Stellium In Leo – August 12-14, 2014

Stellium in Leo 2014

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how a stellium in Cancer was morphing into a stellium in Leo – Superficial Shift vs Permanent Change.  We’re almost there. The stellium in Leo peaks between August 14-16.

With the Sun in his home sign and Venus and Jupiter involved, this stellium is bound to manifest in positive ways.

Check the house in your chart where the stellium falls to see what area of life will enjoy this surge of sunny, happy energy.


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Stellium In Leo – August 12-14, 2014 — 63 Comments

  1. I have been looking forward to this time period for well over a year. It has been nothing but a tense and stressful disappointment. I have never experienced an August like this! Wondering if any other leos are experiencing the opposite of bliss?

    • Yes, this has been horrible. I’m a Leo. I feel disappointed and edgy. I have never felt so down before. Nothing was clicking before and things still aren’t clicking. Not even close. I wasn’t expecting some great event to happen right away but I was at least hoping to see things start to move on whatever level just an inch or something.

  2. I am experiencing likewise as Diane. Leo Asc, Merc and Venus in 12th.

    This low is unusual for me as a rule, but it’s been like this in places since Saturn hit Scorpio – and it’s now hitting my Sc Moon and Neptune. A crushing weight.

    But I’m not being bombed, nor dying with some lousy illness, or some other crap, and I see that I am v lucky. It’s down to me to sort myself, and I take full responsibility for my life and happiness. This has been a tough spell, no two ways about it. I’m not waiting for some astrological aspect to help or not help – I’m just ploughing on regardless and trusting that it won’t last.

  3. This is in my 12H. Still have will have Jupiter and Venus opposite my sun but it still sounds good. August has been better than July so far!

  4. 10th house, with my sun & Jupiter there too. It’s all about my career and I’m a housewife &mom with movie star ambitions. At least everyone keeps telling me I look like one. At my age I’m way past that prime. But maybe I can do bit background parts. Who knows. Acting at my age funny. But I always loved film. Maybe? I just don’t know where to start, New York is so big. I just hate leaving my son, he’s my life. I love being his mom and I’m happy with that, but I always wanted a career,a job that I can be creative & passionate about. It’s so frustrating and funny at the same time. I look at the world & all its problems & I’m interested in acting,haha, how simply silly I can be at times.

      • Thank you. I’m going for it. Asking an old friend for some guidance. Thank God for Facebook haven’t seen him since high school & he’s running an acting troupe. It’s not local but I hope he knows where I can go. Thanks again.
        Elsa, does this stellium effect last the year or is it only a small window of time?

  5. Hi Elsa! I have Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury in Leo all in the 8th house. I am grateful for what I’ve been through and where it will lead, but lemme tell ya it has been a trying last few years to say the least. I feel like something is seriously shifting but I can’t put my finger on ANY of it. Sweep me up positivity!

  6. 11th house. Friends. That’s nice. It’s been a bad few weeks for a few reasons, so maybe this will be something pleasant for a couple of days.

    • and yes…Saturn has been hitting my Neptune (like Katie) and Chiron. Felt it then saw it, the a ha moment. Just keep on slogging forward.

  7. 9th house natal. 7th house progressed. Alot of new understanding about stuff and ticking people. 😀

    And somehow escaping many near physical mishaps (thank you jupiter for interfering with mars squaring my uranus).

  8. Aha. 12th house. It hasn’t been fun, actually…I’ve been dealing with my old issues around school and feeling like a kid. (Finishing my degree in my late 30s.) I’ve been getting a lot of criticism about my writing (some would just call it feedback!) and since this is one of my strengths, I feel like my whole being is under siege. I need that Leo limelight or I sink into despair! It’s crippling perfectionism at its worst, which would be virgo of course. But the root of it is the fear of disappearing and not being loved. As if I would cease to exist as a worthwhile human being if I get a B in this writing class! Jeez.
    It’s totally unhealthy. Lol. But the insight of it being a stellium activating my 12th house makes me feel better. Hopefully this will get these old fears out of my system!

  9. The 6th house, on top of a natal Venus/Mars/Uranus in Leo at 11-14′. I hope it’s good for work and health., I could use a booster!

  10. July was all about contemplating the potentials of things – especially relationships. August is all about seeing them forming and putting my own foot down. feel like it’s ‘time to grow up’ in all areas of my life – but definitely relationships first. Not possible to go about things the way I was.

    • The one positive thing (and I’m trying very hard to see some positives right now) is that Jupiter goes retro later this year and will return back to my ascendant and sun so I’m hoping that will be a fresh start with Saturn out of the way by then.

    • killing and draining me…Saturn Scorpio and its “diminished returns” has caused this Leo to go to extremes such as pathetically begging people for attention and lunch dates. After all the wonderful and generous warmth and affection I’ve provided to lots of people over the year, the “diminished returns” are quite evident. The depression is just unbearable…cried for 5 months straight. However, awesome Leo Jupiter is always constantly reminding me of the abundance and “endless returns” that I DO have in life and it will showcase itself soon when I’ll celebrate my birthday with 3 parties from different groups of people who’d love to have lunch with me anyday. Thanks Jupiter.

  11. All the Leo’s are in my 11th house at the moment. Just returned from a family reunion that was 3 years in the making…fantastic. Am currently co-authoring a book with a great and wonderful friend based on falling in love with the love of my life 35 years ago. Feeling fulfilled creatively and loved by some but in the midst of all this opportunity my marriage is in shambles. I worry when in only a few weeks these same planets slip into the 12th house and I have to face the darker days.

