Stellium in Aquarius Square Mars & Uranus: February, 2021 – Update

Aquarius russian postcardThe sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct in Aquarius from February 1st through the 18th, 2021. This stellium is unusual on a number of levels.

  • Aquarius is quirky sign.
  • It’s also not that common to see the Sun, Venus and Mercury in the same sign for nearly three weeks.
  • Mercury will be retrograde throughout the entire period.
  • The energy will be enhanced, for good or ill, by the square from Aquarius-ruler, Uranus.
  • Mars in Taurus will also square the stellium.

*Note –  I wrote this post a year ago.  We’re here now. I thought it would be interesting to

I want to focus on how this might affect the individual but it must be noted, the President will be sworn into office on January 20th, 2021.

Uranus is unpredictable. You might look at this and predict a revolution!  You may get the exact opposite!

There’s really no telling how this will play but disruption is a given.

2021 stellium in Aquarius

The disruption might be widespread (Jupiter) or contained (Saturn).  Seeing as I hate being wrong, I’m not going to call this. There are so many questions!

  • Will the internet (Aquarius) blocked or defended (Saturn)?
  • Will individuals detach (unplug) and rebel against technology and tracking?
  • Will values (Venus) change (Aquarius)?
  • Will violence (Mars) erupt or will Mars in Taurus, stay home and eat pie instead?

I with confidence, the effect on all of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will be profound. The more planets you have in these signs, the more change you expect.

As for everyone else, the house(s) in your chart where this stellium lands will be electrified in ways you’ve never experienced before.

I wonder what others think, so…

What do you expect to see, circa February, 2021?


That was the old post. Editing Feb, 2021 – What kills me, reading a year later, is we still don’t have the answers. I should not be surprised! It’s all still “up in the air”. Jupiter in Aquarius… like a giant air balloon!

What To Expect With Jupiter in Aquarius

Personally, I have experienced major changes. I have completely liberated from horrific back pain.

Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto Conjunct My Ascendant – Is This Pain?

I’ve also become aware of so many deceptions around me.  Shocking (Uranus) truth (Jupiter) of things. As they say, “the truth will set you free”.

This is a good transit. I’m glad there is more of it. Work (Saturn) to liberate (Aquarus) your higher mind (Jupiter)!

What do you see today, that’s different from a year ago?


Stellium in Aquarius Square Mars & Uranus: February, 2021 – Update — 56 Comments

  1. I have a natal Aqua sun.
    Moon in early Taurus.
    3 planets in Scorpio (Pluto, Mars conj Saturn).

    I should read more on this. Thanks again as always for the heads-up on this!

  2. All those planets will be piled up around my Aquarius moon in the 7th, some of the planets are on the 6th house cusp. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Massive confrontation I think. It can get me out of my workplace, neighbourhood, community, etc.
    I have Asc 5 Aquarius opposite Mars and Saturn square Uranus 3 Scorpio natally. Right know Uranus is making my blood boil while squaring ASC/DSC, Mars and Saturn. Next year it sounds scary as this Aquarius stellium will also square my Moon in Taurus,NN and SN and transiting Uranus will be gradually conjunct everything I have in Taurus (Moon, Jupiter, SN, Pallas, Mercury, Venus,Vesta).
    No safe house for the fixed signs.

  4. Geez, all those planets crowd my natal Black Moon Lilith in 1st House a time for empowerment plus transiting Black Lilith is active in Taurus conjunct Uranus in my 4th. Ooooh. Early alert

  5. The only thing I can see taking over all people’s lives over the next few months is the Coronavirus pandemic and how to avoid catching the virus.

  6. Ha! Uranus will be conjoined my MC while Saturn exactly square from my 6th house – and my solar return a few months earlier will have SR Uranus and SR MC conjoined! I’m not looking for another job and a few years before retirement but sheesh!

  7. I have Scorpio Asc, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune all in my first house, of course. Saturn in Aquarius sitting in my fourth. And to really expand the fun, Jupiter in Taurus perched in my seventh house. I would love to know how one even prepares for this much less navigates it. Uncle, the Universe may just win. Oh wait, I hear my Scorpio voice, “We’ll get through it”. I can handle this…too.

  8. Aquarius sun, Mercury and Saturn. I feel really charged right now. I believe 2020 and 2021 are going to be stellar!
    I’m also gearing up for my second Saturn return wow! ☮️?♒️?

