Stellium In Scorpio: October 23-30, 2018

I came across this stellium in Scorpio, in effect between October 23rd and 30th. It’s quirky and hard to read.

I say that because Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct. Jupiter is all about spreading information. Mercury in Scorpio describes secret information.  This makes me think of dirty laundry being exposed.


I am not expressing or withholding support for either phenomena nor remarking on the veracity of the information being generated. But these things great examples information being uncovered (Mercury in Scorpio) and published / spread around the world (Jupiter), be it real, manipulative or both!

Venus is considered a benefic but the planet is in detriment in Scorpio.  Venus is also retrograde but she’s still Venus. If I had the option to have Venus conjunct my Sun, I’d invite her on board.

I consider Venus to be a kiss. Venus in Scorpio; the kiss of death?

You see what I’m getting at here. This stellium in very hard to read. If you’ve ever delved deeply into anything, you pro baby realize it can get pretty murky.

We’re all going to experience this but if your birthday falls during this time period, this stellium will show up in your Solar Return chart.   That means you’ll be messing with this secret/not secret stuff all year long. A Solar Return report should help. It’s like having a cheat sheet or some kind of flashlight as you’re plunged into this type arena.

For everyone else – which house(s) in your chart will be affected by this stellium?



Stellium In Scorpio: October 23-30, 2018 — 28 Comments

  1. I know a woman with a stellium in Scorpio, Venus combust. She can’t see beyond her own self centered dirty laundry. She spends a lot if time bossing around dogs and is a bit of a good performer. Lots of Leo also. Most steer clear. Her world is her making. Dogs don’t talk or fight back.

  2. I love Scorpio (and tend to adore Scorpio women… If I’m struck by a woman and tend to want to hear more from her, chances are she’ll be Scorpio, Capricorn or Aries sun… Nearly guaranteed!)

    I find that the parts of me that are very Scorpio are intense, very driven and focused, and not afraid of imperfection if not to say a preference for what is real even if “ugly/uglier”. I also feel those parts of me are my salvation in terms of protecting the Cancer/Pisces/Neptune/Moon aspects of my personality.

    I have Uranus/Venus/Mars there. I’m curious as to how it will play out (10th or 11th equal house, and already lots of meaningful actions in my 1st house). It’s going to be interesting! I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll be truths.

  3. Birthday time! Sun and Venus conjunct natal Sun and Venus in the 2nd, Mercury and Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune and Mercury in the 3rd. 3 personal planets, should be fun! Hopefully not an enthusiastic secret admirer coming out (unless I like him too 😉 ).

  4. Interesting. Both conjunct my Neptune at 4′ and Jupiter at 24′ (chart rulers) in the 8th house! I have no secrets so I hope it’s someone else’s surprise revelations. This should be interesting since the 4′ trines my Ascendant and both trine natal Mercury in the 5th.

  5. It doesn’t seem coincidental that this stellium occurs just weeks before the midterm elections. Lots of dirty political laundry will certainly be aired.

  6. “It’s quirky and hard to read.” I’ve got a stellium in Scorpio, including my Sun, and this stellium will overlay the natal one. The 10th and 11th Houses are affected, public community. Interesting. That stellium comes on a one-year anniversary of our move out of the woods (literally) onto the open prairie and a very public life.

    This year has been an amazing chapter in my life, disclosing secrets in unexpected ways my natal mercury in Scorpio is definitely sussing out the habits that need updating. A Solar Return Chart is definitely in order. I’ll be in touch Elsa!

  7. The Sun and Venus will conjunct my Jupiter and eventually my Venus. Jupiter and Mercury will conjunct my Neptune and Sag MC. This happens from my 8th/9th houses.

  8. My natal Venus and Jupiter are in the 2nd house in Scorpio. I’ve been learning so much this Jupiter return; I can’t seem to read fast enough to satisfy myself!

  9. My first cousin that I feel the most emotionally closest to has her birthday on the 30th.

    It’s in my 5th and 6th house. Mercury/Jupiter conjunct my South Node. I hope it’s interesting!

  10. All in my 8th. I have Uranus there but at 17 degrees.

    I wonder how it’ll affect my son. It’s highly impacting his chart. He has Mercury conjunct Jupiter exact at 22 deg Scorpio so his natal conjunction will be conjunct this. 11th house for him. And the Sun Venus conjunction will be conjunct his Scorpio moon in the 10th.

  11. It’ll fall right on top of my Jupiter return (Oct 23) plus overlay 4 natal planets in Scorpio. I hope that means it’ll bring me some luck! (Or the secret news will be good????) *keeping my fingers crossed*

  12. Oooh, Venus/Sun at 1 and 3 degrees Scorpio here, natal Jupiter at 17 degrees Scorpio- I’ll let you know if I survive – gulp!

  13. He, you are describing my natal horoscope, sans the retrograde motions of Venus though.

    I have a triple Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the 10th house and Merc in Scorpio as well. Jupiter turned direct on theat Mercury, so all the shit spilled out… So many feelings, so much indignation about #MeToo, men’s untoward behavior regarding women on the street and my own personal shit. It’s like a fontain of secrets/dirty laundry and I realize I can’t shine (Leo/eclipse in the 7th house) with people who are not on my team.

    Normally though, this conjunction expresses itself like I make a wish and then at some point in the future, I will recieve it. It’s powerful so be careful what you wish for!

  14. O, boy: I am someone’s dirty laundry…the conjunction will be in the 12th house of both of our charts in opposition to my Venus. Pfffff, my luck again!

  15. It will join my Venus and Neptune in my 2nd house. Hey guys…Lets all shine the light on my illusions about this relationship I have with a certain Scorpio.
    What a ending to a great year ending!Out with a BANG!!
    Well… I’ve decided to clean my laundry BEFORE this event. My Jupiter in Pisces has been working overtime all year cleaning up all the nasty dying things that have been rooted out… and healing the areas of my heart where I’ve had to cut them out. Hopefully there isn’t too much or any dirty laundry to sort out.
    PSSST!!!! LOVED this year! Best year ever!

  16. Venus is conjunct my Neptune.
    Mercury is conjunct my POF.
    Jupiter is conjunct my Jupiter.

    What a trifacta in Scorpio!

    My niece is home from college and coming over tonight. Just me and her. This has our signature all over it.

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