Stealing, Hacking, Diverting Payments

hackedI think it’s important to put stuff like this out here…

That’s a screenshot that a customer (Tam) sent me yesterday. She purchased Lunar Return reports on the site. As you can see, her payment was diverted to another person’s account.

I’m  lucky she sent this to me. If not, it could have gone on for a long while. I was getting notices of order as usual…filling them, but someone else was getting paid.

This could have easily gone on for a month or more. Then I’d try to pay a bill with the money I’d earned and there would be no money there! OOPS!

Thanks to Tam, this was discovered in two days.  This person (whoever they are) was caught. If you bought something from me using paypal, September 4-6th, your payment will be returned to you. I will email you so that you can (hopefully) send the money to where you intended in the first place!

I want to make this public so if you or anyone you know is ever in a situation like I’ve been for the last two weeks, it will cross their mind to check for something like this.

Also, when you pay someone, it might be worth glancing at the receipt. Tam is a big hero here. She really saved my day! If you happened to buy something on the site using paypal, between Sept 4th and 6th, you most likely have a receipt just like this one.

Please don’t let it stop you from shopping here. Concerns of that type are why people don’t make things like this public. But I think more along the lines of the Hydra. I want to expose this to the light and air.



Stealing, Hacking, Diverting Payments — 14 Comments

  1. Go, TAM. Way to be observant..!
    Never fails to give me pause why someone with the skills to pull off such a caper wouldn’t just go the easier route of making a legitimate living with those skills. Guessing its the adrenaline and arrogance. Jerks!
    Hope it is soon sorted and locked down, Elsa.
    Best! CP

  2. Thanks for posting. It seems like the scams have escalated everywhere. Every week I have scammers calling me on the phone for something. One says they are a collection agency and I don’t owe any money that I am not aware of such as the amount I know about on credit cards that I pay on time. It has escalated over the past 6 months. We have to watch everything we do now!! Its as through the floodgates have been opened to the thieves.

  3. Go Tam! It happened to me yesterday too. Thieves make me sick. So glad you caught it. I sure didn’t see it and wouldn’t have known ….just ordered and sent and got the stuff from Elsa. Elsa is honest and sends the goods and some lying thief is taking her money.

    Thanks for catching this for Elsa Tam. Way to go. I also went in and changed all my personal passwords and I am going to do the same here. Seems someone is trying to log on as me on this site.

    I hate this kind of stuff. Dirty thieves! So glad it was caught fast.

    Thanks Tam!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great catch, Tam! Maybe whoever it is changed all the email addresses and bank information in your ecommerce system, Elsa, but since you restored your system from backup its back to normal. Thank God you restored your system!

    People that do this are pure scum. They’re not smart. There are plenty of documents on black hat sites on the internet that tell them how to do it step by step.

  5. Yay for my Virgo Moon! 🙂 I worked in Quality Control in my 20’s and I have never stopped quality controlling. The QC’s at work love me because I see things and let them know.

  6. Are you guys following the Equifax hack….bad news. I suppose most of our social security numbers are just floating around out there now…. good god

  7. That’s interesting. About 2 wks ago I got an email from PayPal that was suspicious (to my way of thinking) so I checked out the headers & located the fraudulent info (well hidden too). I have duly sent it to the PayPal address for phishing emails.
    The one thing I will never do is click the links in any of these emails ever!
    Getting in behind the paywall of your site is really sneaky. Well done to both you & Tam. I am so glad that person got caught. Stealing is stealing. I hope they get their knuckles rapped big time.

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