Stellium In Capricorn In Your Solar Return: December 2019 – January 15, 2020

Capricorn stelliumLooking ahead at the Transit calendar, there is a large stellium in Capricorn throughout all of December and the first half of January. I recommend you check out your solar return when there is something like this occurring on your birthday because the impact is so great.

I was writing tomorrow’s newsletter and decided to offer a sale, literally in honor of all this Capricorn. I’m talking about people having their Saturn return (first or second), people with natal stelliums in the sign. You’re all like family to me, because guess what?  This stellium hits me too. We’re having a shared experience.  So here is my sale…

A Deluxe Transit Report is $25.
A Solar Return Report is $12.

For the next six weeks (through January 16th), if you buy the Transit Report, the second report is free!

Here’s the link: Birthday Report Package – ON SALE!

Please use the link and share it!

handstand on motorcycleTo be clear, you don’t have to have a birthday during this time period to take advantage of this deal. It’s just the thing that inspired me. You can also order these for any year, start your year of transits from any date you want, etc. Just us the “notes” field and I’ll make it happen.

I have even more good news.  Each year, I have a Holiday Sale. I’ll have one this year, as well. I will get this going around Thanksgiving. It will be completely independent from this.

This sale is for my love of Capricorn! That’s my triple Cap grandfather there. What’s not to love?

Let’s have a really good and really happy season! 🙂



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