Solar Eclipse Cancer: July 2, 2019 – Effects By House

The solar eclipse in Cancer will take place midday on July 2nd at 10 degrees.  This eclipse seems particularly potent, due the fact the Sun and Moon are not in close aspect to of the planets.

You can compare watching a duo on stage; just the two players without interference from anyone or anything outside the coupling.   This may appeal more to some than it does to other.  Libra may be on the fence.

Generally, the period leading up to an event like this is hopped up in some way. I don’t expect this to be the case with this new moon.  It’s because the moon is either supported or ignored as she heads towards the sun.  She’s also in her home sign. This will be a great (peaceful) day to bake or be at home with family.

These conditions indicate, there’s nothing to be afraid up under this eclipse. If you want to hole up, then do it. I don’t think you’ll be bothered if you do (provided you turn off all your ALERTS). This alone seems terrific to me.  A day of peace and agreement (so long as you don’t get involved with Mercury conjunct Mars in Leo!)

new moon in Cancer 2019We set intentions under new moons / a solar eclipse. Here are some ideas, depending on where the eclipse falls in your chart:

  • Solar eclipse in the 1st house:  Lead the family.
  • Solar eclipse in the 2nd house: Nurture investments or your self esteem. Family money.
  • Solar eclipse in the 3rd house: Comfort a sibling or a neighbor.
  • Solar eclipse in the 4th: Enjoy your home.
  • Solar eclipse in the 5th: Nurture children, comfort food and a movie at home.
  • Solar eclipse in the 6th house:  Bring some donuts to work!
  • Solar eclipse in the 7th: Nurture your partner, or “the other” – the person opposite you.
  • Solar eclipse in the 8th house: Offer comfort to someone in trouble or suffering in some way.
  • Solar eclipse in the 9th: Expand your horizons, from home. (Read.)
  • Solar eclipse in the 10th: An authority figure who cares.
  • Solar eclipse in the 11th: Nurture your friendships.
  • Solar eclipse in the 12th: A perfect “bed day”… unless you need to bring comfort to someone hospitalized, in which case you can help improve their “bed day”.

Where will the solar eclipse fall in your chart?  Got plans?


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Solar Eclipse Cancer: July 2, 2019 – Effects By House — 46 Comments

      • Yes and this particular Series, Saros 127 & 139, occurred in 1983 and 2001. So it’s possible to experience similar themes resurfacing from those years. Since we also have a S.Node conjunct Saturn transit, this could feel (Cancer N.Node) like a continuum of something that began in a past life, karmic perhaps – both Series have been running for centuries.

        So far the activity is in my 3rd H, my communication is eclipsing many others around me so I am trying to be careful with words and the language of silence …. curious to see how it translates to my 9th H.

        • Osiris Wife: which eclipse will fall in your 3rd? In my case is the solar. Just trying to figure out how this may play. I sure dont feel like taking shit from anyone… but also using silence a lot… back in 2001 I was not being listened to nor even acknowledged by my family… everything was about my sister’s problems then. Actually, family-wise it is quite a comeback of this theme. Only now she’s more mature.

          • The Lunar Eclipse will be in my 3rd H. But I think it’s T.Pluto (stripping) and T.Saturn (rebuilding) this house that I am feeling. I mentioned earlier that my communication has been moving mountains lately; I am also being heard and my perception, vision is beyond words, almost outer worldly. This house has gone through dramatic changes in the last year; my Prog. Mercury turned direct after ~20 years in retrograde. This has allowed N.Mercury conjunct N.Uranus to function on steroids. So after years of “the dark Knight of the Soul” I am emerging, my mind released from torment, depression and awakened to the endless possibilities of the cosmos. So I think the Lunar Eclipse, through an exact square with my Sun/Moon Midpoint, will deliver a critical piece to this chapter of my life that is missing and I will have to embrace sudden changes, even if it means letting go of my career (Capricorn). Only then will the Solar Eclipse in the 9th House manifest the promise in my Natal; my Prog. Moon is also now traveling through the N.9th H along with the Solar Eclipse thus amplifying that promise.

            2001 – I started building the career, that I am now being called release.

            A more poetic expression – the Lunar Eclipse is the omega, ending the past (T.South Node in Capricorn), so that the Solar Eclipse the alpha, can begin a new chapter, future (T.North Node in Cancer).

