Stellium In Aries: Acting On My Strong Feelings

It’s not that often I go three days without posting.  I wanted to let everyone know, I’m okay.  I just got super busy. A challenge came up and I took it!

Astrologically, the current stellium in Aries is activating my Natal Mars Mercury conjunction in Libra.  There’s a push to get things done. A few days ago, I realized I was heading into a string of days where I was just going to have to do a series of things, separate but related.  I’m not complaining. I actually like it when cards are dealt, quickly. I’m in my element. But I do feel back for neglecting the site!

This won’t last. Each day I weigh it (Libra). I strongly feel I need to do these other things…tasks. It’s sort of like getting seeds in the ground if you want a garden.  You’ve got a window to work with and it you miss, too bad!

The only problem is that rushing and deep thinking don’t mix all that well. I miss deep thinking but hey! Our taxes are done!  We’ve got heaps of manure hauled and unloaded for this year’s garden. I could go on; it’s a long checklist. But most of it is done now. I’ll be back on the job, shortly.  And I am doing consultations, of course. And loving them.

In what direction is the stellium in Aries pushing you?

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Stellium In Aries: Acting On My Strong Feelings — 10 Comments

  1. Yay it feels good to be productive 🙂

    Not sure how I being pushed since the planets are in my 12th house. Waves of being in a dark hole of depression/lonely, combined with climbing out and going to work and school and being brave enough to ask people for help to get both done.

    • In my 12th too along with my progressed moon, so generally happy being on my own and reading/reflecting and figuring stuff out for personal growth. Everybody seems to be busy doing their own stuff and ignoring me in return!

      • In my 12th too. I’ve been very energetic in studying and organising divination documents, somehow this is where my motivation lies for now.

        Elsa – good to hear you’re fine and super productive!

        • This sounds like a good push to keep facing and in turn keep studying the unconscious demons courageously, thanks for the perspective BlueMagoo and Clarice 🙂

  2. Houses 6 & 7 – hopping. Mars approaching square to Pluto (in the current sky) is intensifying my natal Mars… things to do, people with whom to try my best to get other things done. The Sun opposing my natal Pluto (in 11th house, and part of a chart-wide network of aspects) intensifying my sense that everything is proceeding for the better, overall.

  3. Eighth house, squaring my Capricorn stuff, trining my Sagittarius stuff, conjunct my Chiron, sextiling my Venus in Aquarius. I just paid a little over $200 for a speeding ticket from 2005 because I don’t wanna go to jail. I need to do my taxes! I revised a collage and a painting last night. Going to enter a few pieces in a student exhibit. My first semester of art school will probably be my last. The financial aid is running out. I’ve been receiving financial aid since 1992. I only have the one degree. Hell. I should have five degrees by now.

  4. Oh, so is that why I ‘m working on 5 hours sleep for so long and loving it? No more of those long 8 hour nights – thank God! I’m glad I read the post today. Finally the fire energy retuned to me. Stellium is in my Ascendent 1st house and throwing a party with Uranus who’s been hosting this magic of wonderful change and transformation for over 2 years now. Gonna be sad to see him go – get ready Taurus you’re so lucky, it’s quite a ride. I just have to watch that Mars kickin ass and takin names attitude it’s super strong now. This morning I almost told off two mean women who were overtly brutalizing and covertly backstabbing 4 club members because of their free speech and opinions. I quietly said to myself ” Yep, these women are part of that 80%” but I am not going to be like that. I took a deep breath and reigned in my Mars and spoke articulately and softly as I defended the 4 ladies and shut the others down. And to make it worse – this was in my Catholic Women’s Church Club!!! UgH
    Aries Rising

  5. The Aries stellium is currently in my 9th — lots of reading and learning and expanding my mind. You’d think with Venus and Mars trining my Jupiter & AC, I’d be hit with a boatload of energy and adventure but naaah. Jupiter and Uranus are squaring my 12th Mercury in Cancer. Loads of internal reflecting. Definitely not feeling physically productive and my laundry shows it. :/ Feeling much more in a spiritual place right now. Uranus is supposed to hit my midheaven by May and there’s that Jupiter opposition that will fall on that MC/IC exactly line in September. Maybe I’m psychically shoring up now for the chaos and excitement that will entail when that time comes. Whatever it brings

  6. I hope you get all the items that you can done. It’s definitely been a strange valentines week! I feel so motivated as well lol! ?

  7. Aries stellium in my 2H. At my progressed Aries’ Moon urging, I decided to spend the money (Venus) and have my house finally repainted (Mars). The arrangements fell together quickly (Uranus). I also wanted the house repainted before Venus goes retrograde – extra expenses.

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