Stellium In Capricorn: January 11-18, 2018 – Plan Ahead

On January 11th, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto will all be in Capricorn. These planets will stay in Capricorn until the Moon joins them on January 14th.

The chart pictured timed in the early morning on January 17th. That’s when all this will culminate under a New Moon in the sign.  This is super important for a number of reasons.

Whenever planets line up like this, there’s a big effect. One of the houses in your chart will be slammed with all this energy. This is not bad energy, by the way. It’s just energy; lots of energy, which can be used for good or ill.

But beyond that, we are ALL headed for 2020. That’s when Saturn and Pluto will be conjunct in the late degrees of Capricorn. They also be part of a stellium – check that out here – 2020 stellium in Capricorn.

If you have planets in Capricorn or the other Cardinal signs, this will have a major effect on your life over the next two years. Those who are sensitive feel this already.  We know our destiny is dead ahead. We’re wanting to manage it; I’m sure many can relate. The Mega-Capricorns (born 1990-93) are going to be hopped up for sure.

If you happen to have a birthday in this period, most definitely pay mind to your Solar Return. All those planets are going to land somewhere in your SR chart. Years like this don’t come around that often. Once in every 240 years, if that!

All those planets will land in my 12th house. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Where will the stellium in Capricorn land in your chart?  How do you feel about this?



Stellium In Capricorn: January 11-18, 2018 – Plan Ahead — 64 Comments

  1. The new moon is in my 4th house (my IC is 23° Cap) and the new cycle in 2020 is bang on my IC. Mercury and Saturn are in my 3rd. I really want to move house but I don’t think I will have my finances ready by January 2018 but I’m wondering if something else will manifest regarding the home. The ruler of my IC (Saturn in Virgo) is also being trined by Pluto next year/ 2019.

  2. It will also be squaring my Sun (26° Aries) in the 7th so maybe something will happen through a relationship. Pluto is trining my Moon (19° Taurus) also – so it feels pretty full on to me.

  3. I was born 17th January 1978, in dawn. I have a lot of planets at 28 and 29 degrees, and axis, too. You are right, I already feel something, my life begun to radically change on 1st September. I left behind a 20 year old partnership. I simply felt, I must do it. I hardly believe, that I have really done it. I do not know, what can I count on by this stellium in January next year, but I feel that will be something big. I can not even emagine, what kind of events will happen by this stellium created almost exactly on my birth date and hour. Once in every 240 years ? hmmm I am happy, you say it is not bad energy, only energy. I hope, I will be able to use it for something good. Ps.: I follow your blog for two or three years, (and finding great) but never wrote any comment – this is my first comment – something new again.

  4. For me: house 4 and house 5. Have Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in house 11, that has Cancer on the cusp. Saturn is in house 2 in Scorpio. I don’t know what to expect. We’ll see. What stands out is this: over the last weeks many friends came to visit me and stayed for lunch or dinner. And I went out a lot, more than usual. Not far from home, but enjoyable outings. More than usual.

  5. Wow:
    Saturn right on my ascendant and everything else in my first house!
    Sun,Moon and Venus squaring my Sun and triling my Venus!

    Elsa, when is your class coming?!

  6. Straddling my 5th and 6th houses. Ugggggh. I don’t really need a repeat of this year. Pluto just began transiting my 6th late last year and has been creating and adding all kinds of turmoil and burdens in my life around my health and daily routines. I normally appreciate Cappy energy otherwise. Saturn will also be opposite my Sun. I’m already feeling that transit approaching in my energy levels.

  7. My Midheaven: 26° Capricorn! ???

    And that trines my North Node at 25° Taurus

    Not sure what to make of it though, since I am disabled and have been on SSDI since 1997

  8. Hi Elsa,

    When you say that these planets in Capricorn will land somewhere on our solar return chart, do you mean via transit (transits to solar return chart for the dates you mentioned)? Thanks

  9. Omg. The new moon will square my Aries moon, Pluto, will continue squaring my Libra Venus. And Saturn-Mercury will oppose my Cancer Mars. It all happens on my 9th and I do expect those days to be busy and frustrating trying to graduate on time. I hope I can use this energy to be propelled forward and avoid being stuck with this money-sucking university for another year.

  10. Dear Elsa.. most of these planets will land in my 12th house.omg. Am i going to become a hermit? Or spend most of my time in hospital where I work as my Saturn is 29 Cancer in 6th house, close to my DSC. Interesting times.
    My 8 year old son has natally the moon 22 degrees in Capricorn 2nd house trine natal Saturn 22 Virgo.what it may mean for him?

  11. 7th house for me. the only planet in my 7th house is mars,4 degrees.Because I am coming up on retirement age and my husband is too, there will be a lot of relationship changes.

  12. I will definitely feel that; Sun/Moon/Venus conjunct natal Saturn in H2 & widely opposite natal Sun in H8. Trans Saturn just past the opposition to natal Mercury in H8. Then are the squares & trines.
    Add in my solar return with Moon in H8 . . oh dear . .
    January 2018 is definitely going to be an event. Facing forward with some trepidation . . .

