Slow Walking Into The Eclipse In Taurus: November 8, 2022

Taurus bull mars madThere will an eclipse in Taurus in the early morning on November 8th. The moon will conjunct Uranus, square Saturn and oppose the sun, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio to create a powerful Fixed T-square. You can see the chart here.

The prelude to this event is unusual in that there’s essentially nothing going on between now and the eclipse. We’re just slow-walking into this thing in this way…

The sun, Venus, Mercury are already tightly conjunct. Each day between now and the 8th, the three bodies will advance, in tandem, closing the square to Saturn and the opposition to Uranus. Tick. Tock.

Meanwhile, the moon is moving through the signs quickly, so it can make the November 8th date.  The only distraction is Mars squaring Jupiter and Neptune and this aspect is also static. Nothing added, nothing taken away between now and the 8th.

It’s seems ominous on one level but if you’re sick of hanging in limbo, you might wonder if this eclipse will cause a shoe(s) to drop.  MAYBE.

Now I’m sorry to say this but if you look at the chart – you can see the Taurus / Scorpio stress but look at Saturn (in it’s own sign).  Could Saturn balance or mediate this situation? It’s possible!

Taurus eclipseNow this is election day in the United States. We might see some 50/50 thing with the voting. I say this based on the chart alone.  When I look at it I see two warring faction with a parent involved?  But I also see Uranus involved and know this is unpredictable.

I do think we’re going to see extreme happening in financial markets of all kinds. I associate the election more with Pluto (power) in Capricorn (government), though the two things are tied.  But the stock market is about Scorpio-ruled “other people’s resources” changing hands so…

As for your personal life, anyone with planets at the mid-degrees of Fixed signs, is going to experience a lot of pressure – pressure to change in many cases. This pressure will be intense and unrelenting, gaining power each day.

The pimple will pop on the eclipse but the effects of this will linger for up to a week.

Now if you know anyone personally affected by this, I would not mess with them. They’ve got a lot to process and contain.

If you’re a Scorpio born near this date, realize this T-square is going to show in your Solar Return. You can check that out here.

What do you expect to come from this eclipse?

edit to add… so many people are struggling to see how this might affect them. Try this: How With Nov 8th Eclipse Affect Me?


Slow Walking Into The Eclipse In Taurus: November 8, 2022 — 48 Comments

  1. yep, 11 degrees fixed angles… I’ll be dipping back into my old life as I shared in the forum, so it’s interesting because I do feel the trip will be clarifying, but Im not trying to predict how, no point.

  2. My mercury is at 14 degrees scorpio. Maybe a sudden change of thinking? it will be in my 6th house. My health has not been good so maybe a change in that. I am having quite a few tests.

    • how about changing your thinking about what real health means to you. . . . then take steps to put it into action. what can YOU do – – don’t leave it to others. Flushing and detox – – movement – exercise!! get fluids circulating in your body – – healthy fresh juices.

      • This is something I have been compelled to do also, get lymph moving any way possible. Avoid eating stuff that makes me retain water. It carries so much toxicity, the medical research I read says it’s like a magnet for excess waste, fat cells, and pathogens and can easily get blocked. I’m already feeling a lot better with dry brushing, more water, and limited carbs.

  3. My Moon, Ac and NN are all mid degrees Scorpio so this eclipse is in my 7th house. My housband’s MC/IC axes, Mars, Venus ,all are involved. I don’t like Uranus here cause it’s unpredictable and I don’t have a clue what will unfold.

  4. My Saturn, Venus, and midheaven are mid scorpio. What can I expect here? Am I gunna get knocked around real bad? I don’t have any big plans at least.

    • we just had the scorpio lunar eclipse. Did you get knocked around? What do you have in Taurus natally?

      i would keep a lower profile than normal. we need for venus to move into sag.

      • In Taurus, just my NN. Thanks for the insights. I have been purging come to think of it. I started getting the interior of my house painted around the first eclipse. It was a bust as the worker assigned to the job did not seem to know what he was in for. A new crew is picking up the slack right now and it seems to be going a lot better. I have been dreading getting interior paint for almost 12 years. I have had to move a ton of stuff, empty my closets.. have donated and put lots of things in storage. My poor husband has moon at mid scorpio and this is affecting him a lot worse. Purging does not seem to have the healing effect on him that it does on me. He’s like a cat.. moving things around and getting rid of stuff traumatizes him 🙁

        • yes because scorpio wants to hold onto everything. Explain this to him – – eliminating stuff is very healing once he will understand. Don’t just move or store – – get rid of lots. this is a great time to do that under Scorpio season and eclipses. all that stuff weighs you down. enjoy the years you have together. they are very short.

          The NN there should strengthen you.

            • he will never figure it out on his own. he cannot see it as a problem, scorpio cannot – – unless they really study this stuff.

  5. Interesting! Neptune has been and will continue to transit opposite my natal 3rd house moon. With this eclipse the Moon and Uranus will be transit opposite my natal 5th house Neptune! I have a sense of the two energies mirroring each other and feeding each other. An image of getting a boost, like when you use cables on a vehicle battery to get it started after it loses energy.