            • Oh wow Osiris Wife. I never really took an in-depth look at my progressions. But I see where youre coming from. I have many afflicted planets natally and by progression. Right now progressed moon, mercury, chiron and saturn play a huge part. The eclipse is friendly to my moon but hits hard on some sensitive points. I think we all need to let go of outdated identities maybe. Of old wounds for sure. For me its like the weight of the world has always been placed on my shoulders. To do better than anyone, be everything to everyone. I dont think i was ever given the appropriate tools or training to even achieve that, so its hard to let go of the disappointment… I leave you with this: Saturn is now at Capricorn 18: THE UNION JACK FLIES FROM A NEW BRITISH WARSHIP. Check the sabian. It might help 🙂 blessings, Osiris Wife

              • Oooooh!! Actually, 17deg Cap is very relevant and important in my chart. T.Saturn at 17 deg and T.Nodes (True) also now parked at 17deg for a whopping ~10.5 weeks.
                Sabian Symbol: A repressed woman finds a psychological release from nudism.
                In other words, it’s not my career that I am being called to release, it’s a release from inhibitions!

                WoW! Thank you for the enlightenment ?

  1. Nurture your partner? Mine’s gone. 🙁

    Okay, well, I start serving as a club officer in my local Toastmasters club the day before. 7th house also rules one-on-one relationships so maybe I’ll develop those with the other club officers? A lot of the incoming officers are new to Toastmasters as well, so they will need us oldies to nurture them and help them grow in their new roles as well as their time as members.

  2. 11th house. No plans yet. We would be moving in a new house (rental) the day before, so I imagine I would spend it at home after work (Very Cancerian). I hardly have friends in this country, any way. The Eclipse is trine my Mars by 40 minutes, and opposes both and Venus and Vertex by ~3 degrees each. I will mostly be battening the hatches, and preparing for the lunar eclipse later in the month which is conjunct my moon by 1.26 degrees.

  3. 9th house, 1° before my n Moon.
    No plans, but good suggestion to expand horizonss from home by reading.
    I’m currently reading Lost Japan (by Alex Kerr, after reading his book on Kyoto). Great stuff & travelling in time as well.
    I’d like to read more on Ukraine. I find that country fascinating, for some obscure reason.

  4. 8th house. This will hit my AC at 11 Scorpio and Moon at 13 Scorpio. I’m hoping for a new start. Next exlipse will be at 24degrees Capricorn. So near Pluto. That one looks scary.

  5. Cancer ASC, 8°38′, Mars in Cancer, 1st house, 23°07′. Cancer ASC/Capricorn DES is kicking my behind, too! I’ve been slammed and kicked to the curb, back and forth for many years by the 2nd house Uranus and Pluto in Leo, and 8th house Chiron Aquarius/Aquarius cusp, cycles. I’m a tired, disabled Veteran with depression and PTSD, and I can’t take much more! Prayer is good!?

  6. Mine is in my 9th but also my MC is in 10th so it is kind of career oriented. I won’t be at home reading, I may swim in the sea as I do regularly or meditate. But the day after the eclipse I’m meeting with some funders etc as I’m trying to set up a new project, so I think that is kind of the 9th house. I am more impacted by the Lunar Eclipse which hits my IC.

  7. My first eclipse is my 6th house. The second my 12. My Saturn at 24 Capricorn . I spend every 3rd day in bed. When I feel to much pressure I go into the hermit mode and turn off the phone etc. I desperately try to stay grounded but feel like my mind is splitting. I have felt this way since 95. I hold onto myself feel safe then go threw the entire cycle again.
    I have mercury at 13 cancer. 2 Leo sun. I do energy work as much as possible . Take on as little of others stuff as I can. Treat yourself with kindness, do the same for your loved ones. Beware of strangers.

  8. In 3rd house natally (1st in solar return). The second eclipse is right on my mom’s birthday. Sister with 2 kids living with my parents. Mom and her not getting along. I live jn a differnt town. During the first eclipse i’ll be working, but will be with the family in the 2nd. Ouch. Im the youngest. Its not like my sister even wants to know what i think, and mom is stuck in victim mode instead of acting on her boundaries turns passive-aggressive. Dysfunctional family dynamics… ill need a real good dose of self control to keep the reigns…

    • Actually Elsa, do you think since this solar eclipse hits my 3rd, this would be a good time to start getting my driving license, even though it’s mercury retrogade time (pre-shadow)? Should i wait till september? My company offered to pay for it a year ago, but then the business got very slow and they are intending to sell – already have a potential buyer for it, but im waiting on their decision for months now … i fear they move the company’s headquarters if they buy and i would lose the money invested (if company doesnt fulfill the promise i decided o will use my money). My intuition says wait but im tired of waiting on THEM! Thkx!

  9. In my 2nd house conjunct Chiron to the degree! Maybe I’ll throw some more money into my IRA. I’m going to work and then to a show that day, so not really a homebody kind of day, but I’m sure I can do some self-esteem-healing (I think the concert will have the exact kind of vibe I need). And I’ll plan to bring a homemade lunch–I’ll have just come back from a trip when July starts so I’m going to try to get back into cooking then.

    • Think in terms of “the other”. The person across from you, that you are dealing with.

