Stellium In Scorpio: Emphasis On Mars

The sun will enter Scorpio this morning, joining Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in the sign. The Moon is in Aries.  Aries and Scorpio are Mars-ruled.  This puts a tremendous emphasis on Mars.

Mars is in Aquarius, a sign that’s unpredictable and loves to disrupt. It makes me think of this gal I knew some years ago.  She was dating a friend of mine; they eventually married. She was wearing a distinctive t-shirt the night they met. It said,”F–K SHIT UP”.

Mars in Aquarius is squaring Mercury in Scorpio. Yesterday I told anyone who wanted to give me a hard time to “go f–k themselves”. It’s not usually what I’d do but this kind of rebellion is in the air.

I thought it would be worthwhile to post this. Provoke a person at your own risk because Libra and manners and veneer are pretty much unavailable at this time.  As I wrote in yesterday’s newsletter – no fluffy bunnies, anywhere.


Stellium In Scorpio: Emphasis On Mars — 11 Comments

  1. Wow, Elsa, where do you get the amazing pictures to accompany your blog? I see Leigh Brackett’s name on the cover of the book or weekly illustrated above. She wrote an amazing tale, The Sword of Rhiannon, a sci fi adventure which took place on Mars.
    A bit of an off beat post, but still on topic. Typically Aquarian.

  2. No shit, look at the news today. Packages sent to the Clintons, Obama’s, CNN, etc. (A Scorpio cousin of mine calls bullshit on that news and thinks it’s a diversion tactic.)
    Last night I didn’t sleep well thanks to someone’s stupid car alarm. That thing has been going off randomly since two nights before the full moon. Today I bet not one client I’ve visited slept well last night.

  3. Is it bad that I kind of like this energy a little bit? Maybe it’s my Mars-flavored South Node, but I kind of like the sharp edge.

    (Not the violence in the world it’s apparently causing, just the energy itself.

  4. Yes no fluffy bunnies can hang with big girls no minutiae
    Too many years I acted like a cat afraid of its owner finding a safe spot
    Not anymore

  5. With my Libra Moon I succeeded sorted out a big misunderstanding I might have had with my friend. It turned out she was glad I had put the dead body on the table for us to discuss so she knew what was going on.

    It took some balls, but that’s what Mars and Mercury in Scorp is all about these days. Balls. Hardballs, curveballs and having the balls, eh?! I’d rather look the bull straight into the eyes with a firm grip on the horns than go around forever thinking I know, then actually know.

    Also, Venus and Sun is having a star point today. Yay!

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