Solar Eclipse In Gemini: June 10, 2021- Baffling

gemini twins orange coatsThe solar eclipse in Gemini takes place in the morning on June 10th.  As you see below, the sun and moon will be tightly conjunct Gemini-ruler, Mercury which is retrograde. This is not insignificant!

It’s also not easy to delineate. Is this some kind of backwards reboot?  What is a backwards reboot?  Does something like this exist?   Are you sure? Have you ever changed your mind?

I hate to write in this way but here’s a fact: the sun, moon and Mercury will all square Neptune during the solar eclipse.  This adds considerable fog but will the fog lift? Or will it descend?

Will it descend for some and lift for others?
Will it descend in some areas and lift in others?
For which people? And by the way, how do you divide people?
Where does that line go again?
I was wondering if it might lift and then descend or maybe descend before it lifts.

Hey, I’m sorry. There are too many variables.

There is going to be a lot of lies and deception at this time.  And there are no lines.

Case in point, I know of people lying and saying they have taken the you know what.
I also know of people lying and saying they have not taken the you know what.
Confused yet? If not, let me fix this for you: the parties may be lying about lying.

We’re heading into the baffling scenario where no one will be “un-tricked”.  This is what I think and because I think this, I plan to withhold judgement.

solar eclipse in Gemini 2021 cropI do notice that no one really claims to know what’s up any more. I think this is healthy. We all realize we’re in the fog. This seems to be an improvement.  We’ve been upgraded, perhaps in our sleep!

How you fare in this confusing and constantly mutating scenario depends on your nature to a large extent. It’s a matter of not panicking when crisp and clean information is not available.

Also, the eclipse is at 19 degrees, Mercury is at 20 degrees (apply). This is going to prolong the effect of this and in fact, this solar eclipse will last 3 minutes and 41 seconds.

Further, Neptune is at 23 degrees which means that post the eclipse, the moon will close the square with the planet.  The sun will close the square with Neptune a couple days later. I believe this will also stretch out the effects… sort of like a fog bank which will dissipate slowly (and magically).

I like the picture on this post…

The little boy said something. His sister says, “Say what?”
The little boy says, “I didn’t say anything.”

I wonder if that little girl imagined the words.

Ha ha ha.

How do you feel about about this?

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Solar Eclipse In Gemini: June 10, 2021- Baffling — 31 Comments

  1. Argggg, in my 12th house! Neptune is conjunct my sun ,has been for awhile so everything has been feeling nebulous for awhile anyway.

  2. This trines my Libra sun at 18 degrees, moon at 23 degrees, jupiter at 16 degrees. And it’s in my 6H. I don’t need more confusion in my life.

    The Sag eclipse we just had was in my 12H and there were some genuine endings – literally veils being lifted showing me where I’ve been deceiving myself, (self-undoing in every sense of the word) – for the past 3 1/2 years. I’m on a serious quest for totally and completely letting go and letting God, and so I’m going to be praying for a heavy duty defogger for the events surrounding this eclipse, because life’s too short this b.s., especially when you’re the one bringing it on yourself.

    Peace to everyone and happy MDW.

  3. I am not worried about the eclipse. Fog doesn’t undo me as I am used to working with uncertainty.

    However, I am more concerned about June 14th which will have Saturn squaring Uranus which I think could be harsh.

    I hope you will write something about this.

  4. I had not realised before this Mercury retrograde the amazing benefit of said Mercury retrograde. It has made me rethink events in my past that happened on Mercury retrograde.

    I have also noticed it around political events. For instance, At the end of March 2019 Brexiteers in the UK were expecting to come out of the EU. Of course that didn’t happen and this transit around that time I think often turns up when the government lies about something.

    So I’m sure it is a complete coincidence that the UK government is going on about this “Indian variant” that is spreading right before they were going to open up and that their date for opening up, June 21st, is one day before Mercury turns direct.

    Anyway, a transiting Sun – NN conversation. Suffice to say when working on these themes that an eclipse over the Mercury retrograde only makes things more interesting!

  5. Fog, soup, yep , can’t tell onion from celery, can’t see the edge of land or road; my puzzle has missing pieces
    I haven’t had a shot as no one seems
    Too clear on when it’s safe for me who had Covid bad, still finding myself with anxiety and breathing
    Difficulty,never ever had trouble
    Breathing, I remain masked in
    Close settings with strangers
    Still not planted seeds:( praying
    These coming Pisces days

    • @Raerae
      Sorry to hear you had COVID and now trouble breathing…sending prayers for lungs to heal and freely expand.
      I don’t blame you for hunkering down. This has been all too worrisome!
      I hedge in the J&J as no way do I want a second one and God knows what the side effects are. One snd done feels more comfortable but it’s not as protective. Some say they have a good immune system and can fight it, but it goes beyond the immune system and that’s the trouble.
      Be safe Raerae!

