Solidifying The Foundation Of Your Transformation

butterflyWith Saturn’s retrograde in Scorpio recently, we’ve had that mutual reception back for a bit as well. Pluto rules Scorpio and Saturn rules Capricorn. Between now and mid September we have Saturn direct in Scorpio for the first time this year. Saturn is batting cleanup in the sign Pluto rules, and Pluto is helping out.

I saw this today: Pluto is something more…

So quite a while back Pluto lost its classification as a planet. Now it’s been discovered to be much, much more.

That is exactly what Pluto represents: torn down to make way for a rebirth. Saturn represents solid classification, enduring, that we rely on as the basis for metering other things. To build upon. What perfect, scheme-of-things timing (Saturn)!

Saturn has just begun to move forward again after its retrograde. As Saturn makes its last pass through the end of Scorpio, in this dance with Pluto, this brings the last opportunity to utilize that special affinity. We are solidifying the foundation of our transformation. Getting it right.

Have you recognized the areas of your life where Saturn has used a heavy hand to prepare you for plutonian rebirth in both these areas of your chart? You might consider reading or rereading the transcript from the Saturn in Scorpio Workshop. Is there time? Of course there’s time. The end of the story is when all the juiciest bits happen!

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Solidifying The Foundation Of Your Transformation — 6 Comments

  1. I recently watched a PBS documentary on this reclassification of Pluto to being the largest of the dwarf planets (a Neptunian object, no less) and thought it fascinating. Pluto as the planet of power and change has powerfully changed itself and our view of it. Absolutely amazing!

  2. Saturn in Scorpio in the 2H & Pluto in Scorpio conjunct my Sun (both in the 1st house). I don’t know if its Saturn or Venus retrograde but I definitely feel a shift in the things that use to exhaust my energy. I’m starting to recognize my own worth and the worth of people and things that are truly important.

  3. We’ll see what happens late August around the full moon when Pluto will dip back in my 5th house while Saturn will almost be exactly opposite my 29 Taurus Moon. Hopefully some questions will be answered at that time.

  4. Foundation by process of elimination? Seems like alot of dirt being kicked off. Will see what’s left. Clingin to what was is just not working. Have had to loosen up (not saturn’s strong suit) and let it go. Hmm, think I will start doing some stretchin again to stay flexible.

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