  9. Ooh, I like this one. It’ll be in my 5th, making a grand trine with my 1st house Libra Sun and 9th house Gemini Black Moon Lilith. Good for the liberation-writer’s life I’ve been working to build, I hope.

  10. This will be happening while my nodal return is also happening. I have my moon at 16 degrees Aquarius in the 12th, and my Saturn at 11 degrees Scorpio in the 8th. ?

  11. I’m on the cold turkey SoMe detox right now. I want to delete my Facebook app from my phone – but can’t. WTF Samsung?!!
    I want to delete my FB profile as well but can’t due to obligations.

    I want OUT
    I don’t want to be like the herd.
    I want to detach from technology, going analogue to the point of it is making sense. My hobbies are analogue most of them.

    I think Uranus in Taurus will make us all AWARE of technology’s role in our bodies. The physical meets technology in various ways. Requires rings around your online identity.
    Stress levels will be high. Mine are for sure, as Saturn square itself just before crossing Aqua ASC, combining Pluto in the mix, from natal positions of them in Libra.
    Structures are pressured before passing the 1st house threshold.

    I think Pluto in Cap will be ‘Innovate or die’

    Saturn will be ‘Innovate within the restrictions of GDPR and data policies if you want succes.’

    Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will say ‘Go big but realistic’

      • I’ve been feeling similarly. While I can’t delete it I just cut it loose. I completely pulled outta IG maybe 3 or 4 yrs now.
        Twitter is next and probably the most challenging.
        But I’ve had it.
        This entire dance will be a 5th/8th house event.
        Sun in Taurus in 8 squares Moon/Mars conjunction in Aq in 5 natally.
        It’ll all basically kick off Monday 21st.

        I have fear and anxiety because all I’ve seen mostly w/the Cap conjunction has been death.
        I’m worn out with the dead n dying.
        Well now errything shifts to 5 &8.
        Who dies now?
        Since it’s a square do I get a heart attack (Mars sq Mars)?
        Yeah I know there’s tons of positive possibilities but excuse me gloom n doom have plagued for so long I’m weak.

  12. Wow, this should be interesting! It all happens in my 1st house with Pluto exact on my ascendant. Hell, I can’t wait to see what happens! The possibilities are endless.

  13. Oh, dear. This will be crowded around my Ascendant, squaring my Midheaven and natal Saturn, and opposing my poor Leo sun ?

    My 2021 solar return has Uranus conjunct (to the degree) of the solar return’s Ascendant. Talk about electric! It seems I cannot expect peace for a little longer.

    That is ok. I have enough Uranus natally to actually look forward to chaos … for now.

  14. Huh. It’s all in my 5th house, with Saturn in a wide conjunction to my Natal Moon/Venus conjunction at 0 & 2 Aq. Transiting Jupiter & Venus are Trine my North Node in Libra (1st House), Opposite my Uranus in Leo, Square my Mars in Taurus, and Conjunct my Chiron in Aq.

    I see my Values, pleasure, fun-money, relationships and creative projects being zapped by Responsibility, Expansion, Luck and Applause … while my Energy and Freedom nerves are being worked.

    Meanwhile, transiting Uranus in the 8th is conjunct my Black Moon Lilith, square my Moon/Venus, trine my Saturn, and opposite my Neptune. My personal Lady Revolution is making plans and feeling both rocket-fueled and justified. Whoooooo!

  15. This lot neatly opposes my Sun-Mercury-Uranus stellium, as Pluto opposes my Moon. I note that Mercury will also be conjunct my Chiron…

    From a global perspective, Mars is approaching the malefic star Algol at this time, exactly conjunct at 26 Taurus on 25th February – a date which should raise a few eyebrows. The chart for 25 Feb shows Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter opposing the Moon in Leo, while squaring Black Moon Lilith at 14 Taurus. Venus at 29 Aquarius is loosely conjunct the Sun at 7 Pisces, both of them squaring that exact Mars Algol conjunction. Ouch.

  16. An Aquarian stellium will oppose my natal Leo stellium (Ven,Mars,Uranus) in the 6th. With all this squaring Scorpio Neptune & Jupiter in the 8th! Yikes. I’m very fearful. I’M TOO OLD FOR THIS MUCH ACTION.

  17. My Sun is trine Uranus so we’re friends. Saturn,Mercury, Jupiter will be exctly opposing my Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo in the twelfth and squaring my mercury, jupiter and mars in Scorpio in the third. So it should be interesting.

