Solar Eclipse In Taurus: April 30, 2022: Effects By House

Taurus bull mars madThe solar eclipse in Taurus take place in the afternoon on Saturday, April 30th at 10 degrees.  Uranus is conjunct the sun and moon. This should upset the status quo.  Many are dissatisfied with that which is Fixed and intractable. I tend to see this in a positive light.

The sun moon and Uranus are also supported by Mars in Pisces. Okay, that’s not necessarily the best weapon in the world, unless you’re looking for a sneak attack. But it’s the only contact; and Taurus likes to keep it simple.

Keep in mind that Taurus is Venus-ruled. Venus is a benefic planet.  In this case, Venus is in exaltation (Pisces). She’s also very well aspected by Pluto in Capricorn. I’ll liking this quite a bit.

If you have planets in Earth signs between 5-20 degrees, this should be really good for you. Water signs will also fair well, outside of Scorpio which may also fare well.  The difference here is the opposition.  Literally, love at first sight is a possibility here and you know how that can mess you up. (joke).

Point it, Scorpio is likely to face off with someone and the entire encounter is likely to be beyond there control.  However, it does not look dangerous!

Everyone has a chance to update some element of their life under this solar eclipse. I don’t think it will be traumatic. Most like – whew!  That was freeing!

solar eclipse taurusWe set intentions under new moons / a solar eclipse. Here are some ideas, depending on where the eclipse falls in your chart:

Solar eclipse in the 1st house: Hey! Quit wearing your normal “uniform”. Update the way you present yourself. I’m talking about your appearance, primarily.
Solar eclipse in the 2nd house: New investments. Savers spend and spenders save.
Solar eclipse in the 3rd house: New and disruptive ideas. Think something new…
Solar eclipse in the 4th: Food. Try a new recipe or a new twist on an old one.  How you nurture yourself and others needs an update.
Solar eclipse in the 5th: Art and creativity get a boost. Also, children may surprise. Pop-up love affair.
Solar eclipse in the 6th: Revamp your daily routine. Experiment with your diet. Healthy, delicious food.
Solar eclipse in the 7th: So, so easy to fall in love.
Solar eclipse in the 8th house: Gain control over your psyche in ways you never imagined.
Solar eclipse in the 9th: Unlikely gurus or maybe you’re the unlikely guru. Most likely, both.
Solar eclipse in the 10th: Change of job or status or how you’re seen in public. Should be positive.
Solar eclipse in the 11th: Unexpected new friend.  Wake up and realize you’re in love with your best friend? Also, update your wishes, hopes and dreams.
Solar eclipse in the 12th: Kiss from the ethereal.  Love of God.  Shocking sacrifice for love.

Where will the solar eclipse fall in your chart? What’s your intention?

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Solar Eclipse In Taurus: April 30, 2022: Effects By House — 61 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa, I think the 6th house is missing? 😊 And for the 5th, what exactly do you mean that children might surprise? Like literally or unexpected pregnancy? 😁

  2. My Ac is 11 degrees Scorpio, with Moon and NN close by, so big opposition. eclipse in 7th house. I’m hoping to avoid conflict, especially in a relationship which is bumpy latly. Tomorrow I have big job interview and I tend to grab it cause I need a job.

  3. I guess the solar eclipse is exact my Venus, which is 10 degrees Taurus, in the 8th House. What would expect with that?

  4. Since my sun is in my 5th house and my birthday is May 6 it should be good for art and creativity. I’ve been thinking about this for a while anyhow. I have Pluto opposition Pluto which I read is kind of rare.

  5. Its conjunct my South node in Taurus and obviously opposing my NN in Scorpio. Also opposing my moon in Scorpio by 4 degrees. But since I survived the conjunction of Uranus to my SN already I bet it will just be more of the same – maybe even a breather because of the nice aspects to the eclipse. Not scared… at all

    • You know I have SN conjunct the Moon and Jupiter 11-14 Taurus 3rd house followed by long stellium and I have really been shaken until now. Maybe this time it could be a favourable change.
      I can barely breathe…😓😓😓
      And it is still a few years of shaking and turning my world upside down. FFS!

      I have additional situation of pluto transiting my 12th H closing opposition to Saturn and later adding nuclear power to alreqdy explosive opposing my Mars conjunct DSC and squaring Uranus…😖😡

  6. In my 8th! My entire Sun stellium conjunction w/ Uranus/Merc/Pluto are 7°-13° Virgo (12th), Uranus exact.

    My Mars/Venus, Neptune and Chiron are all in water signs in that range.

