Stellium In Pisces – Season Of Miracles: February-May, 2022

pisces neptune mermaidWe’re going to have a stellium of at least three planets in the sign, virtually every day between February 18th and May 10th, 2022.

This is definitely unusual and favorable considering Jupiter and Neptune are at home in Pisces with Venus in exaltation in the sign.

You’ll want to note the house(s) where the stelliums will be active. I’m sure some will disagree but I would expect abundance to flow.

It seems impossible, doesn’t it?   Well it’s not impossible, especially if you’re willing to pray.  Have you never seen a miracle? This is a season of miracles but you may have to think of others. Pisces sacrifices.  Seek redemption.

This is already happening to anyone willing to admit there is grace in their life.

april 2022 stellium in piscesHere are your dates. The picture is from April 27th – it’s my son’s birthday. There is a stellium in Taurus on that day – ruler Venus is exalted in Pisces.  Should be interesting. Things are already picking up for him which is one of the things cluing me in here.

February 18th – March 10th:  Sun, Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces
March 10th – March 20th: Sun: Mercury, Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces
March 21st – March 26th: Mercury: Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces
April 6th – April 15th: Venus, Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces
April 15th – April 25th: Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces
April 25th-27th: Moon: Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces
April 28th – May 2nd: Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces
May 2nd – May 10th: Mars, Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces

Which house(s) in your chart will be flooded with these planets.  Can you already feel the effects?


Stellium In Pisces – Season Of Miracles: February-May, 2022 — 13 Comments

  1. I hope this all rings true! I will have the stellium of the Sun, Jupiter, Neptune in my Solar Return (along with that now famous upcoming exact conjunction of Venus, Mars, Pluto)

    Bottoms up! ?

  2. Hope it’s good for me. Hits my moon and then sun. Neptune sitting on my sun in Pisces has made me so sleepy. All I want to do is put on soft warm clothes and sleep.lots of reading and then sleep. I look forward to bedtime,lol

    • I have been experiencing the same thing Watergal! I spruced up my bedroom and would look at my bed longingly during my work day, looking forward to get into my loungewear, grab my kindle and read until I could fall asleep.
      Unfortunately, Pisces being my IC, Neptune is drowning me in Oceanic changes in my life so naps are less frequent but never more desired!

  3. Neptune is already there transiting my moon. What effect with the others coming to the party? Will Jupiter just amplify what I’m already experiencing? Or will Venus help me not feel so overwhelmed and more secure? Will Jupiter amplify feelings of love? Yes, probably yes to all of that. Then Venus and Neptune squaring my Venus and Neptune…sounds like a big reality check, actually. This is in my 10th house, so even while I’m going through these transits, I guess my social standing will get a boost? Jupiter opposite Jupiter transit should be pretty good, too.

  4. It will transit my 4th house. The last time Jupiter was in my 4th house, I traveled a lot, couldn’t find a sense of belonging, I felt I don’t belong in my home and I met my fated love. That fated loved was a core shaker and, fatal destruction.

  5. 5th and 6th house – although I prefer whole sign houses and this would be the 6th. Progressed sun entering pisces last year, I notice it big time, faith has become so much more important and timing, waiting, the inner voice, the inner clock, intuition and observation, the restlessness of Aquarius (and the feeling of being stuck) is gone. I expect what some people call miracles, I call it divine timing and revelation of things that have been unfolding already under the radar (my radar) becoming visible and obvious. Life an underground sea that is spilling over into the open to form a fresh water creek, a well, a source.

    I think I have undervalued the 6th house for a long time, now I am keen to immerse myself and trust it – Jupiter rules my sun, venus rules my chart, Neptune has been conjunct all my personal planets already without doing any damage, I will be fine, I am looking forward to it…

  6. Sag rising so Jupiter is my chart ruler, and also my Lord of the Year come June. It squares my Sag/Gemini placements but so far it hasn’t felt difficult. I’ll look forward to it going thru my 4H @ 17 Pisces, hoping we can move to a new home this year.

  7. I used to detest ????Pisces? but it has grown on me and I’ve become very fond of this sign. It is really great if you only learn and equip yourself to dwell in / deal with it, it’ll work to your great advantage. You see, my Natal ?$ATUrn? is in ????Pisces? and that would usually mean my deepest fears, blindness, awkwardness, inability, cringe, rigidity etc would make me completely turn to the physical world and away from anything intangible, more so given it’s in my 6th. But no, ?water? softens the hard and makes the rigid flexible, it becomes fertile. ?$ATUrn? there enabled me to be concise and concrete amidst the confusion and the diffuse, to have power of synthesis and grasp the objective from the abstract. And it empowered me with a simple, systematic, constructive, methodical approach to SPIRITuality and all things Multidimensional.

    I’m looking forward to this period and only regretting that this time around Jupiter is only half a year in ????Pisces? — and not all back to back but only really driving through too fast, first only 4.5 months and later on another 1.5 months and that’s it ??. Not that much of a push towards a mass awakening, it seems… ??‍♂️

    Let’s see how March to May fairs.

    Once again my Gratitude to you, Elsa, for the priceless heads-up. May this period smile upon you and fill your sails with wind? pushing you towards whatever you seek.

  8. This is all happening in my first house and I can feel something big about to happen. I do have a big date coming up in court because I’m fighting for my childhood home after inheriting it. It’s been a wild limbo life experience for it feels like so long but I’ve learned and gained as much as suffered and lost. Sag sun/Pisces rising/Virgo moon. Still having a hell of a Saturn return in the twelfth but I think it’s almost over. I think my Pluto 8th house placement lovingly burnt everything to the ground. It’s like I feel like the earth is shaking making me nervous but my gut is telling me it’s just the abundance of flowers about to spring beneath my feet🤞🏻
    Love your interpretation thank you

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