Solar Eclipse In Pisces: March 8, 2016 -Making Your Dreams Real

pisces solar eclipse 2016The solar eclipse in Pisces takes place at 18 degrees, in the evening on March 8th. It’s tightly opposed by Jupiter in Virgo, also at 18 degrees. Saturn in Sagittarius at 16 degrees completes the T-square.

We’re always concerned with new beginnings at the time of a new moon. This eclipse is no different but the influence of Jupiter and Saturn cannot be denied.

To understand the distinction, consider the idea of a wish book, where you can write down anything you can dream up. That would Pisces, acting alone.

But with Jupiter in Virgo, your wish or your vision has got to make sense. And with Saturn involved, you’ll probably have to commit, at the very least. And there may be hard work and perseverance required in order to manifest this thing you can imagine.  I’ll give you an example…

I envision a huge garden this season, with a wide variety of vegetables produced in sufficient quantity, I can invite people over to help themselves. I imagine my fruit trees (peach, plum, apple and pears) covered in flowers that turn into fruit for the enjoyment of many.

I also want grapes on my vines and beautiful flowers I can cut for my table. Sound good?

Sounds good to me! But I won’t get any of this if I don’t test and amend the soil in the garden. I won’t get any of this if I don’t prune and feed the trees, take care of pests and weeds and whatever else comes along.

So when you’re setting your intention…be willing to support your wish with practical effort, otherwise, I think it’s called, “pissing in the wind”.

What do you imagine?



Solar Eclipse In Pisces: March 8, 2016 -Making Your Dreams Real — 29 Comments

  1. The new moon Will fall in my 8th house. I read that whatever happens could be difficult but powerful – which is normally how I like things…

    I imagine a life that reflects my values more than ever before. I see my daughter and I in our new apartment, an oasis of plants, creativity, color and organization. I imagine delicious and healthy food, flowering friendships, ever more creative fun with the children in our English classes.

    Growth, growth, growth.

    A deep transformation supported by Saturn in the fifth and Jupiter in the second.

  2. I have been working, and I mean really working (many 6th house transits for me out there) on launching my own lifestyle blog. I’m changing careers, and I want it to look and sound professional, straight from the start, because I’m going to use the blog as a portfolio. I have been thinking about a launch date, and today, it occured to me March 8th, International Women’s Day, would be perfect. I knew the Sun would be out of my 6th house by then, but didn’t check what Moon was up to. This sounds great!

  3. That Jerry Jeff Walker! We used to sing that long for days back in the day. It’s apt for the work involved in making dreams manifest. I just gotta chuckle at the images that rewind when I hear JJW singing that tune:/

  4. So… I’m 29 going through my Saturn return… My Sun is at 16 degrees Sagittarius in 2nd house… And My moon is 16 degrees Pisces in 5th house… So I’ll let you guys know how it goes! LMAO !

  5. it’s my birthday soon also..on the 11th..I am so pisces with the wish book/pissing in the wind. I don’t have any dreams to even work hard to attain..Neptune is hitting me hard. I just wan’t to let it be. and sing “let it be” with my glass of wine in my hand.

  6. Well… It’s gonna trine my Mars in the eighth. Maybe, I’ll run into some furniture. Or, a very willing ex… I’d be happy with a sandwich and a beer.

  7. So this eclipse will conjunct my natal Jupiter in my 11th house. Im not sure if that will be a good aspect or a negative one. I mean, if its opposing transit jupiter in my fifth-I’m worried about my son and how this will affect him. Saturn is transit his sixth house of health at the moment and he is a Virgo sun with a virgo stellium in his third house! His North node is conjunct chiron in Aquarius in his 8th so he is incredibly aware. Fingers crossed this will pan out beautifully. Love and Light x0x0x

  8. I am so confused. This seems a great opportunity for me, yet daunting.
    My Virgo planets-sun 11, Mercury 5, vesta 9, pluto17, Uranus 19.
    Midheaven 2 Pisces, Saturn 27 Pisces, Chiron 24 Pisces. Neptune 19 Scorpio.
    Ascendant 26 Gemini. Jupiter 26 cancer.
    I feel like and know I need to do something with this, but what? Neptune transit makes me afraid.

  9. March 8 is also “International Women’s Day” and UNIFY is having a Global Meditation all around the world with Women’s Circles being facilitated at 7pm where ever we are. I’m facilitating one of those circles, and I’m going to print this forecast out as part of the folder I’m giving participants.
    I really dig the idea of a “Wish Book” and with the extra information provided, let’s make sure our ladies aren’t “pissing in the wind”.
    Thank you for all you do.

  10. Well, it was a weird day yesterday and a longstanding dream did come true. But now I’m not sure I even want it now after 9 years of waiting, lol. I gave up the dream some months ago and it suddenly resurrected out of the clear sky. Guess I will let the Piscean emotions pass first. I have to see clearly as I can’t right now with all this watery, mutableness. Hoping Aries will help with that.

  11. My husband filed a police report this week on a former caregiver (she stole money and gift card from us). We have to go to court. 🙁

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