Standing in the present, seeing the past

orion beltMy husband has some fairly unique beliefs, in part, because they’re so well defined.  We got talking about the “end of time” last night, and how complicated time is.

He mentioned the fact you could stand on one side of the Grand Canyon and when you look across it to the other side, you’ll actually being seeing the past. This is because short delay between looking and actually seeing something.

He also mentioned Orion’s Belt. To view it today, is to peer into history.

Last, he told me a story about a man who dying. Lying on his deathbed, he asked a woman he knew to pray for him after he died. Apparently he knew her to be holy person, akin to a nun. She agreed to do this.

The man died. They still cleaning out his room when he appeared to woman.  Apparently, he was all pissed off. ‘What are you doing?” he said, clearly in anguish. “I thought you were going to pray for me – it’s been sixty years!”

The woman was taken aback.  “I am praying for you, but you just died!  You’ve only been dead a few minutes!”

Stories like this give an idea how complex time really is.  It’s not hard to imagine that time moves at different speeds in different dimensions.

He also mentioned, DNA. It’s always been there – we just didn’t know about it.  It was put there and traveled and evolved over many centuries.

I was talking to someone recently about their feeling disconnected.  You may feel disconnected too, but you’re not.

I thought this would be a good topic for the new moon in Pisces.

What do you think?

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Standing in the present, seeing the past — 20 Comments

  1. Your husband seems to be a very interesting and deep thinker. Occasionally, I can get mine into a thought-provoking conversation. Men like these tend to skirt the boundaries of being a girlfriend, and they’re keepers.

    If I think of the “end of time”, it could be either here or there, if we’re discussing light time between here and there. If it’s the end of “clock time”, that’s great!…, if I’m finished with a crummy client. If it’s the end of the world, then it may not be the end of time, and who would really know because all the who’s are gone.

    Interesting post!

    And, moon in Pisces…hope it passes fast. It’s passing thru a very tough house with very tough aspects. I’m feeling it.

  2. I think that it is all the more essential to develop faith. Having faith allows us to have trust in a grand order- whether that order is nature based, in each other, or from God. Having Taurus in Jupiter (a Taurus mother and several Taurus lovers), I have had to wait for things to fall into place the way I knew they should/ would, with only faith and trust to keep me company as the peanut gallery caught up.

  3. Hi Elsa,

    Mike again. I thought you and your husband might like this from a Russian philosopher of the early 1900s
    who wrote that, “Time is the actualization of one moment of possibility”. He proposed an analogy of imaginary (Pisces) one dimensional creatures (the “points”) whose reality was limited to the length of their world- a line. Two dimensional line creatures (the” lines”) could experience length and width, but their reality would be limited to the length and width of a plane. The lines could experience only one plane at a moment/time and depth would be inconceivable. We material three dimensional creatures are similarly confined to a reality of time; a singular moment of possibility- the fourth dimension. He then proposes that a 5th dimension of simultaneous moments of possibility and 6th of all moments of possibility be considered. From this construct we can proceed to consider living in a universe where the sunlight we experience is 8 minutes old due to the time it takes for a beam of light to travel 93 million miles. Heady Neptunian stuff, eh?

    My conclusion from all of this, drawn years ago, was the our lives are like a car with no reverse gear, we can only go forward in time. While we can’t see the future, we can remember the past and profit from Astrology to help make the future. It’s where human beings and human doings converge. Learn from the past, live in the present, and march towards the future. Oh yeah, sorry to preach-Virgo Rising and Taurus
    Moon conjunct Merc in the 9th.

    • It’s interesting, Mike. I don’t agree with your theory, though.

      My husband is able to go backwards in times and has been doing it since he was child. Often. I don’t think this is common though, and either does he.

      He’s also had several occasions where he’s spoke to people who were dead – from another time and not even known it….for decades in some cases. He’s pretty pissed when he finds out. It’s very disturbing.

      Anyway, I don’t know how long you’ve been around here, but can get though a portal, with no trouble at all. He does this on a daily basis…on an hourly basis, if he’s at home relaxing.

      He goes to the future too…and often enough, can’t tell which it what.

      I mean, say he sees a gear type thing lying on the ground. He doesn’t recognize it. Is it something people used to have and use? Or something that exists in the future?

      When he sees things like that, he tries to figure it out…but he’s not always successful.

      He found out he could do this, accidentally, when he was about 10. He thought everyone could do it. He got in a lot of trouble for it.

      He told me when we met 30 years ago – we were teenagers. He’s been doing this his whole life, and honed his skills.

  4. I think the creation is still going on is what I think. And it always will be. And it is very exciting to realize how little we know of earth’s life forms and the interactions going on between us and all around us. Life itself is fascinating. Add to that our consciousness and it can be one heck of a party. If it’s allowed to be.

  5. Time IS very different on the other side. I had a painful eye problem with no cure or treatment for years. It got SO bad I got angry. I went to bed every night and bitched at Uriel (the angel of healing) about it. After six months I had a dream and found a very successful treatment. Six month is seconds to them.

  6. I think it entirely depends on where you actually are in the Universe.
    Humanities physical concept of time is purely dictated by basic astronomical facts.
    The Earth revolves around the Sun at a set speed and this is entirely how (from a mundane point of view) we establish our perception of time.
    If you were on say, Mercury for example, your typical day would be very very long as compared to Earth time. Something in the order of 58 days and 15 hours on earth would equal 1 day on Mercury!

  7. This is fascinating stuff. I’ve read accounts of people who have had Near Death Experiences or maybe had a bad accident or became deathly ill and came back from the brink of death. Not all have changed perceptions but many do. Life is truly a mystery.

  8. Elsa, I don’t doubt what your husband says. Time is what we use to mark our lives, but once you get outside our dimension, there is a different reality. I personally believe that there are many, many doors and ways of being and perceiving. I sometimes drive for long distances over hilly mountain roads (often with music on, or with interesting thoughts as company) with no memory of having done so. No accidents, not even close—but no sense of time, either.

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