Rare Ted Bundy Interview- Venus In Scorpio

My husband and I were watching videos about sociopaths on youtube circa 2009. We came across a clip of this gal interviewing, Ted Bundy.

The video has since since be removed.  But that’s a screen grab of what the journalist looked like.

“She dressed up for him,” I said of the interviewer. “Can you believe that? Look at her. She decorated herself. She actually wants to attract him. She wanted him to think she was pretty. That’s not professional clothing. I mean she wanted to look good she is on a camera but she put that scarf on. That’s girly! Those are her best clothes right there.”

“Yeah, a scarf. Didn’t he strangle women?”

“He did.”

“He likes to strangle women so she shows up with a scarf around her neck,” he said, shaking his head. “I’m sure he’s thinking, I’d sure like the strangle that bitch.”

“Yeah, and she’s wondering if he likes her – thinks she’s cute..”

Ted Bundy has Venus in Scorpio ruling the midheaven as is plainly apparent in this clip

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Rare Ted Bundy Interview- Venus In Scorpio — 26 Comments

  1. I was checking out that scarf and thinking hmm did he strangle his victims?? She was definitely gussied up. yikes!

  2. He cant look directly at anyone. I didn’t notice the scarf but I felt like the interview was a bit too comfy for Ted and her.

  3. Am I the only one who didn’t even blink at her scarf or physical presence? Maybe it’s my Saturn-Neptune? I have trouble with movie images on little screens. I glaze over. I think there is part of my brain that short-circuits sometimes, and I miss details. I need a physical body in front of me to understand. (Sun/Moon in Earth)

    I read ‘Stranger Beside Me’ when I was about 11 years old. It effen disturbed me. I remember I used to babysit when I was that age, as well as alone, late at night. Convinced I was going to be kidnapped but still wanted my $2 an hour.

  4. Bundy has Sa/Pl conjunct in Leo. The Terminator aspect! He also has Mo opp. Ur (which is relevant to your recent posts) which forms the spine of a kite (to Ur).
    I think that’s fantastically spooky.

  5. There were a lot of women that were attracted to him in spite of the fact that he was a killer. In fact, they were attracted to him because of that, strange as it may sound. Had something to do with the power and control he had. While he was acting as his own lawyer at his trial, he was questioning a woman and asked whether she wanted to marry him and she said yes.

  6. I dunno. I wonder if she knew that he strangled his victims and was nervous before the interview and put on the scarf to cover her throat. Keep her throat from him. The scarf looks so much like an afterthought to the rest of the outfit…

    The body language makes this more complex. However, I do wonder if the chemistry and such changed once she got inside and was interviewing him.

  7. Wow. As soon as I saw the photo with the posts title (and without reading the post), I thought that the woman in the image looked too coquetish, too appealing for an interview with a serial killer!

    Elsa, you nailed it.

    Reminds me of men and women holding fan-like correspondence with and fascination for dangerous prisoners or famous killers.

  8. Bundy was interviewed by a televangelist shortly before the execution, and spun it to blame porn for his behavior (which the televangelist was angling for). This was on the RADIO, and about halfway through, I had trouble telling the two apart by their voices. Bundy had gradually modulated the tone, timbre, tempo and pitch of his voice to precisely MIRROR that of the interviewer. Classic manipulation technique, and he surely used it to lure the women he murdered.

  9. There are several Ted Bundy interviews still on youtube. Wonder why this one was pulled? Only other thing that comes to mind on the scarf is that perhaps she was trying to trigger him a little?

    I was a student at FSU, but missed the year of his Chi Omega murders due to a bad car accident. My mother had been a Chi Omega, which “grandfathers” you in, from what I’ve been told. I was never attracted to the Greek life, but it still creeped me out at the time, thinking how life can turn on such small things.

  10. Yes, the scarf does look like a final touch, but a good decision – it’s a very attractive outfit. This is 1977, remember, so I don’t know how woman reporters usually dressed for interviews.
    Perhaps it gave her a feeling of protection? (Without it, her neck it rather exposed).

  11. I don’t think she is protecting her neck. The scarf draws attention to her neck. Looks like she is trying to draw him in – with her tilted head, her stare (focus) and open collar. Notice how close they are seated. She appears to want his attention; whether that is for the sake of journalism or her own 8th house stuff?? kinda looks like she is playing psychological “chicken” with him…

  12. When was this? (Year)? I didn’t see the clip but I’d also consider the possibility that this reporter was told how to dress by her (most likel male) bosses, for ratings.

    • Venusflytrp,

      Marina and you have mentioned time context which is important.

      Yes. Male bosses at the time might have suggested to her to look feminine/pretty.

      No woman in their conscious sane mind nowadays would dress like that with a killer, not if they are not into them!

  13. Too bad the video is no longer available. If it was, you’d be able to see her sort of perky and attentive, smiling coyly at his every utterance.. blinking and such, flirting, taken with him, acting as if she’s on a first date with cute boy, going to prom – wow – he’s cool!

  14. Being a journalist, perhaps she was testing him psychologically…wanting to see his reactions live…micro facial movements and all that. But it’s pretty ballsy. That was highly in fashion at the time (see Charlie’s Angels) : )

  15. it’s yawningly predictable that women are into Bundy. There’s a whole group of them on Quora and elsewhere

    I call it the Mengele Effect*. Women at a primal level become libidinally invested in a man they know can destroy them in the primitive hope that by making themselves sexually attractive/available to the man, he will spare her. Sort of a sad error in regards to a confirmed sexual predator, but there you go

    as well, some women have such unintegrated erotic natures that it manifests as attraction for a toxic being

    *Dr Joseph Mengele was a concentration camp doctor who was apparently quite popular with the Jewish ladies, in spite of all the atrocities he committed against them, babies, twins, etc.

      • that’s a good angle to look at it. His retro venus was going back in time with the woman who he thought “destroyed” him,all the things he desired in her (wealth, family family influence/affluence) so he looked for women who looked like her. Thus, going back in time to re-visit this “woman” in the shape of other helpless victims and destroying them in his mind. ew. really twisted. maybe his retro mercury was also re-living the moments with these women too, communicating in the same manner of trying to “lure” them.

  16. the 4th house sun, stellium in scorpio & sag in 4th was really hiding underwater. He was also stellium in 12th; alot of hiding his feelings there. pluto 12th, i saw that the one of the most powerful men in history J.D Rockefeller also has 12th pluto, with a con man father and a religious mother (two extremes) I remember because the biography was so horrifying of his upbringing being beaten up. Then later he became one of the richest, most cruel man in history. You don’t get up there without stepping on souls i guess. It seems in Bundy’s case, he revovled too much on women and destroying them. There was some kind of broken psychology here. He wanted money, class and influence, and was in love with a wealthy woman, and according to the biographies, the break up spiralled his hate so many of his victims were long dark haired women who he killed. It was if his “failure” to keep the wealthy dark haired woman he loved was too devastating for him.

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