    April 30th is bonfire night! Maybe also a bit of dancing ’round the fire in a nightie come midnight? 😄

  7. My Taurus DESC is 11 degrees – so it will be in my 6th, but with Uranus in my 7th – how would any of you read this?

      • Oh I meant as far as it falling across the two houses, do you read the new moon as both? But thank you for the feedback!

        • Its close enough to count as conjunct DC. However, if you’re using quadrant house system it might also have an effect on your 6th house. Look for Venus as the ruler of the eclipse. Where is she?
          The eclipse of last June was in my 10th, not making any aspects at all, but the ruler was conjunct my midheaven and that triggered off a whole series of crises and changes in my career.

          In whole sign houses, this eclipse is definitely taking place in your 7th house.

  8. This is in my 8th house (20degree natal Venus) possibly opposing my natal Pluto in Scorpio in the 7th. I think that is close enough for an opposition. < truthfully that’s a little scary because we’ll, it’s Pluto.

    I am going through counseling right now and struggling with depression and having premonitions.

    • Lots of issues at work with people projecting their issues onto one another. With this opposition, this makes sense.

      Nothing has happened so far on the actual day though

  9. It’s in my 9th house, almost in exact opposition to my natal Jupiter which rules my 7th house.
    Jupiter and exalted Venus will be conjoin in my 7th. I’m not prone to fall for gurus, not even interested in such people.

    I’ll be graduating as a teacher in the upcoming winter. So that fits.

    But I also assume that this eclipse will effect my one to one relationships. I’m open to real, mutual love. 😊

  10. Conjunct my Taurus midheaven at 10° moon at 5°. Things have been progressing at work. I’m a server but have been working behind the bar more and taking on more things behind the scenes. Organizing the wine room.. managerial tasks.. etc. the owners are opening a new restaurant in the area and I can’t help but feel it has something to do with all the hub bub.

  11. Aahhhh…this should be the beginning of the end of my Uranus conj natal Sun (8) squaring natal Moon conj Mars in Aq in late 4.
    Finally ‘free’ of Saturn im getting just enough of all the unexpected-ness, death, instability etc.
    Now I’m getting the full ‘fruits’ of Uranus – i.e. freedom, independence, innovation, unabashed/unleashed quirk, fun, rewarding occult experiences, creative if not unique sexual encounters and maybe even some money!
    Let’s get it on n poppin!

  12. The whole thing is taking place right next to my 7th house Venus (14 degrees Taurus). She is conjunct my DC. Any Advice? Note that though my Venus is beautifully placed, and is deeply romantic, she is also not the best aspected (trine Uranus-Neptune-True Lilith, but also square Saturn, opposite Pluto and quincunx moon). Is this solar eclipse about to trigger and awaken all of these bad aspects?

  13. PS I read and loved your Circle K story. Most particularly, I LOVE that dress you’re wearing on the cover of the book. It’s beautiful!

  14. This will be falling on top of my 7th house Taurus stellium (Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Chiron) but exact on my Mercury. We are currently in a new country. Maybe I will finally find a way to love this place…

  15. My experience with eclipses are not so great. I have lost quite a few people when they’ve had eclipses fall on either an anniversary or a personal planet or angle.

    This one squares my AC and I have been sick all week. Also all of the Pisces planets are bad for me. Everytime Pisces is activated in my chart, I get sick or have negative things happen. I have 3 sets of conjunctions in Virgo.

    I think people should report back on how eclipses affect their lives.

    • Fingers crossed, Tonya. I get what you say about Pisces. No pisces or Virgo placements, but this emphasis made me feel helpless. I have it in my 7th. But to be fair, several issues popped up I was able to heal. However, as I am more of a thinker and doer, rather than someone who let’s her emotions flow, it was struggling though this overstretched Pisces season.
      Also, this hype around the Piscean transits has made me sceptical. Very one sided.
      That said, I guess Pisces is hard to handle for Virgo people.
      Wishing you the best.

      • Thanks, and yes! Trying to keep my thoughts focused and together has been very difficult with the Pisces planets. It has been rough with just Neptune there.

        My Gemini Moon is squared in this too. It’s been rough.

        Pisces can be great for compassion and spirituality. But it can wreak havoc on the other mutables.

        Neptunian energy can make a person sick with no reason to be found. I’ve had this kind of week.

        Plus, my ruling planets, Uranus and Saturn warring with each other is not helping.

        Then, add an eclipse into this mix and I am feeling like a wreck.

        Again thank you and I hope you come through the Pisces transit in good shape.