      I’m sorry for this lapse. I should have phrased it better and will edit, if I can remember. Right now, I’m on the run. 🙂

  10. Elsa, this eclipse sits smack on my 10 Can 59′ sun. Lunar eclipse two weeks later is near my 14 Cap 51′ moon. If this were your chart, what would you expect? Thanks!

    • Welcome, Sheila. It’s impossible to answer a question like this without evaluating the whole chart. But generally speaking, I would take it as a positive because you’re familiar with the signs at these degrees. Home turf! 🙂

      • Thanks, Elsa. This is a 9th house sun, 3rd house moon. I’m a retired writer, with Venus in the 8th. I’m gonna buy a lottery ticket! 🙂

  11. This will be within 1 degree 49′ of my Uranus in Cancer in 2nd house. Have just been asked to co-sign a loan for my granddaughter’s college tuition for the upcoming year. I live on a limited income which is subject to change at any time without notice so not sure what this denotes for my chart. Will be applying for the loan the day before. I imagine I may have to use my condo as collateral. Uranus just hit my Jupiter on the 20th of June.

  12. How do you find where the eclipse falls in your chart? Is it in your natal or solar return? Thank you from a learning astrologer ?

  13. Well this eclipse is hitting my mc cancer 10 degrees, conjuncting my north node,also part of fortune (although in told not same meaning) and boy i need something good, also got s.r Jupiter conjunct mc,with mars conj asc and sun and nn conj dsc. With natal asc libra in the 8th and venus in the 8. This is my 3rd nn return natal 10th house, fame,fortune so im hoping for some security in my life. Natal jupiter in pisces 10 degrees 5th house. Two grand trines, water with mc,2nd nep ,5th jup.and air asc,libra 9 degrees mars 9h,8 deg, saturn 4th,8 deg.all with degrees from 8-11. Kite apex hits uranus 11th house. 11th house stellium with venus conj pluto, uranus 28 degrees, which natally trine vertex 28 degrees aries 7th . Plus a whole bunch of lovely aspects, venus in virgo, yod which apex is mc. My 2nd directions and solar arcs are working in rhythm with all. Its been a really long hard painful chaotic existence so im hoping for nn help. If anyone wants to take a look 7/23/1962 11:44 am marissa, illinois. Sr for this b day has jup in 7th, venus,sun,mercury, mars on my ic. Ive been cut down with illness,esp really bad with uranus trans 7th house, almost left many a time. But with its move, some if the debilitating pain and nausea has subsided a bit. Anyway still thinking positively after all these years.

    • Oh my grand trine kite apex hits venus not uranus. Lol, im sure im the only interested party. And my yod apex is saturn which actually i believe will be conjunct my south node during the eclipse? I may be pushing the orbs, but im actually quite interested to see if saturn ever does give out reward when lessons have been met? Also quite interested in chiron, healing aspect and or how it will reflect its conj with my jup in the 5th. Just noticed your text regarding your forum. Maybe an experienced astrologer could take a look at some point. Although i do hot have access to enough data to post a chart shot. Which goes back to my original post, hoping for monetary security from this 3rd nn transit, now on disability and living under poverty level, worked my butt off but could never seem to amass security (99 percent, im sure) but also uranus in the 11th seems to yield chaos.. dont make plans…sadly i learned that tidbit at 55 . Would have been easier had i knew years ago.

  14. This NM will fall on my 6H cusp – I’m going on a work (6H) vacation 9 (5H). The “work” part involves assisting my contractor BF with new home building plans (Cancer).

  15. This eclipse is opposite my 9 Capricorn moon and conjunct my 12 Cancer ascendant and man I felt it. I got broken up with last night. The pain is excruciating. My bf is Cap rising so I thought perhaps this 7th house solar eclipse in his 7th house of Cancer would be positive since solar eclipses are usually positive. I was actually looking FORWARD to this solar eclipse because I thought that it would affect his 7th house in such a way that it’d actually make him and I closer, but unfortunately it reacted negatively to my Cancer AC and def reacted negatively with that opposition to my 7th house Cap moon. I’m still hoping against hope that maybe somehow this eclipse on Tuesday might shock me and see him calling me up and asking to reconcile. Maybe I’m foolish.

    • Since this solar eclipse is in his 7th house I indeed thought it’d show him wanting to nurture me and love me more than he does. I did not at all expect a breakup. I thought this solar eclipse would see him wanting to be closer to me and wanting to be even more involved in my life.

      • Thank you. I am not going to delude myself though. I don’t think the upcoming eclipses will bode well for me, except perhaps the Christmas Day Capricorn solar eclipse that’s exactly conjunct my 7th house north node. Maybe something positive

  16. Elsa the eclipse is precisely 150 degrees from my Aqua 10 Sun. Inconjunct? No one seems to like that aspect very much.

  17. It’s hitting my 9th house but I already read constantly. I am however trying to figure out my career path. Everything just seems so foggy since Uranus hit Taurus again ?

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