Sorting Confusing Transits & Progressions

super marioHi, Elsa.

I am really curious and concerned about the next stage of my life’s romances and deeper love. My natal Venus is 3 degrees Scorpio, and is progressing into Aquarius in a month or so. That means that transiting Pluto in Aquarius will be conjunct my progressed Venus while squaring my natal Venus.

Natal Venus is also conjunct Vesta. Progressed Venus is in the third house and will remain there for the rest of my life. Should I be ready to bet on love, or join a monastery?

Unknown person from Unknown place

Hi Unknown.  This is hard to parse. I don’t mean that in a critical way. I’m suggesting when you stack things like this; they quickly become overwhelming.  I’ll show you have to unravel this.

First, you have Venus in Scorpio natally, so you’re good with this energy.  It’s familiar to you. Venus/Pluto is not going to throw you for a loop.  Can you see how starting with this (truth) as a foundation, immediately offers you a handle?

You can actually approach this as if you’re being added to, rather than taken from. This is true of the transit and of of the progressed situation which implies, evolution.  Let’s see…

You start with Venus in Scorpio and you add transiting Pluto. More energy for you, yes? You may very well see your money, your value, etc. increase exponentially.

Might you be degraded? Sure!  But you have a lot to say about how this plays.  For example, you meet a battering man. If you marry him, you’re going down. If you blow him off, you move on, with more skills… super Mario-like.

Meanwhile, your progressed Venus hits Aquarius – good!  Another benefit – you can detach.  You can view your relationships, intellectually.  Sounds like a perfect situation to me. Are you having issues in this realm?  As of now, you have new ways of understanding your relationship dynamics.  Further, if they’re ugly, you can not only change and transform them, it can be fast and drastic. It’s exciting.

Third house?  You’re thinking about it, writing avoid it, exchanging energy about it, with an astrologer (Uranus).

I’d say you’re right on schedule. You’re also entering into a particularly potent and interesting time.  A person might even be jealous!

I have assumed you are a woman. The picture is you, having your Venus Pluto transit.  It looks like you decided to try something new and interesting (Aquarius, 3rd). I don’t see a reason to be afraid. This is more like being handed a cool assignment.

Good luck!


Sorting Confusing Transits & Progressions — 5 Comments

  1. SO IMPORTANT to take heed of how Elsa helps us to USE and own our also use our free will with the energies, to get where we want to get. Being “afraid” of challenging aspects is not USEFUL! Also, owning the POWER of Pluto and other transits,so important. People with sensitivities who are seemingly easily “”triggered’ ( I HATE THAT WORD AND IDEA..) need to learn to steady themselves, and own the power of their particular nature.. not cower in fear!! All just my humble opinion. I also come from a generation where we powered through a bit more.. not so much fear.. I mean this respectfully.I worry over the thin skin of some of the folks younger than me.. the times ahead require courage and stamina!

  2. I was happy to read this because I have natal Venus in Aquarius located in the 3rd house.

    Now when it gets hit by Pluto maybe I will be able to analyze and understand the changes.

    I’m also a Scorpio rising so this Plutonian energy is familiar to me.

    I am grateful to the reader who raised this issue.

  3. Love the breakdown!! would the state of natal venus’ aspects play a part too, like if it already had supportive aspects or even tricky ones like a pluto square … then they really have been in this energy their whole life & know it!!! if anything would a natal square or opposition be of help to one via transit (e.g square from the other side) down the line?! …. random aside … does anyone understand when you look up aspects online they often give a natal one and a ‘by transit one’ that can be quite different … why is this???! [insert emoji for blown brain]… and where would progressions fit with this? would they be more like a natal or transit description??? Hope I’m making sense?!

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