  12. 1st house. It’s been all about returning to work. I was resisting, but it’s been really positive. I’m glad that I did it.

  13. Any insights into the 9th house? This stellium will be quite cozy with my midheaven which is 15 Leo. I know I will be moving locally as I close on my condo on August 11 at the earliest. I have had alot of paradigm shifts, belief systems challenged and have had more faith now than ever before. I still feel like I’m missing some interpretation to this stellium being in the 9th house. Any other insights would be helpful.. I am Aquarius Sun in 4th house, Moon in Aries in 5th, Scorpio ascendant.

      • great advice! 😀 do more, help out more, give, give, and you shall receive. Just how the sun shines so bright and warms everything up — giving and giving. And the love and appreciation will return back a thousand fold.

    • I have noticed that other people’s resources are coming to me in spades now, though. Time. Energy. Support. Things for me to borrow. This does help with the Saturn/Moon opposition.

  14. Stellium is in 12th for me – manifesting more Piscean type experiences. I have had some very intense/healing dreams, I am more patient/tolerant/kind than my norm (tested by 2 plane trips!), and I have done some down-low stuff that is not typical of my character (hanging out with one friend but canceling on others – lying to them; looking for another vet who does acupuncture for my bunny while she goes out of town on an extended vacation…). I have natal Jupiter in Pisces so I’m comfortable with this energy, and it feels “good” in a weird way. Honestly, just very happy about the healing dreams – helping me to get over crap I should have a long time ago! Lastly, I have no desire to drink, which is weird since I do like an occasional one. Using this time to plan my next moves – when planets start hitting my 1st. :o)

  15. I have heavy hitters in Leo in my third house to 1 degree into my fourth. Pluto/Saturn/Mars. I see relationship work ahead (we’re thinking of getting married). I love the support of Jupiter for this. With Saturn approaching my seventh house, I need more support.

  16. 7th house, intercepted. With jupiter in cancer I was introduced to my new employer. These are Very happy and exciting times. I’ve started working, we are opening a new yogahouse (spiritual centre actually) and this takes a lot of responsibility, saturn stationed on my natal saturn and mc and within 3 degrees of my mars. I have support from a man, my boss, who really believes in me. This helps so much. I’m gaining confidence by the day. Saturn is still squaring my sun, but uranus on my moon in third house and jupiter in leo are overruling the square. Yes, there are still issues I have to deal with ,but I have full support in dealing with them. I am safe now and ready for a new path with fresh spirit.

  17. In my 6th house…..In the past three weeks I have stopped eating meat… judgement….just don’t want any. I have lost 5 pounds. I have stopped talking unless I have something to say…no idle chit chat. I am needing lots more sleep. My body needs hard physical work. Going with it.

  18. I have to concur with all my fellow Leos. The past handful of years have been tough…full of disappointments and disillusion. There have been some blessings as well, but overall, the happy-go-lucky enthusiasm associated with being a Leo sun and merc, completely absent. I have not felt the joy that I know I’m capable of feeling. Blessed, yes. Joyful? Not so much. I’m not allowed to gripe though. I live in Hawaii. ::snickers::

  19. I have a question… will this stellium affect those of us who are of the Pluto in Leo generation in general? For some reason I had thought I had no planets in Leo, until I looked at my chart earlier today. Leo is my 6th house, Pluto is at 24 degrees.

    • It depends on Pluto’s degree. You can see that Venus and Jupiter are at early degrees, the Sun and Mercury at later degrees.

      If Venus and Jupiter hit natal pluto, that’s an extreme ability to attract things that are favorable…or destroy such things, if that’s your bend.

  20. No kidding about this. TODAY exactly was my six months at this temp job and I figured for sure they’d lay me off because they promised us BONUS PAY at six months; but they didn’t so now they OWE ME! I picked up some lovely jewelry today; garnet earrings and pendant but cabochons not cut and with a few diamonds. I also have a decent amount of money to entertain my Mom when she comes next week; we haven’t seen each other for years!

  21. Wow! I can’t believe I’m not the only Leo having a shitty time. I thought it was just me being a bad human. Dammit! I’ve been super depressed and have never felt so unattractive! Fucking Saturn in Scorpio , this time will go down in history as probably the hardest time ever.

  22. …yeah @moon neptune- I’m another tortured leo- that thought she is a bad person that deserves the beating. turns out it is not so- maybe thats the hard way to realise that sometimes you are sinless- and it’s time to stop getting beats from other people.
    hang in there my leo friends!! god, I love jupiter in leo- even if he made the assholes seem bigger….sure does give us the courage to stand up for ourselves. I think that saturn in scorpio is trying to teach us leos this exact lesson…..

  23. So true! But Saturn in Scorpio and “diminished returns” is definitely putting a damper on some parts of my life. I’m a Leo with stellium in my 9th (Leo intercepted) and lovely Saturn dumped right on my natal ascendant….in Scorpio. I turned 29 on aug 14, So this is also my saturn return!! I have been back at school finishing my degree in accounting, I’m making a’s but feel like I’m missing out on having “friends” around and feel depressing sometimes…probably just BC I’m doing things differently than my peers.I’m looking forward to the move of Saturn out of Scorpio for sure!!!! I see things looking up for this Leo ..this year and for the next 30 years hopefully;)!!

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