Double Taurus, Timothy Treadwell – Speaking Of Being Eaten By A Bear

Speaking of bears, have you seen the movie, “Grizzly Man”?It’s about Timothy Treadwell, the man who was eaten by a bear, along with his girlfriend after spending 13 summers living among them. It’s a heck of a story. The deaths were recorded on tape and in the movie the story is presented very fairly to both the man and the bear.

Some people consider his death a tragic accident and others believe he was crazy and it was only a matter of time. After all, these are bears you’re messing with!

Treadwell was a double Taurus with his Sun and Moon involved in a T-Square with Neptune and Uranus and it is fair to say he was a least somewhat deluded and crazy. The movie was constructed with his own film. He is undeniably enthusiastic and charismatic but he does seem to be losing it, year 13.

In whatever case, it made me feel good to see the poll results come in the way they did. 37% of (non-bear) people think bears have a place in nature. That seems high and it’s gratifying to me for some reason. I do think we need people out there who when you run into them, “The buck stops here”. And this takes all forms.

Have you ever met someone who was the “end of the road” for you in some way? A force of nature who left an indelible impression you know you will never shake? Who?


Double Taurus, Timothy Treadwell – Speaking Of Being Eaten By A Bear — 15 Comments

  1. An ex… He was so incredibly kind, he went off to volunteer to collect bodies of lepers in Mother Theresa’s home for the dying in India.
    His gentle sincere nature was too much for me…I never met anyone like him and constantly looked for holes in his armour. Then I broke his heart, but I not only learned from him, I credit him with inspiring me to completely change my aggressive nature into something much more gentle.
    What I do know is that he shares a birthday with my dad, who I love and cherish (october 22).

  2. That is odd Kashmiri,

    My 10 yo nephew has the Oct 22nd birthday and has been a vegetarian since he was 5–mind you no one in his immediate family are vegetarian. His mom and I were but that was 10+ yrs ago. He is trying to raise money for endangered species, doesn’t kill bugs and is getting more strict with his diet to exclude eggs and most dairy. Even when he was a toddler, he didn’t like eatting meat and always empathized with the underdog. He has been doing his diet on his own for half his life already! Though he is young, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out like your ex…esp if he continues down this enlightened path….


  3. I’ve repeatedly run into Virgos who have done that. Most memorable one was my 11th & 12th grade English teacher…she really “woke me up” in many ways. Seems to be a repeating pattern in my life (w/Virgos), if you ask me.

  4. The weirdest thing just happened… Just as I was reading this post, I saw an emergency population warning banner running across my TV screen urging people in Rovaniemi (a 60 000 people town on the Arctic Circle) to stay inside. They’ve apparently spotted a bear near the town center. Now, this is not unheard of in Finland, but they also spotted a bear in the suburbs of the 2nd largest town yesterday.

    It could be that the longest warm period in the recorded history and maybe bears coming over from Russia, where they have large forest fires, have them acting strangely.

  5. that is pretty spooky Candela!

    I had an Aries who has the same bday as my stepdaughter (April 6) come to my rescue once, basically telling me straight out I needed to move out of where i was living, and he was right, and I did. it was a very extreme time in my life, and if I had not done that, I don’t know where I might be now.

  6. Bears have been in the news CONSTANTLY for the past few weeks or so. Hmmm? Any astro explanation for this?

    Kind of random, but referring to the OCT 22 bdays up above from Kashmiri and Gem- one of the most impactful persons I have ever met is ALSO an Oct 22 woman I used to work with. Very powerful and inspiring;)

  7. Yes. quite often. The ‘boot to the head’ method of key life lessons is a recurrant and undeniable theme.
    Not always but most typically, the buffet is delivered by strong, authoritative women usually about a decade older than me. I’m lucky that they usually regard me kindly. There that one lady though, who reaaallly made it clear that I’d better take my medicine and am-scray before she reconsidered and had me for a light snack after all (I double-pronto am-scrayed)!
    Oh, and my parents are the ‘old bears’ (self-professed’) with all sorts of totemic regalia large and small (from jewelry to statuary). 😀

  8. Yeah, the local bear and local cougar. The bear came through my yard every one to two days, left lots of scat, that a renowned scat expert identified as bear along side the deers’. It trashed my garbage can one night, the neighbors saw it enter my back yard. The cougar showed up every now and again. And the local people shot both of them. I heard 2 gunshots tonight, it may have been a bear or maybe a buck or a doe, who knows, people are crazy for killing.

    Yeah for sure they are at the end of their road..
    Now this is an enclosed peninsula, these animals are trapped amid growing suburbia.

  9. It occurred to me that the Aries is my opposite sign since I’m a libra, and I’m wondering whether some of the people affected by virgoans might be pisceans? Sort of thinking that when we need a proverbial kick in the pants, that maybe it comes from the energy we are lacking?

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