun) that could unexpectedly change (Uranus) the relationship (Venus) with such man. This is likely to be a deeply emotional (Moon in Scorpio) time for me.

    Also, right in the midst of all this, on May 17th or 18th my new Lunar Return Chart kicks in and this Stellium will be in the LR.12th House. So, whatever is going down will be a big event that maybe hidden (LR.12th) from me or others, or that may need to be kept as a secret (LR.12th) from others.

    The Good = I get engaged (Stellium in N.7th) and it’s a secret (Stellium in LR. 12th).

    The Bad = A hidden enemy (Stellium in LR. 12th) surfaces to become an open enemy (Stellium in N.7th).

    • Thé worst = My relationship falls apart (N.7th) and I’m completely blindsided (LR.12th).

      Argh! My Scorpio moon is already freaking out…

      • So what happened? If you guessed none of the above, you are spot on.

        A man (Sun) that I had hoped to work with last year on a secret (LR.12th H) start up e-commerce retail (Venus in Taurus) project, unexpectedly (T.Uranus) reached out via email (T.Mercury) to propose the possibility of us partnering (N.7th H). Last year we parted ways for a number of reasons, so this was a surprise for sure.

        Folks, that’s just how Uranus works – when you expect one thing you instead get something completely unexpected!

  4. This is happening in my 6th House and the Uranus transit is already effecting my 9th where my natal Uranus is…will be signing up for an online class for work as well as I won a free airline ticket at work. You can’t get more specific than that. Also I’d like to point out this trines my Capricorn Venus in my second house (house of money). So the Venus / Uranus conj. Transit is already at work in my chart.

  5. It’s the 1st time in 80 years that T.Venus has met T.Uranus in Taurus ….. there will be a whole lot of loving going on.

  6. My natal chart has Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in Taurus 7th house while natal Uranus is in my first house. I wonder how this is going to play out for me…

  7. During this time period, my BF and I are traveling to determine if he should build a home in a community where he bought a lot. The Taurus stellium falls in his 3H of travels and tangible financial assets.

    Tr Jupiter is conjunct my BF 10H Sag Sun – midas touch; I told him he needs to seriously research this opportunity. In addition, he (Sun) is experiencing a windfall of passive income (Jupiter) from his out-of-state (Sag) AirBnB after years of nothing. Oh, “lucky” Jupiter…

  8. Hi Elsa, for a birthday at this time, does this mean the energy begins in mid May and continues all year? Specifically the Venus Uranus conjunction….is it trigger mid May and lingers? Thank you!

  9. Thank you for your reply. I take your good advice and watch the aspects between the planets.I have been going thru a major change including moving to a new home I just bought. I look forward to my future because I’m a young 83 years of age.

  10. Who doesn’t love a lot of Taurus. Time to till the fields and nurture the seeds we’ve sown.. also… prob I will just sit on this one.

  11. Get what you pay for, which would mean you won’t be getting anything without effort, without working for it. Nothing in this world is for free.
    It’s good to be reminded of this occasionally.

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