  18. Wow! Didn’t see that coming! I’m an aquarius with 3 planets in aqua in 11th house, and honestly I can’t imagine now how it will play out. Talk to you in a year. 😉

  19. All in my 9th, conjunct ascendant and north node, square natal Jupiter in Taurus, square Venus in Scorpio and opposing Moon-Pluto in Leo. Will definitely need an astro consult to sort out what it all means!

  20. Interesting — we 1962 Aquarian folks have precisely those planets in our stellium. It’s like a return to the origins. I wonder why.

  21. Hi, I’m a Capricorn with an Aquarius stellium(moon, mercury, venus) that forms a square with Uranus in Scorpio.
    My boyfriend is an Aquarius with a mini stellium in Capricorn (mercury, venus) with gemini moon. Please assist me with how the 2021 aquarius stellium will play a role in both our lives as a couple and individually. Thanks

  22. Saturn at 4 Aquarius conjunct South Node at 6 Aquarius, near the end of my 8th house. I’m starting back to college this fall AND coming up on my 2nd Saturn return. I expect to be studying hard and hoping I’m not forced by circumstances to go back to work before I’m ready. ?

  23. This should be very interesting. There is also a new moon Feb 11th 2021 in Aquarius conjunct my natal sun. This stellium is in my 8th house and activating my natal t square and starting my saturn return (58 yrs).

  24. Hi Elsa…hope you are well(er). Dont know how I missed this post. So for my solar return 2/17/2021 (70th), this stellium will live in my 6th house with a solar and mercury return and Jupiter conjunct merc. I count 5 YOD’s also, 1 natal and 4 by transit. With Neptune transiting the foot of my natal YOD in the 7th (Jup, NN, Venus, Mars) this should be a very interesting time indeed! Im updating my will and preparing for my ascension into cosmic consciousness (-:

  25. i think it will be kind of electrifying and exciting, yet for sure not boring. And i hope for peace too! Aquarius always strives for peace. Ive begun to understand why Aquarius/Uranus is the sign that isn’t for closeness and needs to spread out it’s energy towards the “people” and take care of everyone. the energy is thinned out, like blanketing the world. its true you can even marry a good decent Aquarius man, as long as his lady love can bear the distance and make her proud that she married him. His work is to give to the world analogy. Other than that, it isn’t energy expressed the right way. I’ve even begun to respect the sign when expressed in it’s positive good way; always interesting that USA is an Aquarius moon too.

    • WOW! A triple aquarius! You should watch the old movie “The Reluctant Saint” about the life of Saint Joseph of Cupertino aka, the levitating saint. He would go into ecstasy the start levitating…they had to tie a rope around him so he wouldnt float away…you can probably relate (or you will in February) (-:

  26. I have Sagittarius 12th house stellium – 5 placements. Thank you for giving me the nudge to investigate the 12th house stellium – explains A LOT and gives me some much needed encouragement.

    • I also have south node in 1st house Capricorn. I get a sense that in a past life/lives I haven’t had a lot of control over my experience and having the freedom to explore my own interests and desires and was just pushed to go go go and be successful.

  27. Look at cryptocurrency for the answer. Elon musk has been on Twitter shilling a joke coin (dogecoin) for days and every single coin on the market is up that this moment. The masses are accepting crypto in droves. People are finally getting the wealth and gains they’ve been holding (hodl) out for! The revolution is here and the people are moving towards a decentralized future.

  28. I have reached a point to understand I am free I am safe I need nothing to complete me I am a complete package I am safe and I am happy and I am free and I am going to stay on guard because Evil liars thrives and fakes are ready to pounce on people like me. I refuse to be victimized ever ever ever ever ever

  29. What’s different? Per the media, the country I live in is crazier than I thought. The people more extreme. I am more withdrawn from all that. I don’t go there much. Two different worlds. The AI world and the world I live in. So what is different with me is the widening gap between where I live and experience and what is being broadcast. I realize that the growing fascism may infiltrate my life before I die, so it is not like I am not concerned about the growing Neptune in pisces madness, but I guess I just cannot relate to the yahoos promoting it. It’s like all other authoritarian types that I have experienced. It is only the way it is because they say so with no basis in any kind of reason. Do what I say or I will hurt you. I am not sure I can do anything about it. It has a life of its own now. So I withdraw. Take care of my own soul, the relationships I have, and enjoy as much heaven on earth as possible. I am fading into that reality more and more. That is my difference.

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