  13. What can I do but laugh and say, “Bring it on!”? Pluto in this 2018 chart is exactly conjunct my Sun, Saturn is in its 2nd return (0 Cap), and the New Moon/Venus conjunction at 28 degrees is conjunct my Moon/Venus conjunction (0 & 3 degrees) in Aquarius. I plan for big changes.

  14. My DSC is at 21′, my moon is at 1′ and my jupiter is at 3′ all cappy (plus my NN at 26′). But what really strikes me is that this will be opposing my 4′ Sun, 26′ merc & 28′ mars. So this will be stretching between my 6th & 7th houses. Do I feel it already, absolutely, my destiny is dead ahead, but I’m not just going to manage it, I’m going to OWN it!! Day by day and step by step, I’m working my tail off to not only make it mine, but to make it what I want.

  15. Oh boi

    Natal Moon @ 28 degree Capricorn and natal mars @ 22 Degree Capricorn 2nd House 😀

    Sun Moon and Venus will conjunct my natal moon (+-2 orb) while they square my natal true node (2 orb) in the 5th house and sesquisquare my natal mercury and chiron (2 orb) in the 7th house.

    Not sure if more than 5 degree orb is relevant but the sun/moon/venus will also make a square to my natal pluto @ 5 degree scorpio in 11th house (6+ orb).

    I hope this improves my net worth.. I m so dying to make an international solo trippp..

  16. I was talking about this this morning. Initially I saw 2020 as a retirement date/possible new residence, as all the major planets would be close to natal Jupiter in the 4th house. (Capricorn moon is in the 3rd.) Today, I realized all the major Capricorn planets will be near my son’s moon in the 8th house. I’m scared to death.(Pun intended.)

  17. Also, as far as January, I already had had 2 unexpected major hits this year. Now I’m most worried about my sister’s health (Capricorn moon in my 3rd house)and what’s going on nationally and in the world.

  18. I have Saturn and Pluto transiting my 8th house 2019-2020, conjunct my SN, opposing my Sun, NN conjunct Mercury(my chart ruler), lilith, square Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and NN is transiting Cancer in 2019?, all this in an year and half!!! I don’t know what to expect, but it will be hard time to survive!

  19. My birthday is January 14th, solar return’s on the 13th. I already have a 7th house Cappy stellium, so this will hit me like a big hitty thing made of planets. 🙂

  20. Straddling my 7th and 8th houses, and straddling my hubby’s 4th and 5th houses. Hubby and I are looking at buying some property. I’m holding good thoughts around it.

  21. 10th House – Woohoo! Feeling a bit drained at the moment but this is something to look forward to. It’s going to help me get moving even though my feet are dragging right now. Thanks, Elsa!

  22. January 17th is my birthday and this will fall in my 11th house conjunct my Moon at 19 and Sun/Mercury at 27 Cap.Pluto has been….interesting as in the “may you live in interesting times” kind. Surmounting one obstacle after another, with little let up since July 2nd when my 90 year old father fell and broke his leg. Most recent was a 60 day notice to vacate my rental of 6 years as the owner has decided she wants to live here instead. Rental market is very tight. I have thrown it out to the universe that I need an apartment soonest as I am still caring for my dad. Hoping for the best. To all of you getting up close and personal with Pluto in Capricorn I wish you love, light and blessings.

  23. That will be SR to remember. I’ll get Sun/Moon/Merc trine nMoon/Pluto in 12th though so I think I’ll have to work for some transformative break-through.

  24. its in my 7th house.
    & to say i am brutally nervous is greatly understating.
    im already dealing with pluto opposite my saturn and squaring my libra stellium on the oc & 4th house..
    i tweak my behaviour such already to keep my marriage and family together reasonably.. i am scared for us all.. i am trying to be optimistic and hopeful though so i dont manifest the negative.. for my childrens sake at least..

  25. 1st or second house. Depends on the degree(s). Ha. Mhhhhh. In line with the changes I am working on this transit though! (Self-improvement – big focus on physical body and health – and self-care, financial security).

  26. All in my 1st house, except for Saturn, still very close to my Asc. This New Moon will conjunct my natal Mercury and Jupiter, if I only had an inkling what that house is about, it’s a mystery to me, new beginnings interpretation is so generic.

  27. Hi Elsa. I was wondering, in order to understand the transit, we have to look at our natal chart with transits, correct? You mentioned lunar returns in one of your previous posts, what’s that one about? Thank you in advance!

  28. Saturn and Mercury will be transiting my 5th, with Saturn exactly trine my 2nd house Sun in Virgo and Mercury trine my 2nd house Uranus. The rest of the stellium falls in my 6th house, grouped in a tight square of my Aries Midheaven…..and as we know, Uranus is hanging out in those degrees. I would say significant career and income changes are happening in January for me. Think so, Elsa?

