Stellium in Aries & Pisces February 26 – March 2, 2017

I just calculated a 2017 solar return for a gal, born on March 1st.  Her actual solar return takes place on, February 28th.  Get a load of that picture!

I ran through the charts and the moon is Pisces on February 26th. It clears Aries on March 2nd.  This still leaves a significant cluster of planets in these two signs.

I just wanted to share this y’all. Note that Mars is in it’s own sign as is Neptune, which will be tightly conjunct the Sun in this time frame.

If your birthday falls in this range, you’ll want to find out which houses will be impacted by these stelliums. It’s quite exciting!

Solar Return Report

Does your birthday fall in this range. What do you think of what you see?

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Stellium in Aries & Pisces February 26 – March 2, 2017 — 27 Comments

  1. Wow! The client is going to be in the SPOTLIGHT!
    My birthday is late March and in the first house I have natal sun, moon, mercury, and venus all in the sign Aries.

  2. That period in Feb / Mar / April especially when Venus goes retrograde in Aries; I’m sort of dreading it because it’s a pile up in my 12H Aries and the planets in Pisces will add some more of that type of energy. Hopefully it’ll be the final round of clearing out.

    My solar return in August has multiple grand trines in fire going on which I’m sure Elsa will be highlighting in the leadup to them.

  3. My birthday is Feb 25. Figures I miss it the real show by a day, haha! Other than that I don’t know what to think. Time was I would get all anticipatory, excited even, for these kinds of things but life soldiers on as it usually does. Suits me!

  4. So excited! I, too, am born March 1st with the actual solar return happening on the 28th. The moon will be conjunct my natal mars. I have natal venus at 7 degrees aries and natal mars at 3 degrees aries in opposition to my 5 degree libra moon. We are planning on officially divorcing in 2017. I moved out into my own place September 1 of this year with the solar eclipse opposite my natal sun. I received a promotion at work around that time. My natal sun is conjunct my IC. It’s been exhausting and lonely but ultimately beneficial. (Saturn going though my first house following my progressed moon). I don’t think I will be lonely for long with my aries placements. I’m looking forward to 2017!

  5. My SO has Sun, Venus and Merc in firing line. Major conjunctions coming up with Neptune sa natal mars un Gemini.Elsa,what do you see?

  6. Had to put my 2 cents into this intriguing log jam. First impression is the alpha and omega;
    a concentration of energy on endings leading to new beginnings. I see that on Feb. 26-27 the Moon in Pisces will conjunct the Sun for a New Moon exactly when Mars at home in Aries exactly conjuncts Uranus. Then on Feb. 28 the Moon joins the Aries stellium. I see this New Moon as a prelude to the Equinox on 3/21; time to tie things off and plan new ventures. Saturn in a waning trine to Mars/Uranus should bring discipline to their explosive potential and even though retrograde Jupiter is in opposition and Pluto at 18 Cap. still forms that Cardinal t square, Saturn is sextile Jupiter so I see this manageable if we keep excess under control. I see great potential in closure coincident with starting anew depending on how and where it hits ones chart. Elsa, I’m just an amateur Astrologer. What do you see in the Charts of Trump and the US as this interesting transit applies to them?

    • Hi, Mike. First, I’m sorry your comments are all going to moderation. I have not had a chance to try to figure it out but will look at it today.

      On Trump and The US, I’ve not had a chance to look. I usually focus on helping people in my sphere. 🙂

      • Future article(s) perhaps? We’re all polarized by the election! I didn’t say thanks for bringing this transit to our attention so I’ll say it now.

  7. As someone with a Fire dominant (my Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Ascendant, Midheaven are all in Fire signs) natal chart, I’m very excited about all this Aries energy! ?

  8. Elsa – Wondering about those born on February 29 – Leap Year babies? I know a couple of them, and wonder how solar returns affect those who’s birthdate doesn’t show up on the calendar.

    • Hi, Julie. Your solar return chart is not tied to the day, but to the degree of your sun. So leap year does not factor.:)

      In fact, this is a common question I get, when a person’s solar return falls the day before or after their birthday. Solar return means the sun has returned to the place it was when you were born. 🙂

      • Thanks Elsa – I plan on ordering a Return for her from you for her Birthday- Though, maybe earlier, since I brought the above pic to her attention, and she’s a little concerned – Hoping the intensity is through something positive, and not too 12th house-y. She’s a defense attorney – Pisces with Taurus Rising. It should be interesting!

  9. Gosh! I just calculated my solar return (born March 13, 1982 – SR on 12th) and it looks like it’ll be sitting in my 6th House. With 12 squares throughout. And sun-moon opposition. Ouch!

  10. March 22, 1956. I made it through my 2nd Saturn Return, I can make it through this! *shakes Ariean fist*?,but I would still love to know, being on Pisces cusp!

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