Effects Of The Solar Eclipse In Scorpio: October 23, 2014

scorpioThe solar eclipse in Scorpio takes place at 0 degrees, in the evening of October 23rd. Venus will be conjunct the Sun and Moon, so love, money and values will be the focus.

Scorpio deals with death, and transformation, procreation, birth and healing.  New Moons mark new beginnings so get ready for a giant flush in your life.

Got clutter? Now is the time for a giant dump. My Libra apologizes for the grossness of that, though it is intention.

For best result, consider the house where the Sun, Moon and Venus will land, when setting your intention.

  • Solar eclipse in the 1st house:  Makeover! Transform the first impression your make on others.
  • Solar eclipse in the 2nd house: Transform your finances.  Get rid of outgrown collections of all kinds.
  • Solar eclipse in the 3rd house: Heal relationships with your siblings or neighbors…or alternately, cut them off.
  • Solar eclipse in the 4th: Purge your home. Remodel. Renovate. Throw out junk.
  • Solar eclipse in the 5th: Hot date! The art of fun sex.
  • Solar eclipse in the 6th house:  Start a diet, or assist the sick, for their healing and you self-empowerment. Give blood (open interpretation).
  • Solar eclipse in the 7th: Flush your pathology – various bad ways that you relate to others.
  • Solar eclipse in the 8th house: Tremendous magnetism with this. Use it!
  • Solar eclipse in the 9th: Be a force in the world.
  • Solar eclipse in the 10th: Interact with your parents / children in ways that are healing and empowering to all parties.
  • Solar eclipse in the 11th: Heal friendships if possible, if not step away from the corpse! 🙂
  • Solar eclipse in the 12th: Commune with the dead.
  • Where does the solar eclipse fall in your chart?  Set your intention here!



Effects Of The Solar Eclipse In Scorpio: October 23, 2014 — 63 Comments

  1. 5th house !! woo hoo..too bad I’ve been married so long those two words dont go together in my vocabulary any more (hot sex)!!!..this will also conjucnt natal neptune so maybe I’ll just dream about that hot sex!

  2. 1st house…and excitedly looking forward to a new ‘outer’ me…i randomly cut my hair a bit this weekend, changed some makeup too. probably i’m feeling this already 🙂

    i can’t wait to see how this affects my husband…sun, moon, and venus will be in his 2nd house…

    does this mean we will get rich and THEN i can get a full blown makeover? lol

  3. It is exactly conjunct my 0° Scorp sun and a bit beyond my Libra Venus at 29°, both 2nd house. Financial security is already my prime focus. It would be awesome if this gave me a boost somehow. I need to crawl out of my deep hole and actually prosper. And never ever let anything derail that. Money is absolutely the key to choices and a better life. I have my angles at 13° so our friends Pluto (4th going into 5th) and Uranus (8th) better help me build while it destroys. The winds are changing, no doubt about it.

  4. Transiting my 2nd house, conjunct natal pluto and squaring venus. I am moving due to a bad pest infestation. I have to get rid of everything! But these scorpio transits make beautiful aspects to my other planets, including my virgo sun sign, that i trust it will drive me away from current insanity.

    • Hi Mike, I also had a bad pest infestation in 2011 and had to get rid of almost everything. I thought it was bird mites or something; I had specimens, but no one took me seriously (people thought it was nerves). About 3 years later I sold the condo and I’m living with my parents. I still have the cat and she still has some tiny round white dots in her fur but the vet tells me it’s dry skin. I haven’t had another infestation since moving. Every now and then I may feel a little something, but usually with a new or full moon. I never could figure it out, so I try to forget it (except for Mercury retrograde) and moving was the best thing for me. Good luck to you. P.S. – I also started taking cilantro for a heavy metal problem and that really helped. I quit using petroleum jelly and unnecessary chemicals on my skin also…just coconut oil. I don’t know exactly what type of infestation you have, so don’t know if any of this is relevant to you.

    • Mike, OMG I just went through the same thing. Was having a terrible cockroach problem in an apartment I’d just moved into. They sprayed pesticides 4 weeks in a row, I had an allergic reaction to it which sent me to the ER twice and I had to get rid of all my belongings that had pesticide residue on them. It’s also still in my car so I might have to get rid of that too. I have a virgo sun at 27 degrees (September 20th) and my Ascendant is at 15 degrees Aries (conjunct transiting uranus right now). They let me out of my lease, but I’m staying with relatives and am still in transition mode. Hoping things get better…

    • Im assuming our getting rid of stuff is also considered healing (to ourselves), but by donating it, are we healing others? Or transforming others lives? I think its great you are donating those things. I plan on doing the same

  5. With all these Solar Eclipses in my 5th house (5th house is from 10 Libra to 21 Scp)…and conj my Venus in the 5th and I have had NO sex! NONE! ZIP! ZERO! NADA! 🙁 (But it doesn’t help that Tr. Saturn was in my 5th house at the same time… this will be the first Solar Eclipse in the 5th without Saturn there.

