Sorry I’ve Been Scarce

sorrySorry, I’ve been scarce. I have two more days of doctors. If all goes well, it may be a number of months before I have to go back. I miss writing, but this has to be done!


Sorry I’ve Been Scarce — 19 Comments

  1. you are a life tree ,we are tiny clusters of lites ,you feed us, we surround you ;the words are tasty tinsel,but the stories have been written with an improved feel because of the way we long for more elsa; never fret we are all growing and glowing with a synchronized swirling show ,snapping fingers ,shuffling shoulders, and perpetually looking up at those stars ,cause girl we are your devotees .with or without the fix, we have the’s called tomorrow,oh thanx for all those yesterdays,for me ,you filled some pretty empty days.

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