Solar Eclipse In Scorpio: November 13, 2012 – Pure Power

I’m looking forward to the powerful eclipse in Scorpio on November 13th.   I know eclipses scare people but this one is remarkable in that the Sun and Moon are unaspected, unless you really use a wide orb.  This means this energy is very pure.

To understand, think in terms of cocaine. There is pure cocaine. But the cocaine that a person can buy has usually been cut and cut again and again and again with a variety of other substances. This dilutes it’s strength and alters it’s qualities. On, November 13th, we’ll be dealing with raw power.

Now that may scare some, but energy is neutral until directed. Surely you have use for some high quality fuel.

To take advantage of this, be sure to set an intention for the house in your chart where the eclipse falls @ 21 degrees Scorpio.

The eclipse falls in my 10th (public /career/parental). I intend to feel (Moon) my power (Scorpio) and to shine (Sun) as a  empowering source of energy for others (Scorpio)…at my job, as a parent, and every time I leave the house.

How will you channel the energy of the eclipse?

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Solar Eclipse In Scorpio: November 13, 2012 – Pure Power — 65 Comments

  1. This eclipse is going to hit right on my natal Saturn! Oh boy I don’t even know what to expect… It’s in my tenth house eeep*

  2. Conjunct my Juno/11th. It also opposes my Sun, but the energy is separating so I’m not sure if I should consider it (Sun at 16 degrees Taurus).

  3. Conjunct my 6th house Neptune and opposite Ceres.

    If 4 degrees isn’t too big of an orb, it will also be conjunct my South Node.

    I feel like something is afoot.

  4. The eclipse is in my 11th House, nearly on top of my sun-solar return (three days later) with Chiron ne near-by. I intend to feel confident about shining(sun) in circles of people (friends and affiliations) by healing old wounds through giving and getting quality all the way around.

  5. 8th house here, with pluto making his last pass over my moon I’m hoping the door to the final transformation will finally open.

  6. Yay! It’s my birthday, which is special this year as I am having my 2nd Saturn Return. It’s been very interesting so far and I am looking forward to my bday for a change:)

  7. Wow. 3rd house, conj. my Uranus and IC. Sextile my Moon.

    I’m not sure how I might use this, but both my thoughts and feelings could use some power.

  8. Agh, the eclipse will be right on my ascendant! And loosely conjunct my Sun, Mercury and Pluto. I’m off to bawl for a while… just jk!, I think it’ll be interesting 🙂

  9. 9th house…….been holding back on putting any energy into that until ”the appropriate time”…..which probably started last week with the Full Moon. Here we go…..

  10. 7 th house, I have natal mars at 19 degree scorpio. Donno what would that mean. But scorpio mars in seventh house with raw energy sounds so mouth watering.

  11. It’s a few days off my birthday, and my SR chart has Scorpio rising, with asc, north node and sun conjunct the eclipse! And conjunct natal Jupiter! I. Cannot. Wait.

  12. Well its all about me! 1st house, I feel moon) my power and no one is taking it from me anymore, i have done the work to erradicate the inner demons (scorp)and I am now authentic in my life (sun) and I have earned the rewards of a new life now!

  13. This eclipse will be exact my NN in the 5th House. I have no idea how to handle this energy or what it could mean. Will I get an evolutionary push? Pluto will be exact my Capricorn Sun on this day as well making its final pass. I wish I understood eclipses more. Why do people fear them? Off to do research on this.

  14. Will be within 1 degree of my north node as well, 4th house – definitely excited and focussing on positive forward motion!

  15. It’ll conjunct my ASC to the exact degree and nothing else in my chart makes aspects with it. It’s also my Venus Return, wherein Pluto is conjunct the ASC of that chart. Should be interesting to say the least!

  16. It is in my 12th house conjunct my natal Neptune. I am guiding my first meditation class two days before. I hope that energy will inspire my students to a higher octave of Love and Healing.

  17. 7th house and conjunct my natal Neptune. I have moon in 8 deg Scorpio. I know 7th house is marriage, what kind of illusion/dillusion it will bring I don’t know. Already dealing a trouble some married life. Any advice for me anyone?? Or anyone has gone through this kind of situation??

    Elsa, usually how long the Ecllips effect lasts?? does it last for 6 years??

    I got married right on Solar ecllips 20000, January, I didn’t know at that time. But it has come out intense stressful since solar ecillips 2007 on Virgo.

  18. “Elsa, usually how long the Ecllips effect lasts?? does it last for 6 years??”

    No…very brief, as far as I’m concerned. A few days to fade out.

  19. Imum Coeli Scorpio 20°43’22. I know this is my fourth house. Been married for 20 years and have wanted out for at least the last 10. Is this a good intention to set during the eclipse? A good time to tell him to get a lawyer? Thanks!