  6. 2nd House … and I’ve moved 2ce in the last 6 months, both of which needed purge, and purge again. I’m not sure what else is a collection I’ve outgrown. I guess I’ll find out. Maybe internal stuff! Like, beliefs ‘n’ blocks!

  7. Sixth – I do need to get back to my eating plan and lose that last 20+ pounds. I also need to get more organized. Doing the latter should help the former. I love win-win.

  8. Falls in my 7th house, conjunct natal Jupiter/Neptune at 1 and 3 degrees Scorp, respectively. I start training for work at a crisis facility on the 20th. I finish on the 24th. Will report back…..

  9. Thank you for the information, it’s very helpful. I have worked out my houses and transits, I just don’t know how to find and measure when it’s in Solar Eclipse? Where do i need to look for that to find out? Thanks

  10. It’s Stargirl here, a few probs with my Stargirl login! For me it’s the 12th. I have been searching for the post ‘I Read The News Today Oh Boy’ re Pluto, Uranus and Mercury I think, which blew my mind last year. Ever since my friend who died suddenly last April. I had a mindblowing phone call with a clairvoyant who I absolutely know in my core gave me a direct line to him. A few days later I was given a book which I randomly chose with him in mind, which unbeknownst to me already had a dedication to the reader (on World Book Night) with his first name signed in it. There were so many incredible things I cant begin to say – I felt lifted into another plane of perception by grief. I felt he was trying to tell us it was ok, and it was. It saw me through the first weeks and months. But I couldnt tell his friends and family at the funeral. It would have been too difficult for them. That was hard. It transformed my belief in what comes after death. I realise my posts here have often been about not being willing to communicate fully with the ‘normal’ everyday world and people in it. Being seen as too intense / freakish / feeling. I also realise I only seem to be able to communicate comfortably either in a mass way (publishing, chosen persona) or one to one. I have never been easy with meetings, smaller groups of say 5-20 people. I am trying to work out why. I am thinking hard about all this. With Gemini in the 8th and Jupiter there it’s fine, just processing a lot of stuff : )

  11. Hi, thank you for such valuable information. I have scorpio rising and have been struggling with my emotions for the past year. The solar eclipse on 23rd falls in my 11th house and my ex’s falls in his 5th house. We have not been together for a year and I miss him every minute of every day. He is seeing somebody else at the moment and has Neptune conjunct his sun and his MC and 3rd transit of saturn square venus so going through lots of changes. Do you think this could be a time of reconciliation for us? Thank you so much! Kate

  12. Hi Elsa. Thanks for the great insight.
    The 23 Oct eclipse affects me as follows & grateful for your thoughts:
    Eclipse in my 1st house.
    Transit mercury conjunct natal pluto in 12th house (also near transit NN).
    Transit lilith conjunct natal lilith in my 11th house, which is opposite transit neptune conjunct natal pallas.
    Transit chiron conjunct natal southnode.
    Transit juno conjunct natal jupiter in my 10th.
    Thanks a lot. Truly appreciate your time and expertise!

      • elderly father was in accident today. he seems to have 9 lives but been watching this scorpio stuff with him. He has pluto exact conj his N north. He has a Saturn in Scorpio too. Always defied death as fireman and world class mountain climber but aging is here. I love him so much. He was coming up to see me on the mountian road today. I can always tell when somthing is wrong with him and – yep- he went off the road and down 40 foot ravine. I think the car is dead but he found his way out and got a ride to my house. In shock but I spent day dealing with everything.

  13. Pardon me for the newby question here but how does one check to see where the solar eclipse falls in their chart? I do have my birth chart but I never have understood how you check these things. Help?

  14. This eclipse will be exactly conjunct my IC and opposition my Taurus sun at 0 degrees on my mid heaven! I really felt the last eclipse in Aries with my ascendant at around 8-11 Cancer, relationshipwise, am wondering what this will bring…. Is it a continuation of the relationship theme or something completely different? I have Moon Neptune conjunct in the fourth in Scorpio, and yet I seem to have absolutely no intuition about this so far…. Unless it is a health thing…. Which would be helpful….

  15. 0degrees Scorpio is in my 8th house. Death is what I am confronting. Death of my sister over 30 years ago and new information that I have actively sought out about her murder. I have spent the past two years giving away physical stuff on a consistent basis. Walking into pain on purpose so that I can come out the other side finally. No more denial of the fear of the truth. I have faced some pretty awful parts of myself. Realizing just how much hate I am capable of has been painful but freeing. My mantra has been “I am that” no more pretending that I am all sweetness and light and the family ‘diplomat’. Perhaps Neptune conjunct my rising and squaring my Sun and Mercury isn’t such a bad thing after all. Pluto on my natal Venus makes the party so much more fun too! Bring on the New Moon, I am ready.

