Solar Return Charts

“When an irresistible force such as you meets an old immovable object like me, you can bet as sure you live: something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give.”
–Johnny Mercer

Today is my birthday, but yesterday was my solar return. Yesterday the Sun returned to the exact degree it was on the day I was born. The solar return chart expresses the energies present at the moment of renewal of your Sun energies. Interpreting that chart shows how the year will play out for your ego energy, your ego self, pretty darned big news if you ask me. My solar return chart incorporates the t-square that happened yesterday morning between Venus, Saturn and the Moon. It also has Pluto angular (important) in the 7th house.

I suppose I could get all het up about what could be construed as some really difficult energy set to play out for me, but I’m not. There’s also a grand trine in earth and Jupiter on my north node. What I see is a year where big changes are possible and likely, and I like that. This is no namby-pamby baby year. This year looks like a big wave and I’m gonna ride it.

I looked at last year’s solar return again as well, and there are a few things I’ll be glad to say goodbye to. Goodbye Pisces Moon-Mercury conjunct my Chiron quincunxing my ascendant! Goodbye looking like I’m going to weep at the drop of a hat! I also looked ahead at next year’s chart and it looks fantastic to me… and that certainly gives me the impetus to make the most of this year so I can do even better NEXT year.

What does your solar return look like for this year? What about next year? Do you track them from year to year? If you do, you can see how one can build on the last and make the most out of where you are now. Elsa offers really fabulous solar return reports for purchase. They’re truly excellent. Even knowing how to do my own I was blown away by what they said.


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  1. “I suppose I could get all het up about what could be construed as some really difficult energy set to play out for me, but Iā€™m not.”

    I think this is the key šŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday Satori! šŸ™‚

    And Flip and 2nd daughter too šŸ™‚

  2. Happy Birthday, Satori!

    Happy Birthday, Flip and your daughter!

    And many happy returns to all of you!

    And thanks for the great post, Satori!

  3. Okay happy birthday but I think you should take some responsibility here. If Elsa’s blog takes over the world people are going to think all fish are from Sweden.

  4. Happy happy birthday/solar return Satori!!!!!!!!! And I second Carolines Swedish fish comment, I’m pretty certain I’m going to have to go get some now.!!!!
    As for my sr for this year, its about 3/4 of the way through and from what I think I can read in it, it seems to be pretty accurate. I have a kite/grand trine and 2 t squares,so there’s PLENTY of action going on, most of it pretty challenging, but I’ve got some help too.
    Comng up for my next one in June, I’ve only got one t square and considering I’m due about 2 weeks after, Moon in the 5th trine Jupiter & N.Node conj. IC sounds good/appropriate;-)

  5. Happy birthday Satori! šŸ™‚ wish you a great year(s)!!! and a good SR chart! l had a great day yesterday šŸ™‚ good energy, new ideas, confidence and joy! Hope your year will be the same!!!

    Last years SR was pretty fixed almost everything fell in Taurus 8th h so far so good. l miss more action but l think that is in the air! šŸ™‚

  6. I wish you many blessings in the coming year, Satori. I really value your insights and your writing. I hope you feel great today.

  7. Happy Birthday satori! I too enjoy and appreciate your writing.

    My SR for this year was pretty accurate – I rather wish it hadn’t been. Great emphasis on Nept/Chiron in 6th.2012/13 is mixed, but I think more upbeat.

    Never used to pay much attention to SRs, but am increasingly realising that they are indeed useful.

  8. I’m excited about this one. My Solar happens one day early a bit after the New Moon in Aries. The New Moon is at 2 degs Aries – exactly on my Sun 2nd. By the time my Solar Return rolls around later in the day, the Moon is at 7 degs.

    I have a 3 deg Libra ASC. The Sun is conj my 7th Cusp by 1 deg. I have 0 deg Mercury 6th conj the 2 deg Sun, conj 4 deg Uranus 7th and 7 deg Moon 7th. These are square 9 deg Pluto 4th.

    I also have Jupiter conj Venus Taurus 8th.

    Yep, I’m thinking I really am going to find that new relationship, and it will lead me to move again even though I just moved in 2011 (which would cause a ruckus even though it would be for a good reason).

    1 deg Neptune 5th – hope that plays out in a good way, and not me being clouded in my judgment.

  9. Happy birthday Satori. May the year be full of blessings.
    Like many people, I will have my birthday this year at the time the first Pluto Uranus square becomes exact (June 19th)and transiting Pluto is opposing my natal Mercury (ruler of my Sun).
    Makes me nervous…

  10. Happy belated birthday, Satori! Good to know this challenging year for you will end up in a treat the following year! Sometimes the challenging stuff really is good for shaking things loose when you’re stuck, so surf that wave!

    I do track my own solar charts and have seen them to be right on when there are angular aspects and strong signatures. I have Neptune conjunct my MC this year and a full SR 10th house, trying to make career change (also helps that Jupiter is transiting my natal MC), but that Neptune is confusing (sigh).

    Last night a friend asked if she will be moving and sell her house this year. I didn’t see anything strongly pointing that way in her transits or progressions, but her next SR chart has Pluto conjoined her IC!

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