Slinking Into “Scorpio Season”, Hitting An Edge

scorpio paintingWe have a strong Grand Trine in Air at the moment. It’s made up of Mars in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius and one or more of these: Sun, Venus, Mercury in Libra.

The Grand Trine will be sustained through the week but things with shift beginning on October 23rd. That’s when the sun and Venus will ingress into Scorpio, conjoined at 0 degrees.

scorpio stelliumTwo days later on October 25th, the moon enters Scorpio to conjoin the sun and Venus. This is the date of the new moon.

Finally, on October 29th, Mercury will ingress into Scorpio. It should be interesting to observe this shift but there’s another factor here.

Pluto is currently at 26 degrees Capricorn which square the early degrees of Scorpio. This outs a different kind of edge on this. The other Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo and Aquarius) will also be impacted.  But I want to call out 0 degrees, in particular. It’s because I have a lot of clients feeling this now and Pluto will cross that degree five times.

Do you have planets at an early degree of a Fixed sign? How Are you feeling?


Slinking Into “Scorpio Season”, Hitting An Edge — 29 Comments

  1. Am on the fixed cross with my Sun at 0 deg. Taurus on the midheaven, so my IC is at 0 deg. Scorpio… Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio at 12 and 16 degrees.. Square Saturn and the South node.. Sun Mercury conjunction square Saturn conjunct the South Node in the seventh… Hoping I can make the best of this…

  2. I have my progressed Mars enter Leo a couple years ago, so it might still be there. I’m feeling….physically uncomfortable?? Like something is about to pop?

  3. Well…w/ Pluto sq my Aries Sun exact 26 deg…Jupiter RX to my Jupe 29 Pisces…which is opp my Saturn 26 Virgo…Jupiter is near a midpoint of that Saturn/Uranus sq…and square my natal Chiron 2 Cap…feels like I’m thinking more than feeling and ready to give up!

  4. Interesting that I have some progressions at this degree. Venus just entered Aries 0°04. My progressed AC is also exactly 0°04 Gemini. Natally I have Saturn 2° Taurus, Jupiter 4°Scorpio (opposition) and since my sun is 26° Capricorn,its involving this “out of sign” square with my Saturn/Jupiter axis. And yes, I also fully understand the 5 time hits from Pluto, as it’s currently making its 5th and last pass to my sun! I will spare you the gore but it starts with “men” and ends with “pause”, empty-nest, moved 700 miles, renewed vows, new art career launched…totally transformed!

  5. Long time no see. 🙂
    My sun is at 0° Scorp- I certainly hope it bodes well for the coming year.
    My health, physical and mental, has been hit hard since the spring. Dark and Scorpio flavored. If I listed it all, it probably wouldn’t seem so bad- but I’ve got a lot of Virgo that can’t conceive of health challenges or unsolvable problems.
    I’ve felt like I’ve been holding on to a branch while swirling around in the ocean, waves tossing me all around, blind and gasping for breath.
    I thought I had hit bottom before- haha, NO.
    All my energy is spent keeping it together. And while I expect to prevail, I’ve kept my wits about me- just barely- it’s been tough. I shudder just thinking of two months ago.

    • PixieDust! Wow! Great to see you. I think of you often. Your ordeal with the storm and also meeting you – jeez, that was a long time ago. You are tough!

      • Its been a looong time, Elsa! 🙂

        I thought- just let me die already.

        Unfortunately, some things can’t really kill you (lol). The two things that bothered me the most- not eating good food, and the disappearance of my sense of humor- made me dig in and think, oh no, no, I’m sorry, I am not living this way. I honestly believe that Scorpio gives you the will to live, to survive – it’s hard wired, no matter how much you want to give in. So despite my protests,
        life is creeping back to me in little increments.

  6. Jupiter 0- Scorp, Neptune – 4 Scorp, NN 6 Scorp. Feel like I am In a void, determined to remove unpleasant energies, both internal and external, get me some happy.

  7. Pressure is high, expectations too, and I can feel it growing each day more and more. It’s really growing every day more and more Is Saturn at 9 degrees still considered an early degree? But similar to Rhonda I have in my progressed chart Mercury in Virgo 4 degrees, Pluto and MC in Libra as well 4 degrees.

  8. This time of year gives me a moment to reflect before the weather is a challenge my mother was a Leo my grandson also Leo , My father a Scorpio
    My sons are Aquarius, all of them
    Have been strong features fixed sign close to me offer me directions , par examples, and still present influences.How am I feeling ?
    Lost to what should be my direction.
    If war were here would you wonder where’s my backpack do I have socks that don’t get wet food do you carry food how about your old features in your family do you look for something to wheel them around in, considering the news I just
    Am on autopilot. I am chucking anything I touch that has no immediate value?

    • Interesting. I am doing the opposite – holding on to things, anticipating shortages of all kinds. I may not need X or Y but my neighbor may be able to use it.

      I don’t really like living like this because I hate clutter.

  9. Saturn in Cap 4′ and Neptune in Scorpio 4′! I have a mid Leo stellium but nothing in Taurus natally. Life has been incredibly uneventful lately and maybe I need a kick! Haha.

  10. Fortunately my Sun and saturn in scorpio are late degrees as well as my pluto in Leo. Hoping pluto will be letting up for a while. Uranus transit to my 6th house has been kicking my butt with my health though. I just need to make some more changes.

  11. I am (thankfully) rising from the ashes of my pluto transit ascendant journey. But my daughter is a 0-1 Leo sun. Oh no, what to expect? Everything seems fine at the moment

  12. Hi Elsa, you’ve been with me on my journey a long time. Glad to have your reads. 8 degrees Taurus moon, 29 degrees Scorpio, 0 degrees Cap rising. Sometimes wondering just how far I can or will be stretched. Finding myself supporting others around issues there are no answers for. At least right now. Fake it till you make it comes to mind.
    Grateful for what you do, Elsa

  13. I have Saturn at 0 degree Gemini in the 6th… honestly, I can already feel it, I have to take care of my health and I definitely have to search for a new job opportunity or even a complete new solution for earning money

  14. Sun at 5 Aq in first house. ASC 26 Pluto and Saturn at 23 Aq so I’ve been hit by Saturn return a couple of times now and Pluto has crossed my Asc twice. I have simply hunkered down. I expect nothing, anticipate nothing, I am just in a holding pattern and have accepted that. I keep saying that this will all break loose after Summer of 23. I have NO (astrological) idea why I think that, I just plan to make no decisions or long-term plans until after next summer. I figure we will see where all the chips have fallen at that time.

    In the meantime, I’m paring down, saving what is good and useful (like Elsa said) and seeing what I can do without. I am working on jigsaw puzzles and reading and writing. It’s just a sort of a “keep myself to myself” time, and it’s nice. After acceptance, everything is easier.

  15. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Pluto entry into Aquarius because it will oppose my moon/jupiter conjunction at 1 degree Leo. Can’t say I’m looking forward to that…

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