  16. Woo Hoo. as I was born at 5:45 PM the exact time of the eclipse on Oct 23…How awesome is my day going to be I ask ya….looking forward to Route “66” (my age on Thurs.)

  17. 4th house, super conjunct my Pluto, opp. Moon, and Square Asc. and Mercury.

    I too have been wanting to rid of items. I figured leaving this weekend open would be wise and didn’t quite know why. Now I know. Thanks Elsa as always.

  18. This Moon falls in my 5th house conjunct Natal Uranus and North Node. The transiting Sun will just barely be in my 5th house and Venus will be in my 4th house. So, maybe suddenly or unpredictably occurring hot sex? :-p 🙂

  19. Second house…hmmm. Makes sense

    That said, my natal Neptune is at 0 Scorpio. Lately I’ve been working with my husband to improve our life and relationship to be more equal as it’s shifted a bit the last couple of years. I’m also very involved in thoughts with the spiritual side of life, reading and learning and talking with friends about this more and more lately which I think is my Neptunian side sort of overcoming my Virgo scientific side more and more and more the last four years.

    And a lot of talk about the ways we as people can stand for something of meaning. An issue I keep coming onto: I am (I hope this makes sense) losing patience with friends who talk a big global game of helping people but don’t want to get involved on things in front of their eyes. It’s been on my mind a bit, and is sort of deeply affecting my view of people. Also in process of trying to come to a decision. We’ll see what Thursday brings.

  20. Where 0 degrees Scorpio falls depends on which house system I use. With Koch, it’s in the 6th House. With Placidus, it falls in the 5th. Which one? Or both? Whichever, it’s opposite my Sun 2 degrees Taurus which is in the 12th in either system.

    • Thankyou!!! And may i add… Last nite I heard from an old boyfriend, from way way back.. huh. This is going to be interesting…Good ole scorpio in 5th house… May i ask… Do i need to look at my natal chart and the relationship between scorpio and what is aspected and/or conjuncted to further my understanding of this eclipse?

  21. Flushshshshsh. I’m flushing you. I’m the know it all. Remember me? I just got to Florida where I have money banked. I was fully prepared to send some to you, till you started this know it all shit. And you’re the one who writes about personal attacks. Good bye.

    Sorry you had to form this snap judgement about me. I’ve been in every state in the U.S. and several countries in Europe. I’m 65 years old – also a world traveler, and avid reader. I’m so sorry for trying to relay some of the experiential wisdom I’ve accumulated. It’ll never happen again.

  22. whoa just looked it up I have saturn in scorpio in my third house at 04°25 and it looks like this will hit me still in the third house and I have to say its right on for me right now i am really reevaluating relationships and who people really are to me and not just glossing over everything, O.O
    although the fourth house is too I have been really cleaning out the last few months, gotta love astrology!

  23. Lilith at 0.13 Scorpio 8th house…. Not liking the vibe… Been a very hard year, with a feeling that it might be just about to do a big shift. Big ending, big beginning. Been in bed for 4 hours, and have given up on trying to sleep.

  24. 6th/7th house cusp and this Scorpio moon is feelin’ fine! This feels like the dawn of a new day for me. Declutter, diet and working on purging toxic ways of relating to my partner. Thanks Elsa for nailing it.

  25. 11th house, conjuncts natal jupiter also in 11th house (3.36 degrees) and sextiles natal moon in capricorn (29.52 degrees) in 2nd house 🙂

  26. All I know is that since Saturn has entered Scorpio I’ve been celibate and the love of my life (our relationship) ended at the beginning of this transit. I have literally lost everything since Saturn has been in Scorpio. I am a Cancer Sun and it hasn’t done me ANY good whatsoever in the love nor romance dept whatsoever. What gives?

    This eclipse at zero degrees falls in my 1stH of Libra rising. I feel bloated, unattractive, exhausted, broke and look older. Is that what it’s supposed to do to me?

  27. This Oct 23rd eclipse falls in my 12th, conjunct Uranus exact (0.25). However, Scorpio rules my 1st/asc at 12 degrees, so affects me there too. This also opposes my Taurus Sun (1.19) and Mercury (4.59) in my 6th house (Taurus also rules my 7th). And trines my Mars in 4th house Pisces. Saturn in Scorpio has been wreaking havoc on my marriage, also affecting work. Not excited about 12th house hidden matters popping up, unless they’re good, of course!

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