Solar Eclipse In Cancer: June 21, 2020: Effects By House

Solar EclipseThe solar eclipse in Cancer will take place near midnight in the early morning on June 21st.  Consequently, you’ll want to set your intention the night before.

This eclipse is notable because it takes place at zero degrees. How this might be experienced is debatable but the idea that both lights (sun and moon) change signs in tandem does suggest it there will be an appreciable shift.

Cancer is a feeling sign. I think I”ll check my feelings before I got to sleep on the 20th. I’ll check them again when I wake up. I’m just curious.

Also note the the sun and moon are unaspected outside of a square from Mars in Pisces.  It you want to open the orbs to 10 degrees, Neptune is also involved, but on the periphery.  There are no real lines with Neptune or with feelings (Cancer) for that matter. The first thing that comes to mind is tears.

Now I’m sorry about that but I need to be honest. Mars is a trigger. Neptune can easily overwhelm a person. I’ll be on the phone with someone and they’ll just start to cry.  I understand this because it’s happened to me, many times.

You don’t have to be afraid of this eclipse, though I admit there could be some danger associated with it.  But I do think a lot of people will be overcome with the emotion they’re been stuffing down over these last weeks or months; years or even a life time

solar eclipse in cancer 2020We set intentions under new moons / a solar eclipse. Here are some ideas, depending on where the eclipse falls in your chart:

  • Solar eclipse in the 1st house:  Present yourself as a nurturing person.
  • Solar eclipse in the 2nd house: Beautify your home. Same money to buy a home.
  • Solar eclipse in the 3rd house: Let someone know that you care.
  • Solar eclipse in the 4th: Live for your family.
  • Solar eclipse in the 5th:  Express your caring, creatively.
  • Solar eclipse in the 6th house:  Bring some cookies to work! Help people in need.
  • Solar eclipse in the 7th: Nurture your partner (romantic or otherwise).
  • Solar eclipse in the 8th house: Heal your family.
  • Solar eclipse in the 9th: Caring for others, outside your usual norm.
  • Solar eclipse in the 10th: Set an example as a good parent or person in charge!
  • Solar eclipse in the 11th: Nurture your friends.
  • Solar eclipse in the 12th: Sacrifice for your family.

Where will the solar eclipse fall in your chart?  What’s your intention?



Solar Eclipse In Cancer: June 21, 2020: Effects By House — 41 Comments

  1. 9th house… caring for others outside my usual norm…
    That’s difficult for me. I try to help whenever I can, but don’t usually go out of my way to reach out if a person doesn’t express any need.
    I don’t feel very confident or strong enough to take on some types of problems.
    I’m afraid I’d be tacky or something.

  2. 12th house. Mentions sacrifice for one’s family.

    That’s been one of my major intentions for over 5 years now, but that theme is prominent throughout my life.

  3. There is an applicable 0°10′ approaching quincunx to Saturn by this 6/21/20 Sun/Moon eclipse. Perfected by the Moon 24 minutes later and 7 hours 23 minutes later by the Sun. The out of sign square to Mars is separating, Mars will have been squared by the Moon June 16 and the Sun squared Mars June 6th. I think the public is fed up with the way its been living and will want to take more chances according to their own dictates, which could be anything.

    • Corrections & additional: There is an applicable 0°19′ applying quincunx to Saturn by this 6/21/20 Sun/Moon eclipse. Perfecting to Saturn by the then out of bounds Moon 24 minutes later and perfecting to Saturn by the Sun 7 hours 23 minutes later.

      The eclipse’ out of sign square of Sun to Mars is separating, the Sun has squared Mars June 6. The Moon at 25°ge34′, before going void, squares Mars on June 20, 8h55m prior to the eclipse.

      Moon goes out of bounds 1h28m before the eclipse. The Moon is void and out of bounds for 37 minutes before Moon enters Cancer.

      • Do you have any suggestions about how these aspects may affect the effects of the eclipse?

        It’s starting to sound like this SE will be rather exceptional even if it WEREN’T dancing on my NNode Return conjunct MC conjunct POF.

    • I’m afraid! My MC is at Gem 28°, my North Node (yes, I’m having a North Node return now and then) is Gem 29° and my Part of Fortune is Can 1°.

      All trine natal Saturn.

      Opposite of course for all of us that dastardly stellium moving retro into Cap.

      • I forgot to say, that my Nessus is at 4. Or I just try to forget it. I’ve once had my lunar return ascendant on this little bastard. I will never forget that day, as Elsa or Satori wrote, it would be dangerous to talk to someone. Yes, yes. There were right. Thank god, I realized the situation and turned into a spider as well. Black humor can be very helpful under this sky.