  6. Sun at 15 degrees Aquarius
    ASC at 13 degrees Scorpio
    Pluto at 17 degrees Leo

    Feel very overwrought lately. Keep getting up in the middle of the night. Spoiling for a fight. Confused. Anxious. Anger out of proportion to the trigger. Strangely disconnected to my body. Not hungry at all.

    Not sure at all how to handle this energy and could sure use some tips.

    • Hi Lakshmi,

      I have a lot of fixed signs too. My moon is at 21 Leo and just picks up this eclipse. My 6th/3rd/9th…and 12th are activated bcs.of chiron and trans. Saturn.

      I don’t know what houses are involved in your chart, but what l find helps is balancing the activities of the houses. Also, writing, drawing, dancing…finding a way to creatively express what is going on. Thinking without ‘doing’ doesn’t help–it just causes anxiety and trying to imagine to far ahead doesn’t help either.

      I find choosing ‘activities’gives some choice about where the energy goes.

      Good luck with it all.

      • Thanks Diane. I went for a walk in the park today and enjoyed crunching the orange leaves beneath my feet. Came home and fixed a big green salad and forced myself to eat it.

        I spend way too much time on financial site reading about the stock market and adding my own 2 cents to the conversation. This has got to stop. It only makes me feel worse, I think. Some things are out of my control.

        Got a bad report from my dentist when I was expecting a good one and now am facing a big bill that blows a hole through my budget.
        Gotta remember, it could be worse. This is only teeth and money. Some people are facing cancer.

        It is my 1st house, third house and 9 ninth house. Scorpio 1st, Aquarius 3rd, Leo conjunct my mid heaven, at 17 degrees.

        So it is a perfect double set of squares. This too shall pass.

        • (fixed a big green salad and forced myself to eat it.) – – don’t FORCE yourself – – enjoy it!!! greens heal your teeth issues. dental issues are an extreme lack of fresh foods.

          NOTHING is in your control. focus INSIDE of you – – not OUTSIDE of you.

          stop fighting against life and just live and enjoy it. you’ll be much more peaceful.

          you have a beautiful name – – now go live a beautiful life.

    • breathe, stretch, go for a massage or do self massage, herbal teas, fresh light salads – – yoga poses to release the stress, beautiful music – – then get down on hands and knees and vigorously scrub floors, or wash windows. maybe stop reading these posts until the sun moves into sag.

      • Good idea. I used to do a whole Bikram yoga routine and at the end when I rested in the dead man pose I felt heavenly. I will give that a try.

        Tonight I will try listening to music when I drift off into sleep instead of listening to the book I bought on audible about the great depression of 1929. I really need to exercise some control over what I think about. No need to make myself crazier than I already feel.

        • yes, you need major control over what you put your attention on. get RID of the great depression of 1929. place your focus on what you prefer, instead. live a beautiful life – – not one of fear. stop denigrating yourself. rather, be your best friend.

  7. Again, apropos.

    My current place of employment, involved in behavioral health (substance abuse, domestic violence, trauma, etc.), had an evaluation/investigation nearly two weeks ago.

    My boss and her minions were sauntering with the chests out, coupled ironically with a “nothing to see here” look in their eyes.

    Those chickens came home today. A suspension has been placed on the business, meaning no intakes, no future income, until what the court and probation has asked for is delivered.

    My boss just placed money into a new building to be furnished, over 4500 sq. ft. Loans too.

    I am so grateful for my “playing the game by the rules” efforts over the years. I can walk away after seeking employment elsewhere, with near equal pay.

    Her friends whom helped her get in this mess cannot.

    It’s puzzling really, however I realize a Peter Pan syndrome plagues this place. Bad habits overshadow the childlike cadence which permeates the atmosphere of bullshit. Remarkable, really.

    To be in the world and not of the world….I think of this regularly now. Being IN the world is teaching me much.

  8. I’m a month out from moving and interviewing for jobs from a few states away. The pressure’s like a geyser. 15 Leo Sun and 13 Leo Mars.

    Mars, Jupiter and Neptune affect my Virgo Venus. That’s a different kind of pressure than on the Sun and Mars. But…Mars is my chart ruler. This whole year was something else. Let’s see how 2022 finishes.

