Interpretation Of Solar Return Ascendant For Each Sign

sun with sunglassesBirthdays are a big deal in astrology.  Look at your solar return chart for insight into the year from birthday to birthday.

Your solar return ascendant shows how you go out into the world.  When my solar return ascendant was in Pisces, things were quite cloudy. I seemed to be going in two directions and I probably was!

Last year, my solar return ascendant was in Virgo.  Health and chatting! This year, I have Sagittarius rising in my solar return. Blunt and confident!

Here are some mini interpretations of the solar ascendants in each of the signs. You can see how the ruler of the solar return ascendant colors the expression. This is such an interesting area of astrology.

Solar Return Ascendant…

In Aries, you may take initiative in the area of life where Aries falls in your natal chart. You could also be impatient or impulsive in this area. This is a year of opportunities, in that you will be more adventurous and you will have the courage to make changes. You are more likely to attract new circumstances, people, and experiences into your life. Your approach to life is more direct than usual, and others might complain that you are more self-absorbed than usual! Decision-making is quick this year, and you are likely to be more physically active.

In Taurus, domestic issues and finances will be on your mind. This is a year of overall stability. Your approach to life is markedly conservative and practical. You are resistant to making big changes, and you are skeptical of new initiatives. You are generally content to leave things as they are, and you are not inclined to seek out brand new experiences (or people!). Inertia and resistance to making changes may characterize the period. You have the power to attract this year, especially through patience. You may also feel the need to have more beauty in your life, via your surroundings and perhaps with regards to a desire to improve your appearance.

In Gemini, you are outgoing, sociable, and very curious. Your attention span may be short, however, and you might have your finger in too many pies. Your interests are vast, and it can be hard finishing projects you complete before your attention moves elsewhere! You open yourself up to many possibilities, and perhaps too many. You may find it hard to keep commitments.

In Cancer, you wear your emotions on your sleeve this year. More sensitive than usual, you have your eye on security. Your attention turns to your home front, your family, and domestic issues. You may be more introspective than usual. Over-sensitivity and defensiveness may be a problem. Security is a driving force this year. As Cancer’s ruler, the Moon holds important clues as to what area of life in which you may encounter instability and change, and why you feel protective of your sense of security as a result.

In Leo, your urge to create is strong. There may be more involvement with children or especially romantic inclinations. Your physical appearance and your manner become very important, especially since Leo is on the first house and it rules the “star” of the Solar Return chart–the Sun. You may be more dramatic and expressive this year, or this could point to a focus on children, hobbies, or other Leo-ruled areas of life, depending on your personal inclinations as well as your life circumstances. I had Leo rising in my Solar Return charts in the years I had two of my children (both born with Leo Ascendants), for example. Be sure to look to the house position of the Sun for areas of life where you have a strong opportunity to express yourself and your creativity.

In Virgo, focus is on your work, your habits, your health, and your routines. It may be a rather unspectacular year–a year when you may be caught up in making adjustments to your life and/or worrying about problems. It can be a rather mundane year (unless your Sun or Ascendant is Virgo natally), but one that is quite busy. You may feel like you are doing a lot of preparing but don’t exactly know what it is you are preparing for. Mercury’s placement can provide some clues as to which areas of life require adjustments.

In Libra, this is a year when you find the need to compromise, deliberate, and accommodate. Your goal is to find balance and achieve harmony. Venus’ position can provide clues as to which areas of life prompt you to feel this need. There can be a strong focus on relationships and partnerships, or you can begin a new partnership that demands a lot of your attention. You may find yourself accommodating or appeasing others much of your time, and you have to watch that you don’t become too compromising or overly concerned with not rocking the boat. Interestingly, this Ascendant can be present in a year when people marry as much as one in which people divorce. In many cases, it can be a very happy year–one in which the individual feels like life is running very smoothly, likely because he or she is keeping peace at all costs.

In Scorpio, powerful feelings come to the surface. It can be a very introspective year when you cut off the areas of your life that seem to be superficial or unsatisfying on a deep level. It can be a year when you alienate others with a seemingly hardhearted manner, or when you break friendships or cut off specific social activities. Much depends on the natal house that is brought to the SR Ascendant. It could also be a year when you are extremely focused on specific things, possibly to the point of obsession. Whatever the case may be, you have donned a strong persona in order to deal effectively with the changes that you know need to take place in your life.

In Sagittarius, you feel more adventurous and possibly restless this year. This may be because you have been feeling limited or “caged in” recently, and your desire is to break out of that rut. You may not know where it is exactly that you want to go, but a restless feeling is present. In some cases, legal issues need to be attended to. You may attract support from others, or have a reason to be more hopeful and optimistic about life. Jupiter’s position can hold some clues as to what exactly is feeding your spirit, giving you a new lease on life, or providing you with hopefulness. You have to be careful that you don’t overestimate your capabilities this year. Try not to gloss over important details, such as the bills that need to be paid.

In Capricorn, you focus on your responsibilities, career or business concerns, and the material world. You may feel a real need to buckle down this year, and Saturn’s position can provide clues as to why and where this need is coming from. You become aware of a need for more control or self-control this year. You may feel undervalued and could don a more serious persona this year. Be careful not to let responsibility turn into negative, black-and-white thinking.