  6. You know they’re lying
    They know you know they’re lying
    You know they know you know they’re lying

    * saw something to that affect written somewhere
    The other one i like is…

    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies
    *Tupac Shakur

  7. This will be conjunct Chiron in the 9th house. My MC is at 26 if Gemini so I’m not sure if that’s conjunct or now, but it’s be interesting to see what happens with this solar eclipse. A lot of folks have been discussing the likelihood of lying and dishonesty.

  8. Makes me think of gaslighting, which I have been thinking a lot about. I am trying to understand how to react when someone has gaslighted you.

  9. my natal gemini sun is at 20 degrees and my natal neptune is at 23 degrees and on and on….I have so many correlations in my chart for this gemini eclipse ….it’s gotta be big….my mother passed yesterday so far…whats next!!

    • Sorry you lost your mum. I find eclipses are windows to cross over.My mother left the earth at an eclipse also.

    • I’m sorry I didn’t do this time. I had this other thing to say in this case so I broke loose. But I do intend to keep that format.

  10. Sun in gemini.. Is the communication soul moving toward mercury retrograde in gemini.. Is the backward movement of communication, being caught up by the emotions of thoughts, coliding with the core of the fact that everything looks better from a distance, the closer we get, the less romantic.

    Lying sounds deliberate, this has more to do with being true. True to yourself, honest if someone askes you what you think.
    But they probably ask too many questions at once and you are not even sure what the question is behind the question.
    What do you want me to say, what are you really asking me, are you monitoring my reaction, is my answer symbolic for something deeper, are you trying to asses me thru my words?

    … don’t forget the drop in solar power :p

    For me its just before my natal sun with moon conj just passend the sun both in gemini, opposite neptune. In my tenth house.
    The develpments have been brewimg for some time. I don’t know what will come of it.
    It helped to look into my natal cancer mercury, I looked into it coincedently.

    Many things have started unfoling in front of my eyes, indeed deception, shift of what was meant.. Not directe to me though.

    3 weeks left and then I end an internship thing at work, and present my research findings to the managers, the team that is usually sky high above me.
    I act as if it’s not a big deal but it is.
    The presentstion might be in 3 weeks or it might take longer.
    I have a rehearsel next tuesday.

    I feel like, I will just wait see and feel out the water to see what happens…

  11. I just lost everything Tuesday in a fire at my storage facility where both my business and personal belongings have been since November as it’s been difficult due to Covid fall out to find the right place/ space. Suspecting that was in response to Saturday’a shenanigans…

    My boyfriend said I love you and then went dark for 2 weeks. Came up for air briefly when I asked if he was okay and is continuing no contact unless he needs something … with zero explanation.

    I’ve been in a literal fog, filled with uncertainty and many days with little energy which is not at all my usual. Breathing into the eclipse energy and preparing to set some ahhmazing intentions and new beginnings energy…

    Sending love to all

    • ((((((Songmistress))))) I am so sorry. Hopefully, your boyfriend is just clueless. Have you tried asking him for something specific?
      In whatever case, I hope you find some degree of peace and comfort today.

      • Thanks Elsa! I intuited he was just being a man and retreating to his cave after the big declaration. I believe/ believed he is working on himself to be the best version of himself for me, and clueless about the time frame… That could be a Neptune illusion, time will tell. I do plan on addressing it but am sitting on it for now.

  12. Having a strong Mercury, this morning, my nervous system nearly melted down. I had a massive panic attack over this eclipse, but now, I am feeling much calmer and am in study mode. I plan to monitor what happens due to these eclipses closely.

    Right now, I have not heard anything from my brother who turned 43 on June 2nd. He has a 17* Sagittarius Rising opposite his 11* Gemini Sun. He has a 10* Taurus Moon, too. I can’t get into contact with him and haven’t been able to since the 23rd of May.

    I am at the point of Que Sera Sera like the old Doris Day song. Whatever will be will be.

    • I messed that up. My brother’s AC is 11* Sag with Neptune at 17* there and his Sun is 12* Gemini. I am worried about him, but all I can do is wait to see if he will be okay.

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