  9. Elsa, I’ve said to my friends and even here this Scorpio Taurus axis has been a power house for me, finding Astrology in March 2022, seeking answers for why I’m a jerk, then asking the universe for a revelation on April 29th and it answered big. It all came together, what I’ve always seeked out. Since, not only has it all made sense but my wishes were granted; not that peace occurred, misunderstanding corrected, abuses stopped, World hunger ended, nor did any of my wishes come true for all, they did for me in my mind, the answers- some I’ve always believed in, inventions I created, then the masterpiece of a novel was born in my mind. I’ve since realized you may wish on the theme of a solar eclipse, then act on that through the lunar eclipse. I seen how before I knew real Astrology November 2021 I was already empowered, I got the nerve to fight my 8th House Saturn fear of intimacy and ask the love of my life to marry me. Shortly after my intuition grew strength and I was rapidly changing and I felt it, but I had no idea. My ascendent Scorpio; Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Aquarius; descendent, Moon Conjunct Algo and Mars in Taurus with Vertex in Leo… I still have not performed the Solar eclipse, Moon, Venus Conjunction wish ask or any rituals such as beauty, wealth, self affirmation as I was in a bad place. Reading all the comments I definitely get it and see what everyone is shook up for- you see I always prayed for guidance, understanding, luck, chance, but I have seen the power of this axis and personally it’s about finding myself, putting one foot before the other, establishing myself, killing my ego (Scorpio ASC), becoming my NN (Sag) and Aquarius Sun- higher self that urges me to be uplifting of others, accept my self and so on- not that it would be the same for anyone else, but I’ve felt this Saros cycle has been my power house for anything I need to change for the better. Maybe I’m completely delusional and if so that’s okay, I interpreted things best I can, accepting the good and bad in me together and seeking truth and balance, understanding God’s creation and my purpose in all of it. Getting control of a Scorpio ASC during a Pluto/Venus Conjunction, reigning in my horror theme and seeing the ugly I’ve fought my entire life was not easy, if someone just explained when I was young this Scorpio ASC opposite Moon Conjunct Mars square Sun, Mercury, Jupiter instead of labeling me Psychotic, Manic, Schizophrenic, Borderline, Autistic or on the scale and so on… I think I’d have had an easier time in life, Truth is I’m a Double Air Trine, HSP with most planets in high degrees, I sense so much I was constantly under attack, feeling everything and lost and just when I found the love of my life, my past came rushing in, everything dealt with in rapidity that made my head spin, I’m only 6 months into Astrology but it has been a blessing making sense of the mess and helping to navigate as things keep getting worse, especially as the intensity increases, losing my head in October, had to pull it together and the Solar Eclipse helped a lot.
    It has all been fascinating on an epic scale for me I can not deny that.
    I hope you all navigate it well, if you’re still reading this my apologies and thank you.

    • To add, I had decided to give my brother a mani-pedi and oiling of his feet, I don’t think he’s ever had this done for him. I have a nice sugar cookie candle (apple cinnamon air spray if candle not permitted at the hospital) and a copper necklace (Venus), can’t find my crystal or stones but that’s okay, I’ll look up his NN affirmations and do my best to gift him this. Protect loved ones 😉

  10. This will oppose my Venus-Pluto conjunction on the exact day of my Venus Return. I think i’m going to take a sick day leave and just stay home.

  11. Last night I had a nightmare that I was arrested by the FBI when coming back from Acapulco. My suitcase was taken off the plane and I was told I could make one phone call.

    I called my sister who began sobbing because her own daughter had been arrested for having heroin and charged with dealing. (charges all dropped, thank God) But she kept saying, “Not again, not again.”
    I asked to speak to her husband who is a great attorney and then the phone went dead.

    I wanted to explain that what I had bought I got in market and thought it was a perfectly legal herb . I wanted to point out that it was in a plastic bag in my suitcase because I felt I had done nothing wrong and had nothing to hide.

    I don’t know what make of this. Paranoid tendencies? What do I feel so guilty about? There is something I need to deal with but I am not sure what or how.

    • you need to meditate and relax more. don’t let your paranoia annoy you. you are programmed well by society. dreams are strange – – no need to analyze them. release this. if anything – study and grow.

  12. Everyone I know has planets at these critical degrees, including myself. My ascendant is 19* Aquarius and my venus is 12* Scorpio. I know some that have a lot of their planets at these degrees. Hoo boy! There may be some fireworks popping off with all the issues going on.

  13. Sun in Scorpio in 6th house (birthday Nov 6). Ascendant at 28 Taurus (12th house). Saturn in 10th house, approaching second Saturn return early next year. I have been under immense pressure the last two months – interviewing, securing and starting a new job, moving house, construction and some major issues with the new place, getting sick with covid for the first time, back spasms, a sick horse…I’m holding up remarkably well but feeling like things are starting to settle down. I have a tendency to feel effects of astrological events as they approach, before they’re exact. Maybe this T-square will be the coalescence and culmination of the recent challenges. One can only hope! Or maybe some fresh hell awaits. But since it’s in my solar return I guess I’ll be working with the energies for the year. I’m hoping for great new personal health habits, killing it at the new job and healing of the crushed self confidence from the previous toxic work environment. I’m optimistic!

  14. I had a nightmare of a huge atomic bomb explosion. I didn’t see where, only the cloud.

    We may want to prepare for a big earthquake somewhere or some other big event.

    I pray that I am wrong.

    • stop eating late at night and you won’t have nightmares. there are always going to be big events taking place somewhere.

      • Excuse me? I do not appreciate a comment like that. My nightmares have come true and it has nothing to do with what I eat!

        I am more concerned with world events that are taking place.

        I am done with this site!

        I do not take anything lightly and will not be talked to like that!

  15. Ya’ll I am going through it – November 8 is my birthday. Turning 37 and it’s my nodal return. Nothing makes sense in my life at the moment, so my morning mantra is “nothing is permanent”.

    15 Scorpio Sun in the 10th house
    13 Virgo moon in the 8th house
    8 Aquarius rising
    9 NN Taurus in the 4th house

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