    I got through my Chiron Return, my brother’s death, Uranus/Pluto loss and destruction that took me by the neck and into hell, and I am still here. I’m ALIVE!! LOL. With a Cappy 6th house and all my 2nd house Virgo planets, I will make lists, organize, plow head first into whatever I can work on and hope for some decent reward someday. I will just do the work.

  29. My birthday Jan 16th. Already feeling like lead. Afraid I might die of a hidden disease. In my 5th but in my 10th in natural house system so not sure what might go down. Or up! Had my second sat ret in Pluto on my leo ASC. Doesn’t feel good. Not sleeping.

  30. My MC is at 18 Cap, near Mercury. Natal Jupiter is at 27 Cap in 10th house.
    The situation at work is explosive. This summer I have been backstabbed and threatened so many times I have lost tracked. I threw punches as well, not gonna lie, but the other side is holding the corrupt management of an institution – they are bigger!
    Starting Jan 3rd we are gonna have a returning boss viewed as a mega outsider. He tried to take the reins in the spring but backed down due to threats. Until the exam (he needs to take an exam to be permanent) he will be appointed and he publicly stated that, this time, he’s showing up for the exam no matter the threat. His Sun is at 16 Cap. Most of the people, that are actually an organized group, have a hostile attitude toward him. Obviously, I do not. He has support from the higher ups, people outside the institution but those within are like vultures.
    I don’t know what will happen but on the 10th I am signing up for German language classes. Hope is a good idea!

  31. The new moon will hit my descendant at 26 cap. Pluto is squaring my Venus and mars in Aries and Saturn just opposed my 29 gem moon. Met a guy a few weeks ago, seem d perfectly nice, then discovered yesterday he just got engaged! Pretty shocked but thankful I found out now and not later. Not sure how I’m gonna have a new beginning in my relationships after yesterday’s revelations…last thing I want to think of right now is meeting a man!

  32. I’m a 12th house Cap with natal moon, sun, mercury & mars situated in there. My solar return chart {January 5th} is nearly exact to my natal chart placements. This alignment will trine Transit Jupiter conjunct mars on my MC ✨
    ~Hard Work, Works

  33. Ready set go ;jumping, no rear view, my faith, my person, my smile ,my song and all the courage I got; I have earned this moment,and it might be as little as a snowflake calling but i am gonna be waiting with my tongue out.

  34. p.s. my birthday in a week,to other birthdays;i was told before our birthing date and exactly 6 months after their is a light headed slippery feel to ones being as we experience mothers trip,if it should help ,always helps me to blame the stars above me,not too worry it changes as fast as notes in a song.

  35. All in my first house. I have a Libra stellium too. I have a lot of responsibilities right now but i do feel supported by the universe.

  36. Oh boy
    Everything will land in my 12th house… and saturn plus pluto will also be conjunct my son^s moon.. i am getting scared

  37. Whoa… my midheaven is at 23 Capricorn in the 9th house, so smack dab in the middle of this stellium. Searching online for stellium conjunct midheaven seems to bring up natal rather than transit significance. I realize I don’t know much about the 9th house or midheaven so I wonder how this will play out – travel? life’s mission?

  38. Mega-Capricorn here with Uranus 21 and Neptune 20 degrees Cap in my VIIth house, as well as the Sun 10 degrees, Mars 8, Mercury 8, Venus 6 in my VIth house (Cancer rising and Leo moon fyi). I sort of get all that but no clue which house the transits this month (and in 2020) will affect? Will it just be those same houses? Don’t really get transits at all! Anyway this is all so exciting, hopefully we will all be able to use the energy positively now we have a bit of forewarning… Xox

  39. Conjunct my ASC and in my first house. I’m a Libra Sun, so the angles of my chart will be lit the fuck up. Bring it. Saturn just came through my 12th house, over my natal moon, and I feel more than ready mentally and emotionally for some real stability in my life. I’ve been through the wringer, twice, since 2012. Shit just got real up in this bitch. ?

  40. i have neptune, uranus, mars and mercury all within a 7 degree orb or so in the 11th house from 27 degrees capricorn or so to 3 degrees aquarius or so? ive had no friends for a few years and im hoping that im probably going to meet some people and im actually going to start a band and stuff hopefully. i’ve kinda found a a group of people i would do well with so maybe this is the time i get into it. fingers crossed! thanks for the article. my birthday: jan 4 1996 ascendant at 9 degrees aries

    • i also have jupiter at 0 capricorn in 9th and my sun at 13 capricorn in tenth. and moon at 2 cancer in 3rd. yes i know i’ve just had a saturn jupiter transit and am going to have a moon saturn transit, hope my mom is doing ok!… jupiter transit made me more focused on what i want to focus on in the future i think… lol obviously my focus doesn’t seem to be grammar and punctuation. anyways hopefully my neverending tirade was interesting for somebody

  41. It’s 11:11am. Seeing 11:11 a lot, it seems, last year many people were seeing this. Very much the neophte here. Your site popped up from my search on stellium Capricorn. I like my sign.

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