        • hope you are feeling better. your comment about having alot of virgo with pisces stellium made me think. When Pisces went into Jupiter in january this year i was diagnosed with covid; it was hell, but i noticed i went home to rest and heal. Pisces /Virgo is all about healing i think. I have alot of virgo in me and so does my husband, (we are both dominant virgo) although i do have 12th house/pisces energy too, and he got sick right after me too. (mentally too because he was swindled from a gardener for thousands and stressed over it with lawyers) We both are in the process of healing. Mentally and physically too. I feel that when i need to heal i need to be home and take a long rest. It felt like it was right.

          • Thanks. It seems that I always get sick when Pisces transits oppose my Sun, Pluto, Mars, Mercury, SN, & Lilith. 2nd Pisces to 8th Virgo. Bad luck also goes with this.

            My vitality is pretty low right now and I can’t wait for these planets to shove off into Aries.

            I am glad you are healing and I hope you don’t have to experience that again.

  16. It will propably mainly effect planets that are being triggered in hard aspects.
    Could be that you have an encounter that’s quite plutonian. With Saturn in the mix it could be to do with transformation and (inner) restrictions at the same time.

    • That’s my case, as Pluto approaches my Asc and closes opp to Natal Saturn Mars Sec conjution.
      My moon rules 6th house… and worries, all serious xondens and diseases in family and my work (hospital )are coming up

  17. Eeee my Moon is in Taurus 10°?!
    12th house, almost 1st. Does this mean mine will be more significant of what you listed?? Hard core? I’m super excited, but the sacrifice for love has me baffled. I’m not quite sure what to expect..and especially with my natal chart EXACTLY where the new moon/solar eclipse is happening??

  18. So, I had a really peculiar night. A friend of mine told me that he feels attracted to me. Luckily, he accepted my rejection cause I only see him as a friend. I definitely want to maintain this friendship.

    The same evening, he broke out in tears, telling me that he’s not able to continue his relationship with his longterm partner. She’s been suffering from depression for years, plus they have an emotionally challenging teenage child together. He’s likely to be co-dependent on her.

    The eclipse hit his moon in conjunction, ruler of his 4th (home and family life)

    The eclipse made an opposition to my Jupiter, ruler of my 7th, with Jupiter / Venus conjoining in my 7th.

    I wonder how all of you are doing? Did you experience things worth mentioning?

    I’ve been feeling an energetic shift like never before. Like crossing the boarders to a new land or something. Definitely positive.

  19. My night was spent at home. I had no desire to go out or be with anyone. I was real lazy except for taking care of my animals. I was glad to not have any thing pressing to do. Id say the 10th house and Taurus truly showed their side.

  20. The eclipse fell in my 4th house and I was terribly restless. I was nearly in tears and just felt very sorrowful.

    Eclipses can have a long range on them. From weeks before it happens to months after. Susan Miller has great information on them.

  21. 5/7/22

    Astrology in Action Update:

    The 10* Taurus solar eclipse hit my brother’s Moon and now, he is having problems with the hill near his home.

    He and his family (Moon) are planning to talk to the council to get something done. His neighbors are joining him.

    So his family and home (Moon) are in danger.

    • I also know someone whose moon was hit by the eclipse. Troubles in family, thinks about breaking up with his partner, Co dependency and so on.

      Good luck for your brother.

      • Oh sorry, I already told that some days ago. The only difference now is that I quit the friendship.

        Jupiter has definitely expanded my Venus. It didn’t fit anymore, I felt deluded and sold myself below value.

        I hope the eclipse will have a positive and stronger effect in the long run. A broken friendship is not what I would consider an effect worth an eclipse.

      • Thanks, and that is Astrology in action. My brother told me trees were coming down the hill and their city council were he lives is avoiding the issue. I told him to get the local TV news on it.

        The eclipse can manifest different ways. In my equal chart, my 3/4 houses are Taurus. So my sibling (3rd) is facing a home (4th) loss/change (eclipse).

        I wish the best for them and for the person you know.

        • 9th house taurus. 3rd scorpio. I hope nothing is going to happen to my siblings.
          I suppose it will change my way of thinking.

          Wishing you all the best

          • Me too, as Uranus hits my Moon, SN and Jupiter and it is massive overflow with heavy emotions, problems and upsets in the family, and no damn lottery win unfortunately. I wish all the beings happiness and safety.

            • As far as I know, eclipse often start with crises of some kind. That’s how I experienced last June eclipse in my 10th.
              With Uranus in the mix it is not only unpredictable, but also liberating, even if it might not appear so in the beginning.

              Uranus transited the eclipse degree from summer 2020 till January 2022. Jupiter will follow next year. It’s an ongoing process and story.

              Uranus opposite Jupiter as the 7th house ruler brought me the love of my life. We didn’t end up in a relationship, but this encounter helped me liberating myself from traumatic structures.
              I highly recommend watching Molly Mccord’s videos on the eclipse. She’s published several episodes.

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