  20. The Total Solar Eclipse isn’t really unaspected

    It is

    conjunct transneptunian dwarf planet candidate/plutino Huya in 20’32 Scorpio

    oppose transneptunian dwarf planet candidate/detached object/(possibly Inner Oort Cloud Sedna in 23’13 Taurus

    quincunx transneptunian dwarf planet/scattered disk object Eris in 21’52 Aries R

    my Venus in 21’47 Scorpio in 3rd

  21. From the 21st Century Astrological perspective,
    The Solar Eclipse is highly aspected

    The upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in 21’56 Scorpio will have 5 transneptunian influences
    conjunct Huya in 20’32 Scorpio
    oppose Sedna in 23’13 Taurus R
    trine Salacia in 23’45 Pisces R
    quincunx Eris in 21’42 Aries R
    conjunct Geocentric South Deucalion Node in 21’30 Scorpio
    oppose Geocentric North Deucalion Node in 21’30 Taurus

    The Solar Eclipse actually occurs on the day of the exact Sun-Earth-Deucalion Node alignment (Sun in 21’30 Scorpio conjunct Geocentric South Deucalion Node in 21’30 Scorpio,oppose Geocentric North Deucalion Node in 21’30 Taurus, Earth in 21’30 Taurus conjunct/oppose Heliocentric Deucalion Nodes in 21’30 Taurus/Scorpio

    Eris is a transneptunian dwarf planet, and Sedna, Salacia, and Huya are transneptunian dwarf planet candidates.
    Huya is a plutino (has 2:3 orbital resonance with Neptune), and so it’s astronomically similar to Pluto and logically should be astrologically similar to Pluto.
    Deucalion is a classical kuiper belt object aka cubewano (based on 1992 QB1 as prototype), and so it has a steadier orbit compared to other transneptunian objects.

    Huya is named after a rain god in Native American mythology
    Deucalion is named after the Greek version of Noah who survived a flood
    Sedna is named after the Inuit Ocean Goddess
    Salacia is transneptunian dwarf planet candidate named after the wife of Neptune.

    so actually the Solar Eclipse has 5 transneptunian influences including 4 water archetype influences

    With the strong water stuff , Huya, Sedna, Deucalion, Salacia I can’t help think that the Total Solar Eclipse has to do with the Hurricane Sandy and the flooding.

  22. i dont know what i think about this but i am uncomfy. and that might be down to merc sq nept because i am not used to being mentally foggy for such a drawn out timeframe. ug.

    the eclipse hits my natal neptune exact and opposes my NN. you are the only astrologer discussing this that does not use wider orbit and i am wondering how flexible one can be about this. i had tried to come up with some reason (like, well, this IS an eclipse)to justify others using sometimes a 10′ orb but it seemed a bit too ‘loose’ to me. i would feel much more at ease thinking of this as pure energy.

    i dont have a ‘positive’ sense but i cant tell why.

  23. It’s conjunct my ascendant on the 12th house side, and squaring my personal planets in Leo.

    The lights will be turned up so I’m going to find what’s absolutely crucial to my identity on a spiritual level.

  24. I think some will be disillusioned this month and blame the eclipse. An eclipse in Scorpio has nothing to do with disillusionment but I realize not everyone shares my opinion!

  25. I’m in the same boat as OhDear.

    I have Mercury 19*41’and Uranus 22*/Scorpio/5th. They both form quincunxes to my Moon 20* Aries/10th.
    (And I suppose they both semi-sextile my Pluto/Libra/4th, but I really haven’t studied semi-sextiles) This holds true in Placidus AND Equal.

    I’m not really sure what this means for me, except I’m hoping I have an “ah ha!” moment, a creative burst of mental energy/expression that digs deep into the shit and blows the lid off the manhole of the sewer that’s been stinking up my life for a long time now.

    There’s one person in particular that needs to get hit with some raw sewage, but I don’t really want to do that to them. I’d be concerned about the potential repercussions for myself.

  26. Solar eclipse is in my 12th house. Sun in Scorp, Moon in Leo, Asc. Sag. What intention should I be focused on? Any suggestions??

  27. This will be just 4 degrees from my Scorpio Moon. I’ve already started to feel the buzz and I’m looking forward to the 13th! I’m still working on my intention.

  28. 3 degrees from my Scorp Sun I think. if I’m understanding this correctly (have a terrible time making sense of these things! it’s just me). 5th house. Not sure what it means except maybe embrace my creativity?

  29. Sorry, I don’t understand, is it on Satuday or is it on the 13th? you wrote Sautrday in Heads up*?
    A friend and I are making a birthday party on Saturday, so we need to know 😀 Thanks Elsa!:*

  30. “To take advantage of this, be sure to set an intention for the house in your chart where the eclipse falls @ 21 degrees Scorpio.”

    It would be so HELPFUL if someone could please explain, step by step, just how to do this.

    Thanks in adavnce !

