Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: Christmas 2019 – Effects By House

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The solar eclipse in Capricorn place around midnight on December 25th; it may be the 26th in your land. Eclipses and Capricorn scare people but this seems a fine situation to me.

The sun and moon will be conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus in Taurus.  It may not be sexy, but it’s decidedly good and simple and pure.

Think about someone putting something tangible into your hand. Money. Plain chocolate with no goo. You don’t expect (Uranus) the gift (Jupiter) and you may not even feel you deserve it (Capricorn), but you get it anyway and it matters.

You may be the one who offers the gift and you may not even know you’re going to do it until the minute you do.

We set intentions under new moons / a solar eclipse. Here are some ideas, depending on where the eclipse falls in your chart:

  • Solar eclipse in the 1st house:  Solid leadership.
  • Solar eclipse in the 2nd house: Save for a rainy day or being investing for the long term.
  • Solar eclipse in the 3rd house: Your words carry weight.
  • Solar eclipse in the 4th: Family structure, solid base.
  • Solar eclipse in the 5th: Art of business; creative work.
  • Solar eclipse in the 6th house:  Work hard in service to others.  Help out! Structured diet or routine.
  • Solar eclipse in the 7th: Firm commitment to a partner, romantic or otherwise.
  • Solar eclipse in the 8th house: Get a handle on your shadow / pathology / obsessions.
  • Solar eclipse in the 9th: Solid knowledge. Pay dues for wisdom.
  • Solar eclipse in the 10th: You’re in charge and in full view of everyone. Do the right thing!
  • Solar eclipse in the 11th: Support your friends or some kind of social group. You may also plan to manifest your wishes, hopes and dreams.
  • Solar eclipse in the 12th: Ease your burden by helping other bear theirs.

This eclipse falls in my 12th house. Pretty clear what I’ll be doing.

Where will the solar eclipse fall in your chart?  What’s going on in your life?

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Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: Christmas 2019 – Effects By House — 26 Comments

  1. It’s in my 11th house near my NN. I’m about to have a Nodal Return. My Sun actually progresses into Taurus on Christmas. I’m excited about it. I have off that week. I’m planning on indulging in much needed self-care. I plan on spending time with family, not friends per se. However, with more time on my hands, I can see myself spending more time than usual on social media which is H11.

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Solar Eclipse!

  2. The NM will be in my 11H. In addition, Tr Venus will be conjunct my ASC on these days – hello party invitations! I am attending three holiday gatherings on the 24th and 25th. One of the parties will be hosted by my astrology (Uranus) friend (11H), and I (Sun) will set (Tr Mars sesquiquadrates Tr Venus) the holiday dining room table (Tr Venus) for another friend’s (11H) open house.

  3. “Think about someone putting something tangible into your hand. Money. Plain chocolate with no goo.”

    – You have such a way with words, Elsa! This helps with understanding what the eclipse might herald. It is in my 5th house.

    Thank you!

  4. In my 11th house.

    I have just left my job, moving into a new apartment and trying to find out what I want to do next thing, because Jupiter is on its way into my 12th when he hits 8 degrees Capricorn….

    The eclipse is conjunct my SN/ opposite my NN, so something about letting go I guess.
    It’s on my Mars as well, so…. Hm. Does that equals a blowup of some sort?! ?

  5. I’ll be getting my cast off the 26th for my nasal surgery I’ve waited most of my life 🙂 I’m sooo ready! Eclipse is in my 2nd with the Uranus trine in my 6th

  6. Elsa you said that most people fear cap. What about us that embody cap and have to embrace Scorpio how do we deal do we just keep on? And how can we learn to others the pain we know while also teaching them and ride above?

  7. This one is falling directly on my MC/Venus conjunction. It’s a holiday week so I’m not sure how much importance it will have regarding my career, but we’ll see.

  8. I read somewhere that the effects of a solar eclipse don’t necessarily manifest immediately, but will do so over the year from the actual event date. If this is this correct, aspect “surprises” can pop up at anytime until next Christmas.
    Oh boy, a year of looking over their shoulders may leave a bunch of people with stiff necks, looking for that shoe to drop or ship to come in.

    • Actually you would want to focus on the time between the two eclipses (this one and the one in cancer on Jan 10th). This two eclipses will blow away all obstacles to the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunction next year.

      The truth will be revealed and people will be released from the burden of their pasts. A new beginning of sorts…

  9. 8th house, and with pluto conjunct my venus already, I am even more fearful of what’s ahead. Been hit by sledge hammer already with this conjunction : /

  10. 6th house. The eclipse falls conjunct (within minutes) my Jupiter, 2 degrees conjunct my Moon and opposite my Sun by 1 degree. I’ve been working on both being of service/helping out, as well as, adjusting and working on a structured diet/routine. My hopes are high while my efforts are grounded in being of service day by day.

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