Effects Of The Stellium In Capricorn In Your Solar Return

Capricorn stelliumThe 2019/20 stellium in Capricorn is well underway at this time. Matter of fact, the pressure is increasing. Soon, there will be five planets the sign, as shown below.

The visual impact cannot be denied. The affect on a person and on society at large, can also not be denied.

Every time I see this stellium in a chart, be it yours (solar return) or mine (lunar return), I feel my heart clutch up. I’ve been an astrologer so long, there is a visceral affect, probably because I experienced the early 1990’s stellium.

It most definitely changed my life.  This is when I became a full-time professional astrologer!

five planet stellium in CapricornI’m offering a sale, literally in honor of all this Capricorn. I’m talking about people having their Saturn return (first or second), people with natal stelliums in the sign and Capricorn risings. This stellium hits me too. We’re having a shared experience.  So here is my sale…

A Deluxe Transit Report is $25.
A Solar Return Report is $12.

This stellium will be in effect through January 16th. Between now and then, if you buy the Transit Report, the second report is free!

If your birthday is between Dec 1st and January 15th, this stellium will be featured in your Solar Return.  This is a year you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Here’s the link: Birthday Report Package.

Please use the link and share it!


Effects Of The Stellium In Capricorn In Your Solar Return — 20 Comments

  1. Namaste Elsa,

    I have 1 degree 09 minutes of Aquarius ( natal 12th house as I am Pisces rising) in next SR( I am born on 27th Dec)

    That means there is a super stellium in my 12th house SR including moon , sun, sat,jup , Pluto ..phew!!

    That is scary isn’t it.???

  2. I was born Nov 30 81 some say my rising is at 22* others25* it is interesting to note that my youngest son is a 22* cancer Sun and the father of my oldest two boys was born in January 12th. He mentioned (my ex)the impact years ago ( like I did not know!) there is def a part of me that wants to take the people affected in a bunker.

  3. I ordered mine too!
    Excuse me Elsa, my sun it’s about to fall in the X house this upcoming year because I’ve changed the time zone. Does 10th house instead 1st house should be a better one per professional opportunities ? Also what’s your insight about health? I’m curious to know your answer! 🙂

  4. So can we order it using the Birthday link, even if I am not a Cap sun, but I am having my Saturn return and I have a Capricorn stellium?

    • Yes! Just note what year return you want and a start date for your transits if you want something other than the default, which is from the date of your order. 🙂

  5. Hello Elsa, I have 2nd saturn return coming up with moon, jup, sat, and sun in cap. Between 14 and 25 degrees Birthday 16 Jan. Would it be possible to be included in this offer. Anne

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