  31. Thank you, Elsa!

    I am going to have the Solar Eclipse conjunct my Mercury-Venus conjunction
    Eclipse in 21’56 Scorpio conjunct my 2nd/9th house ruler Venus in 21’47 Scorpio in 3rd house
    Eclipse in 21’56 Scorpio conjunct my 1st/10th house ruler Mercury in 18’21 Scorpio in 3rd house

    In Declinations:
    Transiting Sun parallel my Venus – ’04 separating
    Transiting Sun parallel my Mercury – ’09 applying
    Transiting Sun parallel my Neptune – ’42 applying
    Transiting Sun contraparallel my Saturn – ’47 applying
    Transiting Moon parallel my Venus – ’27 separating
    Transiting Moon parallel my Mercury – ’13 separating
    Transiting Moon parallel my Neptune – ’19 applying
    Transiting Moon contraparallel my Saturn – ’25 applying

    In my Chart: I have Mercury and Venus in both conjunction and parallel to each other, and the Solar Eclipse aspects both

    I see it as my being forced to change my social life
    I think that it will be like telling me “Get off your butt, go out, and mingle!”

    I am thinking of going out and have some fun on the night of the Eclipse.

    I ordered Celeste Teal’s book on Solar Eclipses and Patricia Walsh’s Evolutionary Astrology book.
    They are going to be delivered to me on November 14th.

    I just recently started going to a Unitarian Universalist church here in Olympia, Washington. I started attending membership classes.
    I am going to a community dinner at the church tonight.

    The Solar Eclipse may be connected to that.

  32. A sincere thank you for the link Elsa — as well as your patience with me! I have much to investigate and with you as well as the Boards marvelous guidance I am looking forward to all of the exploration. I only hope you know how much your “Head’s Up from Elsa” weekly serves as my road-map. So comforting to have some additional navigation ~ M U C H appreciation!



  33. I hope this turns out as a good thing, otherwise I’m in for a world of hurt….

    The solar eclipse in scorpio will fall in my 5th house(creativity,romance,children,games) (equal house/koch house system)

    I have a 4 planet stellium in my 5th house….sun 23’53 mars 26’32, mercury 28’57 , uranus 8′ 30…..all in Scorpio…..Also my north node and vertex both are also in scorpio.

  34. Help. If I have a natal chart with scorpio moon 23 degrees, 2nd house, what should I be looking for, or intending, as a newbie here?

  35. Hi all! 🙂

    I am very interested in any feedback on something, i’ve been ‘googling’ like crazy & can’t find the info…
    I have a huge Scorpio stellium – Sun, Uranus, North Node, Mars etc. – all in the 5th house. BUT they are at 5-13 degrees (Sun at 5degrees) so although all my Scorpio horoscopes say i’ll be affected, i’m wondering if it actually will given the wide orb.
    Does anyone have any insight into eclipses conjuncting their sun on a wide orb?
    Thanks in advance!

  36. Wow! I have something very similar, although mine is in early degrees Scorp (& mercury conjunct in late libra).
    This eclipse should be huge for you given the degrees involved! Don’t stress about it, although it can thow curveballs any changes are always for the best!

  37. My birthday is Nov. 13. I have Sun (20.28), Moon, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio (all below 30 degrees), all in 3rd House. Virgo in Ascendant, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto (all below 25 degrees) . Chiron in Pisces. My personality and appearance have changed dramatically in the past 6 months (for the better). Serious adversity and ego deaths in last year. With Saturn in Scorpio’s 1st house and now the solar eclipse, should I expect the unrelenting cellular turnove to continue? I almost don’t recognize myself anymore (good, but intense).

  38. Hi there, I would like some guidance in how to determine which house the eclipse appears in my chart. I have my natal and transit chart, but I guess I don’t understand how to read them to find this information? A friend of mine uses an Ephemeris. Is that how you find out? I don’t understand this detail, can someone please enlighten me? Please?

  39. @Elsa, I just told my 3 astro friends it was an eclipse night, no big deal… I’ll tell them it wasn’t 😀 and that it really is today. It went on really undramaticly, the party, so it got me confused… 🙂 and they did not correct me 😉

  40. Elsa, once i learned that the effect of the eclipse is delayed if there is retro mercury at the time of eclipse. I personally agree with this, I witnessed a delayed effect many times with mercury retro. What do you think?

  41. Valerie is this the same Valerie I met at a Renaissance event in South Carolina a few winters ago? In which case you deserve to be relieved of sewer-like situations! It’s taken me a good 8 years to climb out of one myself, and another year to clean myself up, and thinking I will be ready this year to attend the prince’s ball. Best to you.

  42. the solar eclipse occurred in my 12th house of scorpio, conjunct natal jupiter, keeping in mind that saturn is in opposition to my natal saturn and mars at the same time. needless to say, i am a mess. what is going on? what steps should i take, and what will the lunar eclipse bring for me- my natal moon is in gemini 7th house. thanks friends!

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