In Aquarius, your need for independence and individuality is strong this year. You may break out of your shell this year and express a “new you”. Some level of emotional detachment and stability is likely. If you are not normally stubborn or individualistic, people around you might be surprised by your behavior this year. Be careful not to alienate those close to you as you branch out and feel the need to express your individuality.

In Pisces, this could be a very dreamy, possibly directionless year when you tend to prefer to live in a dream world rather than attend to picky details of everyday life. It could be a time when you hide yourself away a little, work on something behind the scenes, or have a greater need for solitude. It could also be a real “escapist” year. Something hidden or private may occupy a good portion of your thoughts and your time this year. Some restlessness is likely, and you may have some concerns about what lies ahead of you, which could be at the root of your need to escape.

These mini- interpretations come from the Solar Return Report. For a full interpretation of your solar return ascendant as well as the rest of your solar return chart – check it out!

What is your solar return ascendant this birthday year?



Interpretation Of Solar Return Ascendant For Each Sign — 41 Comments

  1. ASC this year is Libra–and the degree is the same degree as my natal Pluto in Libra (only a few seconds off!) which is very strange to me!

    These reports sound great!

  2. I just had my Solar Return recently. Aquarius AC, with Uranus in the 2nd. I need to break out of my rut when it comes to the way I earn money. Last year it was Scorpio. It was a hard year. The description was dead-on. The solar AC was conjunct my natal Uranus. I became obsessed (Scorpio) with astrology (Uranus).

    • My solar return ascendant is in Scorpio this year…I am obsessing, jealous and basically digging into my insercurities with no mercy. Natal venus and neptune in scoroio 8th house.

  3. Leo. But, but I always want to create! It’s just I never succeed. And my SR Sun will be in the 4th, in Scorpio, so I guess I should try to express myself deep in the family field? Well, and I’m not really looking forward to being even more dramatic.

  4. My Ascendant will be in Aries in this upcoming solar return, and Uranus will be close to my Ascendant. So I guess some new initiatives and changes are coming into my life!

  5. Sag ASC conjunct natal Mars. I’ll be running around the year. Pluto in first house oppose by Jupiter at 7th. Jupiter at 7th conjunct BML. Uranus in 4th. Not seeing anything good. Feeling like stop breathing !!

  6. Just found out mine is Capricorn with Saturn in the fourth and moon in Cancer. Makes sense. Moving in with my son for the summer. Helping the ex with domestic stuff. Cooking. Cleaning.

  7. In Cancer opposite pluto. The moon in pisces in the 8th and saturn in the 5th. It’s been tough but educative. I am grateful to have support from the people closest to me. Moon is supported by venus and pluto. And I support them as well.

  8. Mine is Aquarius this year. I find it none of those those things you expressed. Even when I got my reading from another astrologer she said explained the Aquarius and I found it nothing related to what she said.

  9. Hello Elsa, Why would your solar return ascendant be different every year? in my birth chart, my ascending sign was Cancer?

    • Hi, Ann. The solar return is a chart of the moment the Sun returns to the same sign/degree it was when you were born. This can happen on your birthday or the day before or after, depending on the year. The chart is completely independent of your natal chart. 🙂

  10. Well, for the first time in 20 years my SR Ac is in Libra. Last time it was there I started a long relationship. It haven’t happened since. Ruler Venus is in Aries conjunct Mars , 6th house. Maybe partnership at work, but I doubt it.

  11. Hey Elsa, my solar return ascendant (in my birth city, its a little different in the city in now live in) is almost identical, within a few minutes, with my birth chart…what does that mean?

  12. Interesting. I am in a Libra rising Solar Return and I have Libra rising natally. I started seeing someone when Venus turned retrograde (4th March) but it has been bumpy and not sure if it will work out. However, my Solar Return Ascendant is his Solar Return MC and I thought that was significant. But Venus Chiron (Chart ruler) is squaring the Moon Saturn, so showing up the difficulties…Venus is making a nice sextile to Mars though which helps and the Moon trines Sun in the 7th which also helps the square. I hope it works out with him as we have a strong connection but who knows. I see this year as a relationship year for me anyway regardless (I have lots of big transits also).

  13. My birthday is coming up in just a couple of weeks, and my year will be colored by a Pisces Asc., with Neptune in the first house to boot! I think this Neptune influence will be good for me, since I tend to be overly-practical and lack imagination. Also because I get frustrated with having Mars in my 12th house natally, so hopefully this year will offer me some access to the power of my own ambition that is so often locked up deeply in my subconscious. My solar return chart involves a beautiful grand trine in Earth, involving my sun, moon, and the pluto/saturn conjunction in Capricorn, so that is pretty cool.

  14. My solar return is in Sagitarius but I’ve also noticed Saturn is exactly on my ascendant (Capricorn) in my solar progression chart! Seems serious!!! Any ideas anyone?

  15. So glad you posted this! I just had my birthday and ended up going out of town so my solar return is now Sag rising instead of Cap rising. Not sure if that changes the report much but oh well.

  16. Hi Elsa,

    First good luck with the surgery! Hope it goes off without a hitch, and the recovery is as quick and painless as possible!

    A questions about when you say for e.g. Look to mercury’s placement for more information… would that be its placement in a the solar return chart or in the natal chart or both?


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