        • I haven’t always paid attention to astrology till recently; it will be interesting if this SE gives me something to remember it by.

  4. Opposite my natal 0* Cap Merc square 29* Virgo Pluto so…

    Owning the, “Listen! Put ALL the feelings out on the table. Puke ’em up! Go! No judgement.”
    Then banking sincerely on my darling Pisces Moon, “Please & thank you?” TeeHee. It’s a sorry not sorry moon in my opinion.

  5. Hello people. My son ran away from rehab last night around 2;45 AM. He is 17 and has bad asthma. He has nothing but the clothes on his back, no water, no money and is in the woods in Alabama somewhere. No body knows where he is. Him and a friend left the rehab in the middle of the night. The other kid is from Colorado so neither boys know where they are, there is no nobody that either of them know for hundreds of miles. It’s food or water or money he is asthmatic…they have been broke out since before 2:45 AM (the staff does a bed check at 2:45 and neither kid was in there bed) and there is nobody that knows them any where around. Guys please help me. I am in shock and scared and worried about my boy. Please I’m going to post his birthday and if you guys can point me in any direction or a helpful tidbit anything guys anything.
    Dax Matthew Olszowka
    December 19, 2002
    6:36 AM
    Cullman, AL
    Please if anybody could help me. He is my first born and he is so important and I miss him and want him safe at home please help me guys please😔

      • Thanks Dee! He was found 2 nights ago. A police officer saw them walking down the road and picked them up! After they had gotten free cookies from a bakery the lady at the bakery called the police department and gave them the info. Hallelujah! Thank you God for bringing my boy home safe.

  6. Heck, I am already bursting with tears these days. F… Crazy times really.

    It’s like everybody is getting surgery or treatments for their eyes these days. My GF, my dad, my BF …. Also my own eyes have trouble reading the text on my phone.

    NN in Gemini?!

    • The wife of one of my clients has been getting critical eye surgeries done the past couple of months. I never thought to connect the timing to the Gemini North Node.

      The eyes are ruled by Aries. Maybe Chiron (healing) in Aries (eyes)?

  7. I one time was explaining to my mom about how at a certain moment
    The sky opened up and began to cry down on me and I was afraid and my mother reached for me and touching me said with her famous wink
    Tears of joy dear, remember your father in the heavens always watching always with you, and she continued to say it’s a sign, it will be ok; when things bring me to tears I can hear her words, it is a sign
    You will be ok, believe

  8. For me it falls in the 8th house: HEAL YOUR FAMILY. There is a schism in the family I created. Ex goes overboard on lst daughter barely giving the time of day to 2nd. The lst daughter decided not to talk to me and we are going on month 4. I do not trust ANY of them due to a long history including the lst daughter’s bipolarity/borderline. My first thought is ‘how’ do I heal my family? What was even more telling was “do I really want to?” The next thought “in order to heal my family they need to be able to RECEIVE and WANT to heal’!!!!! Lots to pray about here!

  9. My rising sign is 9′ Cancer so i should be nurturing going into a new cycle it seems. I do have some new projects lined up.

  10. This eclipse is in my 5th house and trine natal Mercury @0 Scorpio on my 9th cusp. B4 I knew there was an eclipse on the 21st, my schedule has a 2-day meetup (it has been a few yrs since we last saw one another!) with my long-time lover starting in the early afternoon. We have been communicating online during the pandemic and I can’t wait 2see him again! What would this S.E. and its aspects foretell about that?

  11. So, I’m totally lost on this thing; apologies if my ignorance is annoying. Some Qs:

    My progresssed chart for 21 June shows:

    Sun in 5th house, Moon in 11th house – I had the impression that both would be in the same house.

    Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter all in Aries & Moon, Saturn, Neptune all in Libra. Is this 2 stelliums opposing each other? If so, should I find a very large rock to hide under?

    If so, is my natal Aquarius w/Capricorn Stellium looking to show these my public finger?

  12. It will be in my 12th house. I have never actually set an intention on a New Moon before, but I have been compelled to set an intention on this one. An intention regarding my family’s house/living situation. I’ve been writing the intention for a few weeks now so it will be all ready on Saturday. I’m very interested to see how this ends up playing out.

  13. I’m new to the astrology vocabulary and to figuring out what house this solar eclipse will be in my chart. Any guidance or tips? 🙂

  14. 9th house for me: caring for others, outside your usual norm.

    and that’s interesting since I’ve felt that I have been overextending my caretaking recently… it’s been leaving me feeling really drained. my intention is to keep this compassion strong, but discover ways where i can balance sharing my healing attentiveness with others while allocating enough grounding time for myself too. phew, this has been a fierce cycle!

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