Shopping Through The Stars: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

My Libra friend would receive a shirt from me. I say this because my Libra friend LOVES putting together outfits and loves matching colors and styles while she/he does it! I would buy a button down, or a shirt that buttons because that will suit the lady like or gent like qualities in them and buy it in a neutral tone so it could be “matched,” with this or that and make my friend happy over and over again. There are shirts in all price points so I could buy my friend a shirt that matches his/her price point and dressing price point from whatever store I choose. My Libra friend would take it out of the box and start putting it together in their mind before they even got it completely out of the box! A nice white shirt, over sized if your friend is into dressing with tights or fitted if your friend is a heavy duty Libra and likes to dress fitted. This applies to a male as well as a female. I would not shy away from black either, by the way.

Ah, how to please a Scorpio? Well now, that’s easy as it gets. A Scorpio loves the gift of money. You heard it here, MONEY. A bond, a check, a gift card, load up one of those Visas, you get the idea.
A Scorpio has a special and intimate relationship with money, especially yours! You get the idea? Money makes them tick as much as sex and this is a fact, bless their hearts. Let them have the amount of money in the form that makes YOU comfortable and does not insult them, even if you have to give them shares in something they might find interesting. THIS will fascinate them for however long they can take to attach it to other peoples money, swirl it around in other peoples investments and use it for a myriad of ways to empower themselves. Yes, plain ol’ money is a great gift for your Scorpio friend, period. That is an easy way to give as well, isn’t it?

Now we need to make a Sag happy. This is easy when you think about what makes them tick. One sure fire way to please many of them is to give them a book and not just any old book either. A Sag will love to read a book that is set in a different culture than their own and has a story that winds around and takes them on a journey. THIS is a fun read for a Sag, hands down. A Sag will also love a book of photos that take him/her to other countries and because they love the high end of life, taking them to the best places in the photos would please them very much. A coffee table book of photos of their pet interests is a pleaser as well. Of course, if you can get away with it, give a Sag a pet! Sag’s love animals, I don’t care what they say and if you can gift them one and it’s possible at all, go for it! That pet will grow on Ms/Mr. Sag as quick as you can say “Spot!”

Our Capricorn would love a watch. On time, liking things to be on time and keeping time is a secret hobby and borderline obsession with a Cap and helping them can be fun. First, find your price point. Decide what you can afford because there are watches that can be had for $2.99 if that is what you can spend. Second, find their style. Are they conservative? Buy a conservative watch, but if they are the type of Cap that likes to set trends they may be styled highly in one direction or the other, for example bohemian or /Afro-centric. If this is the case and they have a style carved out for themselves cater to that style and find a watch that jives with them just so! Trust me, they will love it! A Cap would love to collect watches!

I know, you are wondering about Aquarius, aren’t you? Well, these bud’s are easy, peasy. Give THEM the bottle of wine, the keg, the imported coffee, or anything special to drink that they are inclined to share because THEY are going to share it and THEY may even have a party around it! You bet! An Aquarius loves a reason to get their strange friends together and have a “todo,” and your gift can be the impetus of this celebration! Easy, no? I thought so.

Okay, I’m a Pisces girl and I’m going to tell you that we LOVE to relax and to meditate and to sleep and sometimes we do all three together! Give me a pillow! Give me a decorative pillow I can lounge with, give me a meditation pillow, or give me a scented pillow! Give me a big pillow, a small pillow for my eyes that is filled with great stuffing for eyes, or give me another pillow for my bed and believe it or not, I’ll be thrilled. Give a Pisces a pillow for what you feel they need it for. If you think a decorative pillow is in order, give them that but if they need a laugh, give them a pillow that says something. If you can, cover their bed with soft pillows they can curl up in or give them a pillow for their sofa that they can watch T.V. with! Is this odd? You bet! But why would I say this?I say this because I am a fish and I know that none of us can resist squeezing a lovely pillow and napping or meditating in our own personal way and getting one with ourselves once more! Pillow heads, all of us.

In closing I hope I have given you ideas as to how to make your friends happy that you may not have thought of before. Of course there are SO many things that make a person and a person of each sign happy but I suggest you find out what rules their chart and pick a gift that says “I know you and love you for you!”

– Annalisa


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Shopping Through The Stars: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces — 11 Comments

  1. funny- i would love your virgo, libra and scorpio gifts (food, plain shirt, cash).

    libra sun, scorp moon, virgo rising.

    however i will say that the cash gift is aces in my book. i give cash gifts fairly often, or else sentimental gifts.

    it’s boring… but dude… it’s CASH.

  2. Libra Sun, Scorp rising & I love getting gift cards for places like jjill. The combination of cash & the opportunity to carefully pick out exactly the right item is irresistible. LOL

    And you are right on about Libra liking mix & match items! Black & brown moved up my favorite color list when my Sun & ASC moved into Capricorn.

  3. Awesome. Best gift my mom ever gave me was a book of poems by Adrienne Rich. I’m still hoping one day my husband will agree and we’ll finally have a pet again.

  4. LOL this was awesome Annalisa!! Im scorp to the bone, packed 8th house and pluto conjunct the whole stellium and I love gift cards. When friends ask what I want for a present I always tell them the same thing every year just get me music or book gift card. And they always think its impersonal but I dont care it makes me truly happy just to spend a little money on whatever I want in a music or bookstore.

    As a Pisces Rising I looooove my pillows. I just love sleeping/daydreaming period. I three pillows on my bed plus three cushions and I want a bean bag for people to sit on when they come into my room

  5. Gift guide for Capricorn is so accurate! My boyfriend just bought something for himself (very out of character). And what did the Capricorn with Sun conjunct Saturn (both in 10th house) buy? Two watches. $5.99 each.
    After questioning it turns out he has a mini-collection of watches, and that as a child he used to repair analog wristwatches. Saturn rules Time.

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